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    Copyright Information
    Except where noted, the contents of these pages are copyright © 1998 Cindy Heazlit for The Self Rescue Group. Permission is required to use any and all parts of these pages. Articles by other authors are used with permission. Please feel free to contact us for information or permission. For further information on copyright laws, check out these sites:

    These pages contain references to techniques used for caving self rescue. Caving, in itself, is an activity that is inherently dangerous. Caving self rescue increases the hazards of this activity. You should not depend solely on information found on these pages for your personal safety. Your caving safety depends on your own judgment based on competent instruction, experience, and a realistic assessment of your abilities.

    There is NO substitute for personal instruction in caving, or cave rescue. You need to engage an instructor who is competent in teaching caving and rescue techniques. If you misinterpret the information found in these pages, you can be killed or seriously injured as a result of the misunderstanding. Therefore, the information found on these pages should only be considered a supplement to informed and competent instruction.

    There are no warranties, expressed or implied, that these pages contain accurate information. Cave rescue is a dynamic discipline, and what may be considered acceptable today may well be considered unacceptable tomorrow. You are responsible for exercising your own judgment in assessing the safety of the techniques found on these pages.


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