A few more years have passed since the last major changes to these pages, but the long-promised images have finally appeared on Bartleby's page. Take a look.

Here's what we've got:

* Bartleby: The smartest cat on the Internet (his IQ is 151).
* Multiperfect numbers:
What are MPFNs?
Lists of known MPFNs.
Glossary of MPFN-related terms.
Theorems and conjectures about MPFNs.
* Free software: Some DOS-based toys left over from my programming days.
* Waterfalls: An incomplete, state-by-state (and province-by-province) list of waterfalls in the United States and Canada.
* Virtual trophy room: Where else could I put my virtual trophy?
* Links: These are woefully out of date, but they're still here if you want them.
* Feedback: Drop me a line.

25 Apr 2004