1970 Boss 302 Carburetor Specifications.

The 1970 Boss 302 came with Ford part number D0ZF-9510-Z carburetor. It is also Holley List number 4653. Since I bought my car from another and didn't trust what components the carburetor had, I investigated the parts it should have had and listed them below so others may restore their carburetors to factory specifications:

    Holley Part Number
CFM 780  
Primary Venturi Diameter 1 3/8"  
Secondary Venturi Diameter 1 7/16"  
Primary and Secondary Throttle Bore Diameter 1 11/16"  
Primary Metering Plate 6396  
Secondary Metering Plate 6213  
Renew Kit   37-1537
Trick Kit   37-933
Primary Jets #71 122-71
Secondary Jets #82 122-82
Primary Power Valve 6.5" 125-65
Primary Discharge Nozzle Size .026  
Secondary Vacuum Spring Color Purple  
Primary and Secondary Needle & Seat .110 6-504
Accelerator Pump Cam White  
Accelerator Pump Cam Position #2  
Primary and Secondary Bowl Gasket   108-83-2
Primary and Secondary Metering Block Gasket   108-89-2

Last Update: July 2, 2006