1966 Deluxe Seat Belt Option.

The 1966 Mustang came with a Deluxe Seat Belt option.  On the invoice, it was listed as Deluxe Seat Belts FRT&RR and cost $14.53.  The option consisted of front and rear seat belts as shown in the picture below.  It also came with a SEAT BELT warning light that was on a timer (also shown below).  This option was available with or without a deluxe interior.

This page is dedicated to my father who let me ride home from the dealership in this car when he bought it new.  I am one of the few people who won't come up to you at a show and say "I wish I hadn't sold my first Mustang (or the one my family had when I was a kid)"!

Last Update: February 9, 2002