Cripple Creek

    Father Grimes began his work at Cripple Creek June 11, 1893, where he was called the "Cowboy Preacher." 
   On November 26, 1893, the congregation held its first service in a beautiful little brick church built under Father Grimes leadership.
   In March, 1894, the Reverend Grimes was arrested for contempt of court because Father Grimes refused to divulge the name of the thief who had returned a diamond ring to the Priest in Holy confession.  He stood fast on the principle that facts revealed in Confession could never be divulged, not even at the command of the courts.   He was taken to the local jail at the court's orders.     Soon a large and noisy mob surrounded the little jail with a demand to let Father Grimes out. Tensions and tempers returned to normal when the officials decided to concede to the wishes of the mob.  Father Grimes was released, the secret of confession still safe with this man.
   Easter Monday, April 6, 1896 the Vestry declared St. Andrews a Parish with Father Grimes elected rector.

Saint Andrews Episcopal Church
Cripple Creek, Colorado
(circa 1895)