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    Upcoming Events

    May 21-22, 2000. NCRC Weekend Orientation to Cave Rescue
    Near New Melones Dam, CA
    The NCRC Cave Rescue Orientation Course is a weekend course that includes many elements of the weeklong seminar, except that it does not include vertical rescue. It includes both lecture and hands-on practice as well as a simulated cave rescue operation on the second day. Contact Amanda Clark.

    June 26-30, 2000.  NCRC Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar.
    Beverly, WV.
    The NSS will be hosting meetings and papers for the National Cave Rescue Commission, the Rescue Section, and the Safety and techniques session. In addition, there will be an Orientation to Cave Rescue will be taught on Wednesday. NSS Convention

    July 15-23, 2000.  NCRC Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar.
    Beverly, WV.
    These courses consist of extensive classroom and field work designed to maximize the learning experience. The cave rescue programs provide studies in underground environment, vertical rescue, pulley systems, extrication techniques, basic medical principles, communications, and management of cave rescue operations. These courses provide basic and advanced material for students who typicall include cavers, emergency services personnel, and emergency managers. Contact John Massa or John Appleby, or telephone: John Appleby (215-541-4994).

    August 12, 2000. Self Rescue Group Training - Medical and Horizontal Movement Modules
    Mother Lode Area, CA
    The SRG will be teaching medical assessment of an injured caver (Medical Module), and how to evacuate the caver in a horizontal environment (Horizontal Module). These classes total ~10 hours of training. Contact Eric Johnson or Robert Boyd.

    Aug 25-27, Sept 2-4,9,10, 2000.  SoCal III NCRC
    Southern California
    The Sheriff’s Cave Rescue Team will host a Level I and a Level II Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar in southern California and Nevada in late Summer of 2000. This will be the third time a Level I course has been presented in this area and the second time a Level II has been presented locally in modular format. This course will result in a certificate from the NCRC which will be valid for attending the next level seminar in another venue. Contact Bryan Lavender.

    January 2001.  Western Region Training Committee Planning Meeting
    Department of Family Practice, University Medical Center, Fresno, CA.
    The Western Region Training Committee, a part of the Western Region, will be having a meeting Sunday January 9 at 10:00 A.M. at the Family Practice Conference Room, University Medical Center, Fresno, CA. The election of WRTC officers will occur at this meeting. All cavers interested in cave rescue issues in the Western Region are invited to attend.
    Map or Directions: From the North, take 99 south to Kings Canyon/Ventura offramp, go east until you reach Cedar, at UMC. Turn left on Cedar then at the light turn right onto Huntington. Park on the street near the fenced in parking lot. There will be a sign in the door where to go.
    From the South, take 99 north to Clovis avenue. Take Clovis north to Kings Canyon then turn left. Turn right on Cedar as you pass UMC then right again at the light at Huntington, etc.
    Contact Roger Mortimer, or send agenda items to Lynn Fielding.


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