Puzzle and Word Game Links


rec.puzzles, rec.puzzles.crossword, and rec.games.trivia are the principle puzzle-related newsgroups. The rec.puzzles archives contain a vast collection of puzzles and their solution. The Scrabble FAQ is an excellent resource for that game.


The CrossWord Puzzle Lab has the most extensive list of crossword links anywhere. Literate Software's Crossword Gallery has a collection of fine puzzles that you can solve on your own computer, using the Across Lite program available there. Regularly appearing online puzzles include Caspian's weekly cryptic crossword and monthly prize cryptic, Squizz's cryptic crosswords, Dell Magazine's daily crossword, the PhillyNews crossword, the USA Today puzzle, and the two best of all: the New York Times and the Times of London.

Other crossword pages:
Mike Smith's Crossword Page
The Crossword Constructor's Forum
Haynes' Crossword page
Hamano's Home Page
A Java crossword applet
Crossword Crossroads
1000 Transword crossword puzzles to learn languages

Other word games

The Word Puzzler's Corner is just getting started. There's a site devoted to palindromes. Castle Oaks Computer Services offers products relating to word puzzles.

If you need help with a word puzzle you can consult the Internet Anagram Server (AKA "inert net grave near mars"), Tom Magliery's word finder and word lists, or a word ladder finder.


Retrograde chess problems are considered at the WWW RetroCorner; another site is for missing piece chess/checkers/go puzzles.

Geometric and pattern puzzles

In two dimensions, there's ImIsion (computer-aided tangrams); OOG, "The Object Orientation Game"; IBM's Electric Origami Shop, and the extremely addictive matchstick puzzles at MatchBox. In three dimensions, Blueberry Design offers Rubik's cube and other puzzles, and another UK site offers "Frustration" and its successor, "Volutare 3D".


Our favorites are Panthera's weekly puzzle contest and the Word Wizard's "What Are Words Worth" contests. Both are free and offer modest prizes. The Labyrinth has trivia contests, and the Armchair Treasure Hunt home page is concerned with, well, treasure hunts. The Daily Record and Sunday Mail features uniquely British SPOT THE BALL and FIND THE COINS contests.

Other unclassified puzzle sites:
SPECTRUM: The Family Internet Magazine
Island Puzzler
The Puzzle Depot and its puzzle software search engine
A special intro edition of The ENIGMA, monthly publication of The National Puzzlers' League
Maze, a book by Christopher Manson
CodeMasters (decoding puzzles)
Livewire Puzzles

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