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After playing a game, I get the following which ends the cycle: run time error '6'. Overflow. Any suggestions?

Ah yes, this error I've seen reported a couple times now.  It is caused
by either an overflow or corruption of the statistics file for the
current player.  The easy way to correct it is to go to the options menu
in the game and either change players to another one (if you have one),
or create a new player from scratch and play as that one instead.  You
do not need to delete the corrupt one if you want to keep it on hand to
look at the stats in the future, but can do so if you wish.  

Not sure how I can correct the code to prevent this, but it seems to be
fairly rare (I've never gotten it.) and can be fixed by the user in the
above easy way.  FYI, deleting the stats file altogether would fix it,
or a clean install to a new directory or on a new machine would also.

Pretty sure the error is caused by reaching the fixed limit of stored integers
in the stats file, probably the one that counts the number of hands.  I
might be able to use a bigger storage number, but I would have to code in a
conversion program for old stats files.  Since this error is so rare (I think
just 3 reports in ten years by people who have played an incredibly large
number of games with the program) that I'm not sure the fix is worth it.

How can I download your free gin rummy and just play against the computer?


The address to my homepage (where the installer program is located) is at the 
bottom of this page.  Go there in your browser.   There is a link to the 
installer program a bit down the page.  The file is named GINSTALL.EXE and it 
is a self-extracting archive and setup program.  If you left-click on the
link it should pop up a box asking if you want to save the file or run
it or cancel.  Best option is Run.

If you do not get this option then you might have some security features
active that are trying to help you to keep you from downloading
potentially dangerous executable files.  It's possible that you get a
warning bar at the top of the browser that blocks the download, but it
will let you bypass the restriction for a known good file if you allow.
If so, then click on the yellow bar and select something like "Permit
this file to download" (I'm not sure of the exact wording or action
required for this).  Then try clicking the link again to actually
download it now that you can.  If it still won't let you, then try
searching Google for instructions on how to download executable files in
your browser and what settings need to be changed to allow this.

Once you are able to download the file, you can either select "Save"
which will download the installation program for you to run later, or
"Run" which is easier to do since you don't have to worry about where to
save the file for running later on.  Either way, once you run the
installer program you don't need to download or run it again, and can
delete it if you didn't run it directly on download.

The installation program copies all the files to a default directory
(which you can change if you want) and sets up the shortcuts in your
Windows "Start" menu.  You run the game by selecting the GinRummy
shortcut listed in the GinRummy folder in your "All Programs" section of
the Start menu.

It does not make an icon on the desktop for the game, but you can easily
make one there yourself by going to the GinRummy folder and
Right-clicking on the shortcut to run the game and dragging it to an
empty place on the desktop and letting the button go.  You select "Copy
here" or "Create shortcut here" to make a desktop icon link.  If you
accidentally drag with the left button instead, it might Move the
shortcut to the desktop, leaving no shortcut in the original folder,
which is ok if you intend to do that, but not recommended.

The first time you run the game be sure to go to the Options panel first
to set your name and the default rules and game variations that you

For the Windows 32-bit, I tried changing my resolution to several options (anything from 800 x 600 up to its max of 1280 x 800), but the cards and numbers never quite line up right.

Usually, when I hear about display errors like this it often means that
some default setting has been changed.  Like text size and spacing, but
usually it is the "DPI Scaling" setting.  In Vista/Win7, go to the Control
Panel, click on "Ease of Access" then click on the "Change the size of
text and icons" under the "Make things on the screen larger" section.
This should pop up another box for the DPI setting.  The button should
be set on Default, if it is not but instead on "Larger," then that is
probably the problem.  

On XP, the DPI setting is somewhere in the display properties, but I
can't remember where exactly.  Do a search in Windows Help for it if you
need to.

By the way, 800x600 is the max resolution of the game if you want full
screen.  If your resolution is any larger then it will be in a window.
I have no plans to update the game to modern large resolutions at this 
time, sorry.

About GinRummy

This Freeware program is written in Microsoft Visual Basic Version 6.0 for Windows 32-bit systems.

Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions, comments, improvements, or bugs.



When writing to me please tell me where you obtained GinRummy, and be sure to include the version number of the game that you currently have.

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