Astronomy Links

This page is quite done yet, but you're welcome to take a look around.

The first place to look: the sci.astro FAQ. Unfortunately, sci.astro itself is clogged with crackpots.

Space exploration is a moderated newsgroup run out of JPL.
Graphics files of the Viking Landings
Space calendar
Galileo home page
Russian (FSU) Space Missions and Vehicles
Russian State Cosmonauts Training Centre
Space Digest archives
Commercial space info
Kennedy Space Center
NASA Home page
MIT Spacenews
Microcosm's low-cost rockets


The visible comets page is another winner from JPL.
Hale-Bopp info (ESO)
Hale-Bopp info (JPL)
Hale-Bopp ephemeris
Shoemaker-Levy 9 info


I usually refer to the SatPasses home page for information about the brightest satellites. OrbiTrak is also very good, with information about many more satellites, but not quite as easy to use.
Satellite information (in the UK)
Satellite information (in Germany)
Mirwatch (Mir information)
Micro Orbiter 3.0 is a great (shuttle tracking) program
Shuttle elements

Amateur astronomy

lots of great astronomy site links, astro club news, astro software, weather
The International Dark-Sky Association Web page
Sky Publishing
AstroNet on-line astronomy digest (see access directory)
ASTROMART, your free Internet astro classified marketplace

Other astronomy links

Planet info
International Astronomical Union, Central Bureau of Astronomical Telegrams
Meteorites and Impacts Advisory Committee (MIAC) to the Canadian Space Agency
Astro Gallery
Sun and solar eclipse info
Other natural earth satellites

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