Paint and Detailing

1970 Boss 302 trunk, hood stripe, molding around the back glass and taillight panel - The correct finish for 1970 BOSS 302 is textured low-gloss black, PPG/Ditzler code DDL-9381 Hi-Performance black. This paint is available in factory pack only. You can have your paint store order the DDL-9381 in factory pack quarts. This paint has been discontinued for a few years. Your paint shop should be able to use a painter's trick called "dry shoot" when they paint to replicate the texture paint.

1970 Boss 302 tail lamp bezel, rear spoiler and louvers and hood scoop trim ring - low-gloss black without texture. You can use PPG/Ditzler DDL-9423 low-gloss black by paint gun or Krylon semi-flat black 1613 for correct color and finish.

Boss 302 Grille, lower stone molding, painted part of the headlight surround moldings, and the plastic headlight surrounds - SEM Medium Driftwood Metallic, paint number 39023; It is almost an exact match to factory.

1970 Dearborn Boss 302 Rocker Panel - The pinch weld (the lip where the floor pan and the rocker or rear quarter panel meet) from the front edge (without the front fender installed) to the rear valance) was painted a semi-gloss black (overspray continued over the floor pan) This normally covers the vertical edge and travels onto the bottom of the rocker & quarter panel 1/2"; This was painted without the use of tape or edge so the paint edge is "soft".

1970 Dearborn Boss 302 Fenders - The front fender lip should be body color. The front fenders were painted off the car alowing a certain amount of exterior color overspray onto the inside of the fender (so areas more than others based on angle needed to coat certain surfaces) Once the fender was installed they often applied some sound deadener to the upper surface to reduce noise and to the meeting edge of the headlight plastic panel and fender interior and at the rear splash shield. This may have increased the sealing properties of these items

1967 & up Black interior paint - Dark Charcoal Grey Metalic. This color was used starting in 67 for all of the Mustangs and Shelby black interiors. Ford p/n 2083 Ditlzer #32586. On the rear package tray (on non-fold down cars) and the dash extensions (the thin plastic pieces of the dash at the bottom - 4 of them) use Ditzler.

Engine Compartment - Krylon Semi-Flat #1613 (spray). It is the right texture and sheen and is pretty good in the durability department to boot.

Last update - This page: June 13, 2002