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Table of Linux Pages
Linux Events Calendar discontinued
NYC Area Linux User Group Directory
Intro to Linux  ( Notes for a class I gave, May 2001)
Links for Linux Beginners (revised March 2003)
and more


Help for job seekers  (started April 2002)
Links to NYC Tech Events calendars
Finding Computer User Groups
Anti-Spam links
Alice in Unixland - humor
How Software Companies Die - humor
I Love My Job (a la Seuss) - humor
Good Auto Repair Shops
Sailing Art on City Island (revised March 2003)

Some of my older projects
LUNY website
mirror (existed Aug 99 to Dec 2000)
Aside from the "March 1999 Slideshow", I created the site from scratch. Not fancy, but I am pleased with the navigation.
Downloading and Installing Software.
This was part of a presentation I did originally for NYPC, the New York PC Users Group, in 1996.
A couple of the links are out-of-date, but will be revised when I have some time.
Using Usenet and Newsgroups
I also did a presentation for NYPC some time ago on Usenet newsgroups. Most of the information (and all the links) in the notes are still relevant.


So who is Casandra ? If you are really curious.

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