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GOLDSOUND Sound and Lighting Service is a reliable, local service/rental company serving all of Southern California, Colorado River Resorts, and Las Vegas. All systems include; delivery, setup, operation (by experienced engineers), and strike (tear down).

GOLDSOUND Sound and Lighting Service provides: a High-Quality yet Low-Cost event production alternative for; Producers, Non-Profit Organizations, Municipalities, or Event Coordinators that require small and mid-sized sound and lighting systems for; Concerts, Civic Functions, Special Events and Private Parties.

GOLDSOUND Sound and Lighting Service : is the ideal match for events in Hotel Ballrooms, Night Clubs and Rental Halls; or College Noon-Concerts and Festival Performance Stages.

All GOLDSOUND systems and production methods have been refined over the years to completely satisfy and even anticipate the needs of modest productions; ususally produced by budget conscious clients that still expect and deserve high production values.

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Sound Systems Overview

GOLDSOUND specializes in 16 and 24 channel, tri-amplified, ground stacked sound systems. GOLDSOUND's high-power, low-distortion main speakers measure 8 1/2 feet tall. This height advantage permits the critical high frequencies to disperse over the heads of the audience without obstruction; delivering clear, fully articulated sound to all of the audience members!

We also offer compact, unobtrusive, corporate-looking sound systems. These are JBL(tm) speakers mounted on stands.

The Festival System: With three speaker stacks per side of the stage, and a seperate monitor engineer at the side of the stage (who creates discrete monitor mixes for the artists onstage), this is the largest system offered. With this system (reinforced with time-aligned speakers on the 50 yard line ! ) we do an annual, municipal 4th of July show; (fireworks and a classic rock band) at a high school football stadium for 10,000 people !

The Full System: This system has two speaker stacks per side of the stage, (and a seperate monitor engineer at the side of the stage who creates discrete monitor mixes for the artists onstage). We use this system indoors and outdoors, for corporate events and rock shows! Depending on the situation this system is perfect for audiences up to 3,000.

The Standard System: These systems (Standard A & B ) are the workhorse of the company. With a single speaker stack per side of the stage, this system will provide coverage for bands and events with audiences up to 1,000.

The Corporate System: Compact, unobtrusive, yet an amazing amount of power ! Comes with two or four stand mounted speakers. This system accommodates the band or entertainment segment at many corporate events. Accommodates audiences of 500 people!

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Light System Overview

Lighting systems are typically two or four ground supported lighting trees with lighting fixtures c-clamped to the crossbars. 35 feet of front or back truss can be added to any lighting system, providing improved lighting angles. In venues with hang points or pre-existing pipe grid the lighting fixtures can be flown for improved sight lines and superior lighting angles. Par 56 and Par 64 lighting fixtures are the primary lamp for all of our systems. Par lamps provide allot of light for their size and weight, and are supplied with suitable color media (gels).

One or two Follow Spots with opperators can be added to any of the lighting packages. Follow Spots improve front lighting options and they also add energy and excitement to any event. Rock Concerts have always utilized follow spots, but all Awards Events should have follow spots to focus attention towards the honorees when their names are announced.

Ellipsoidal Spots Lights, ALSO called "Lekos" are in our inventory and available for any lighting package. Lekos are lights that have focus and frame controls as well as pattern holders for gobos.

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Ed the Soundman

My name is Ed and GOLDSOUND is my company. Thanks for visiting my page! Most of my business activity includes the GOLDSOUND inventory, cartage, and manpower. However, I am an experienced soundman and at liberty for engineering work! While I'm not seeking or available for extended tour work, I AM available for local Southern California or Las Vegas area shows! I'm experienced and qualified for front of house or monitor engineer duties.
Typically, a mixing gig would be at a venue with an installed "house system", hired by the artist for a one-off "showcase" set to ensure a good mix for the artist. However I am available for short notice or fill-in work for other sound companies! Sure, I'll work for someone else ... no problem!
While I do know how to mix American "Rock"styles of music: (Rock, Country, Jazz, Goth, Industrial, Punk etc...) I have extensive mixing experience beyond those styles. I've mixed many Variety shows, Musical Theater, Big Bands and Symphony Orchestras. I also have many non English speaking clients, frequently using indigenous, traditional instruments.
My mixing style: Features, as one would expect the voices and lyrics as the main focus of the mix, with the instrumentation in support. I pride myself on what I call "rounded-edges" mixing, which is articulation without shrillness. The many "foreign-language" shows have been extremely beneficial as I have learned the sound of articulation. I know the audience can understand (words and lyrics) even when I don't speak the client's language.
My mixing approach: Is that everything should sound like it really (normally) sounds, only louder. A secondary benefit of this approach is live feeds or recordings taken from the mixing board sound good!! Pet peeve: It bugs me when I'm watching a band on TV or at someone elese's show, and the drummer rolls around on his drumset and I don't hear the tom-toms, or the conga player is playing but I can't hear him/her!! Towards that end I believe that if an instrument is onstage it should be heard by the audience. This seems so simple so it amazes me whenever I fail to hear an instrument in the mix.
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Other Services

  1. Video Projection : rear or front screen projectors with 9x12 ft. screens. Large screens are great...and affordable!
  2. Power distribution : 50A/6ga/4cond cable. Breakout boxes with twist-lock and edison outlets. This is what brings the electricity from the generator or an adjacent building and powers up your festival booths!
  3. Communication : walkie-talkies, six in stock. Really helps an event if everyone keeps in touch.
  4. Technical Consultation : For events. I make scale drawings of event venues, specify generator sizes, power distribution plan, time tables, logistical supervision,stage management.
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Equipment: Wanted / For Sale

All Prices F.O.B. Los Angeles, California
  1. Yamaha 2404 (24x4x2) mixing board w/anvil case: $1,500
  2. BGW 750 Amplifiers in 4 space racks, with handles, XLR & 1/4" TRS jack inputs, parallel 1/4" output jacks. : $400 ea.
Want to Buy
  1. Carver PM300 Amplifier: Will pay $225 in Los Angeles area. Note: I am NOT ...NOT interested in any other amplifiers...just this specific model: the Carver PM300. - Please don't call or email with offers for other amplifiers...thank-you.
  2. Sennheiser 421 w/pay $225/ea. in pristine cond., LA area
  3. Shure sm81 : w/pay $225/ea LA area
  4. EV RE20 : will pay $225/ea. Los Angeles Area
  5. Small Rack mount mixers, Mackie 1604vlz
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Employment Opportunities

Los Angeles area only ! Looking for unskilled & semi-skilled workers, mostly weekends but some gigs during the week. Long hours, heavy lifting, low pay, absolutely no glory or recognition! I am willing to teach those who are willing to learn. Prefer those who are actually interested in the Pro Sound Industry. Those with additional means of support ie; college students with parental support, or musician types with "flexible work schedules" would fit in well. Email me if you're interested.
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  1. Five Star Talent: Mark Liddell's agency books alot of National touring and Local talent. Mark uses GOLDSOUND whenever the situation requires a sound and lighting system. You can reach Mark at: 714/361-2365 or email Mark at:
  2. Mayflower Ballroom: A great little venue! I LOVE this Ballroom! Great Acoustics, great sightlines, full bar , full kitchen, good parking lot. Located at: 234 S. Hindry Ave. Inglewood, Ca 90301,310-649-4255, fax 310-645-2140, contact Mark
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