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    Classes That We Teach

    The Self Rescue Group has currently developed seven self rescue classes for cavers. Each class can be taught in less than one day. Many classes do not have prerequisites, or require any special skills. Students learn how to modify and use their own caving equipment to carry out a self rescue. An important aspect of each class is teaching students how to assess the situation, and determine if a self rescue should be attempted. The current classes are:

    1. The Caver Kit
    2. Horizontal Movement
    3. Medical Assessment and Treatment
    4. Basic Vertical Safety
    5. Individual Vertical Rescue
    6. Raising and Lowering Systems
    7. Unstable Rock Zones
    Cave rescue is a dynamic discipline, and continues to evolve. Each class should be considered a "work in progress". Students are expected to provide constructive feedback so the classes can be improved to meet their needs.


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