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    About Us

    The Self Rescue Group consists of active cavers living in the western United States. Each member has a keen interest in caving safety and rescue techniques. All are members of the National Speleological Society (NSS), and some of them have been made Fellows of the Society. Many of the members have completed courses in rescue training with the National Cave Rescue Commission (NCRC). A few of the members have acted as instructors for the NCRC or other rescue organizations. All of the individuals have participated in project caving in remote parts of the western US. Some have participated in extended caving expeditions to remote parts of the world.

    With little exception, each member of the group admits that selfishness is one of the big reasons why they participate in self rescue development. They want to save their own skin, or that of their friends. They realize that in many parts of the western US and the world, competent help from Search and Rescue (SAR) units could be hours or days away. They want the knowledge and ability to manage a caving accident, and have a successful cave evacuation.


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