Los Alamos Geological Society

Box 762
Los Alamos, NM 87544-0762

Purpose: To study and promote an interest in the earth sciences and related fields - geology, paleontology, mineralogy, archaeology, and the lapidary arts.

Dues: $20/family/year

The Los Alamos Geological Society is a non-profit organization devoted to studying and promoting interest in geology, mineralogy, paleontology, and related subjects. The members meet on the second Tuesday of each month to hear speakers knowledgeable in these or related fields. On the weekend following the meeting, members take a field trip to study geology in the field, collect rock, mineral, and fossil specimens, tour a museum exhibit or geologic site, or attend a workshop. In those months with a three-day weekend due to a holiday, the trip is sometimes re-scheduled to permit travel to a more-distant location.

Field trips may be strenuous with the required hiking, climbing, digging, carrying, and breaking of rocks at high altitudes. Specialized equipment is sometimes needed for these activities and for excursions into underground mines. Travel sometimes requires four-wheel-drive vehicles. Outdoor camping is sometimes required and often convenient.

Cooperation and sharing of resources, finds and ideas are an important part of the organization. No one is ever left at home for want of transportation. To promote the interest of young people in the earth sciences, members of the Society review and award prizes to projects entered by Los Alamos school students in the annual county science fair. In addition, an auction is held at the annual Earth Treasure Show to benefit a scholarship fund that supports the attendance of undergraduate students from leading New Mexico universities at the fall field conference of the New Mexico Geological Society.

The Society is a sponsor of the annual New Mexico Mineral Symposium that is held each fall in Socorro. The purpose of the Symposium is to bring together for an exchange of ideas both professionals and amateurs interested in mineralogy.

The Los Alamos Geological Society's Earth Treasure Show is a free community service held each year on the first weekend of December. Members exhibit from their collections, demonstrate techniques of working with stone (e.g., cutting, carving, & polishing) and of preparing mineral & fossil specimens, and show free movies. Dealers offer minerals, geologic specimens, gems, jewelry, and fossils for sale. Special exhibits are invited from universities, museums, and scientific institutions. For the benefit of the scholarship fund, members cut geodes and provide an auction of geology-related materials. Since many visitors spend considerable time at the show, a snack bar is available. Attendance is usually near 1500 persons. Door prizes are awarded at intervals during the two-day show.

Membership in the Los Alamos Geological Society is available to interested persons. The annual dues of $20 per family cover the publication of the Obsidian Observer and part of the expenses of the Society. Contact any member of the Society for additional information. Visitors are always welcome with the hope that they may find the Society a desirable addition to their educational and recreational activities.

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