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    Spectra Characteristics by Blue Water Rope and D. Chalmers.
    Some Technical information on Spectra Cord.

    Caring for Your Rope. by Beal Ropes.
    A nice description of how to take care of your rope.

    Standards, Testing, & Quality. by Beal Ropes.
    Descriptions of all the standards used to test equipment.

    Plastic Garbage Bags for Comfort and Survival. by Don Davison, Jr. edited by G. Thomas Rea and Michael H. Camilletti
    A discussion on using the beloved garbage bag for caving.

    No Helmet. by M. Hodgson.
    An excellent write up on what happens to your head if you don't use a good helmet.

    An Analysis of Active Anchors Used by Lead Climbers. by N. Huber.
    Deals with the mechanical aspects of active camming devices (friends, cams, etc.).

    Rope Design, Materials, and Construction. by Marlow Ropes.
    A short article on how ropes are constructed

    Deterioration of Climbing Rope. by Bill Mixon. edited by Michael H. Camilletti and Linda Brown
    A discussion of how ropes age.

    OSHA Standards for Slings. by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration.
    All the standards you really didn't want to know about. This article comes with load tables, testing standards, retirement standards, and definitions.

    OSHA Standards for Personal Fall Arrest Systems. by the Occupational Health & Safety Administration.
    For those that really REALLY care.

    Carabiners. by the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America.
    A nice write up on the different types of carabiners.

    Ropes. by the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America.
    A consumer's guide to the design, standards, testing, and selection of climbing ropes.

    Harnesses. by the Outdoor Recreation Coalition of America.
    A write up on the different types of harnesses. This is mostly for climbers, but some of it is useful for cavers too.

    Nylon And Polyester Chemical Resistance. by Rescue Technology.
    A nifty table showing how well materials resist damage from chemicals.

    SAM Splint Training. by Seaberg Company.
    Everything you wanted to know about SAM splints, and how to use them.

    Aging Carabiners. by W. Storage.
    Carabiners can and do age. This is a nice essay on how aluminum carabiners corrode.

    Inspecting Web Slings. by the Wire Rope Corporation of America, Incorporated.
    An overview of inspecting webbing for damage, with pictures.


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