The Universal Ring

A WebRing for sites that promote Sundials, Astrolabes and other ancient scientific instruments.

A WebRing is a collection of sites that share a common interest. When you are a member of a ring "surfers" can easily find other sites that share the same topic. For more information about WebRings Click Here!

Sites qualifying for membership into the Universal Ring should have content related to astronomy, sundials, astrolabes or other ancient scientific instruments. If your site contains more than just links on one or more of these topics, please apply!

To be accepted into the Universal Ring there are a few things that you will have to do:

1: Apply for admittance!

2: Download the 2 graphic files (RINGLOGO.JPG [8158 bytes], and NEXTUNI. JPG [5888 bytes]) and add these files to your homepage directory. DO NOT attempt to link to the Universal Dial homepage for these graphics.

3: Add the below HTML code to your homepage, make changes where they apply (addresses et al).

4: E-Mail me to let me know that the above has been completed.

Below is the HTML code that you must add to your page: (Copy/Paste/Edit):

<center> <font size=3> <a href="http://www2.netcom.com/~abraxas2/univrsal.htm" target="_top"> <img src="_THE_RINGLOGO_GRAPHIC_HERE_" align="left" width=136 height=67></a> <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next" target="_top"> <img src="_THE_NEXTUNI_GRAPHIC_HERE_" align="right" width=70 height=70></a> This <a href="http://www2.netcom.com/~abraxas2/univrsal.htm" target="_top"> Universal Ring</a> site is owned by <a href="mailto:_SITE_OWNER_EMAIL_"><font size="2">_YOUR_NAME_HERE_</font></a>. <br><br> <font size="3"> Want to join the <a href="http://www2.netcom.com/~abraxas2/univrsal.htm" target="_top">Universal Ring</A>?</font> <br><br> <font size=3> <b> [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;sprev" target="_top">Skip Prev</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;prev" target="_top">Prev</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next" target="_top">Next</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;skip" target="_top">Skip Next</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?random;ring=universalring" target="_top">Random</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;id=_SITE_ID_HERE_;next5" target="_top">Next 5</a>] [<a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=universalring;list" target="_top">List Sites</a>] </b> </font> </center>

The editing required in the above HTML code is:

After you apply you will receive E-mail from WebRing.org. This E-Mail will have enclosed your URL data and your site ID number. Use this in the above listed HTML code where you are asked for id=_SITE_ID_HERE_.

Here are the two graphics you will need:



Right click, save image, DO NOT RENAME, then upload to your homepage.

Since this WebRing is addressed to Sundials,Astrolabes et al, I feel it is neccessary to use the Universal Ring dial as a name, logo and pun.

The above HTML code and graphic images will show on you page as shown below.

This Universal Ring site is owned by P.R. Field.

Want to join the Universal Ring?

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