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A Smorgasbord of Internet Sites for the Petroleum Industry

Professional Societies
Federal and State Agencies - GIS Data Sources
GIS Software

Professional Societies


United States

AAPG Papers from recent issues of the Explorer and AAPG Bulletin, Calendar of events, continuing education catalog, searchable member directory, publications catalog, discussion areas, meeting abstract search engine
AGU Calendar of events, Table of Contents from recent publications, book catalog, legislative alerts, job listings (members only).
Dallas Geological Society Calendar of events, publication list.
Dallas Geophysical Society Calendar of events, newsletter, gen. info.
Houston Geological Society Calendar of events, publications, job listings
Geophysical Society of Houston Calendar, newsletter, employment service
GSA Calendar of events, publication catalog, employment opportunities, search GSA publications for articles.

Continuing Ed calendar, calendar of events, member directory, publication catalog, digital index of SEG articles, selected articles from the Leading Edge .
SPE Calendar of events, technical paper index, articles online (members or subscription).
SPWLA Meetings, publication catalog, job vacancies, tool mnemonic lists, Abstracts from the Log Analyst .
Texas Independent Producers and Royalty Owners Online articles, government relations articles, business alerts.
SIPES Calendar of events, publications catalog.
American Petroleum Institute News, industry standards, issues and position papers.
American Geosciences Institute Umbrella organization for 31 geoscience societies.  Maintains the GEOREF database. Career information and K-12 education materials.
American Association of Professional Landmen Includes extensive list of links for the landman.


The Geological Society (London) Meetings, events, publications, good set of educational links.
Petroleum Exploration Society of Great Briain Meetings, events, publications, training/education
Indonesian Association of Geologists News, meeting announcements
Indonesian Petroleum Association Meeting announcements, field trips, short courses, workshop proceedings
Petroleum Exploration Society of Australia Events. short courses, Publications, Membership Info
Australian Society of Exploration Geophysicists Calendar of events, publications, member search
Australian Institute of Petroleum Events, news, publications
Geological Society of New Zealand Meetings, New Zealand Geology, Publications
New Zealand Geophysical Society News letter, meetings
Geological Society of Malaysia Meetings and publications
Petroleum Institute of Thailand
Promotes the petroleum indsustry in Thailand.
Southeast Asia Petroleum Exploration Society Activities, conferences, publications, this site appears to hang my browser
World Petroleum Congress Meeting information

Federal and State Agencies

Unites States

U.S. Geological Survey


Catalog of USGS publications and data, map indices, download data and software. Online reports, Ask-A-Geologist, educational resources.  National Geologic Map Database, by State

National coverage: DEMs and DLGs from the USGS, various scales

Map Based Dataviewer and Download

National Map Viewer

National Geospatial Data Program

BOEM - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (former  MMS) The MMS manages activities in the offshore.  Their sites contains official reports, MMS manuals, revenue information, etc. GOM region has downloadable well header info, directional surveys, protraction diagrams, production volumes, permits etc.

Maps and GIS Data

GOM Data

National Geophysical Data Center Repository for geophysical data sets: gravity, magnetics, topography, bathymetry, shorelines, earthquakes, heat flow, global change, natural hazards. Interactive indices, download data and programs for the PC, Mac, and Sun. Excellent shaded relief maps.

Magnetic Declination Calculator

BLM - Bureau of Land Management The BLM manages resources on federal lands.  Their site discusses BLM programs.  They are in the process of building an automated system to report Public Land Survey System coordinates

Photo Library

Department of Agriculture Operator of the NAIP - Airphoto program.  Air photos of most of the US on a 3 year rotating program.
U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service GIS Sites
NASA 1990 and 2000 vintage Landsat of the world
State Oil & Gas Board



Geological Survey

Shale gas Research

Well database.   Includes permitting, drilling, completion, test, and plugging information for all wells drilled in Alabama.

Monthly production data by well, pool, operator, and field.  All data on one screen.  Engineering PVT database also available.

DRG files in TIFF format NAD27(select Geospatial Data Clearinghouse/Data)


Geologic Survey

Well Data

Alaska Geospatial Data Clearinghouse




Boundary, hydrography, topography, PLSS, physical features in ArcInfo export format.



Geologic Survey

Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Arizona Geodata Portal

GIS at University of Arizona Libraries



Boundaries, PLSS, DOQQ, DRG, DEM


Oil and Gas Commission

Geological Commission


Permit/completion reports.  Document Images, Well Data

Publication and map catalogs.

Download/ftp DOQQs,  TIFF and MR SID format. UTM projection,  NAD 83.  DRG: TIFF, UTM, NAD27

California Department of Conservation

Geological Survey

Spatial Information Library

Digital Production and Injection data 1977-present, well locations, maps in PDF, forms, working on making well records available on the internet. Oil and Gas Division

Online maps - promarily hazards maps in PDF format.

DOQQs, DRGs in TIFF format, California Albers projection


Geologic Survey

Oil and Gas Conservation Commission

Colorado Geographic Information Portal

Online production data by well, lease, operator, field, county, maps, forms, regulations.   Well and permit location shape files.  Scanned documents and well logs.

Commercial links only


Geologic Survey

Map and Geographic Information Center


GIS Data

Mossaiced DRGs back to 1890, DOQQ back to 1934 (Ermapper); DOQQ Mr. Sid NAD 83 UTM, DEM. DRG NAD 27


Geologic Survey

Delaware Geospatial Data Exchange

Delaware DataMIL


Scanned 15' Topos, scanned geologic maps



Up to date topo maps, replaces USGS DRGs) and air photos


Land Boundary Information System

Geographic Information Systems

Geologic Survey

DRG in NAD 27,83; DOQQ in Albers(JPEG), UTM, State Plane Projections (Mr. Sid); DLG,DEMS

ArcInfo Shape Files

Oil well permit database, production graphs, well index maps
County Geologic Maps in DXF, State as Shape File

Geologic Survey

Georgia GIS Clearinghouse


General Information only

DRGs TiFF format, DOQQs, Satellite images


Statewide GIS Data

USGS Hawaii Data Clearinghouse
Data layers as ArcInfo Shape Files or Export files

Idaho Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

Inside Idaho - Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Geologic Survey


Current permits, More data at Idaho Geological Survey

DRG, DOQQs, Landsat
(Find data/Themes)

Digital Geologic Maps


State Geological Survey

Natural Resources Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

Digital well data for sale, log copying service
ILoil - Interactive map server for well and field data.

DOQQs in Mr Sidd format, UTM, NAD83. DRGs in TIFF format. Other GIS data in .e00 format

Division of Oil & Gas

Indiana Spatial Data Portal

Geologic Survey

 Forms, Permts, Regulations, Questions and Answers, online digital data, Online Maps

DOQQs in Band Sequential or Mr. Sid format, DRG in Geotiff format, DEMS, vector data, well location shape file.

Interactive Maps, Petroleum Database Management System:

Iowa Geologic Survey

Natural Resources Geographic Information System

Database of oil tests in Iowa, tops and strip log. Interactive Map Server. 

DRGs TIFF format DOQQs in Mr Sid and JPG formats, lots of other data in .EOO and Shape file format

Kansas Geological Survey

Oil & Gas

Kansas Digital Petroleum Atlas

GIS Data Access & Support Center

Kansas Geological Society

Master well list, LAS and Tiff well logs for some wells, tops, DST results, scanned forms, Petroleum information.  Production history on lease and field levels.  Good use of maps.  Well and tops files for download. One of the more advanced states.

The Digital Petroleum Atlas is a prototype allowing the KGS to display detailed geologic, well, geophysical, and regional information for chosen fields in Kansas. The DPA has several data bases that can be accessed. This appears to be out of date.  Last update 2001.

GIS data for the state.  This is an on going project.   Partial/complete data available for TIGER, DLG, LULC, PLSS and more.  Various scales. DOQQs BIl,TIFF, MR Sid formats, DRG: TIFF,UTM NAD 27&83, Lambert NAD83, TM data for state.


Public Oil & Gas Data

Digital Ortho Image Download Center

Geospatial Data Libraries

Geologic Survey

Searchable databases and maps

DOQQs in JPEG format, State Plane, NAD 83, Zones N&S

DRGs, and other map layers available for download. Includes Oil & gas well locations

Department of Natural Resources

GIS Data

LSU Atlas

Geologic Survey

SONRIS - Online access to minerals, lease, and GIS information, electronic documents and well logs

County Scale Thematic Mapper data - Mr Sid Format, DEM files, Make-A-Map

Download DRGs, DOQQs, DEMs, LIDAR



Geological Survey

Main Office of GIS



DRG NAD 83 UTM  19,TIFF, DOQQ NAD 83 UTM  19 Mr Sid.  Numerous other layers


Geological Survey


Maryland GIS


MGS Online

Online map making



Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs

Office of the State Geologist







DRG NAD 83  State Plane Tiff, Mr. Sid; Color DOQQ NAD 83 State Plane Mr. Sid, DEMS, Bedrock Geology, numerous other lay


Dept. of Environemental Quality


Geographic Data Library


Oil & Gas: Locations,tops, scanned records, maps, etc.


DOQQ (Mr. Sid), DLG (Shape), DEM, Public Land System, Satellite, Geology, others; all in Michigan GeoRef Projection


Geological Survey

Minnesota Geographic Data Clearinghouse



DOQQ (Mr. Sid),  DRG, DLG, DEM

Office of Geology

Oil and Gas Board

MARIS - Mississipp Automated Resource Information System


Well Data, Mapping System

GIS data in ArcInfo and DXF formats.  DRGs, DOQQs in Mr. SIDD format, MS TM projection


Geology and Land Survey

Spatial Data Information Service

Missouri Dept of Conservation



Oil and Gas






Geographic Information Clearinghouse

Montana Bureau of Mines and Geology

Board of Oil and Gas


Various maps of Montana, GIF, .E00, SHP formats.  DRGs, DOQQs in TIFF and MrSID format. NAD 83 coordinates for most products.

Geologic maps and reports.  GIS Systems.


Online data


Conservation and Survey Division

Oil and gas Conservation Commission

Data Bank




Well data in MS Access format



Commission of Mineral Resources

Bureau of Mines and Geology

W.M. Keck Earth Sciecnce and Mining Research Center

Minerals, Oil & Gas, Geothermal info.

Oil and Gas, Well database and logs. Maps.
30x60' DRGs TIFF format

Download DRGs, selected DOQs TIFF format, DEMs,Landsat and SPOT images, geologic maps
New Hampshire

Dept. of Environmental Services



Geologiical Survey



New Jersey
Geological Survey

Geographic Information Network


Digital Data Series


DOQQ, Orthoimagery, LULC, DEM,Geologic Map,

New Mexico

Energy, Minerals, and Natural Resources Department

Oil Conservation Division

New Mexico Tech



OCD Online - Well, completion, production f Scanned logs and reports.

GO-TECH Online access to various petroleum related databases; well, production, and online maps

DOQQ (Mr. SID), DEM, PLSS, DRG (GeoTiff)

New York

Division of Mineral Resources


Geological Survey

NYS GIS Cleaeinghouse

Oil and Gas Database, Geodata Inventory


Access publically available data including well logs and virtual cores

ArcInfo Geologic layers

DRGs, GeoTiff, Tfw, MapInfo format, NAD 27 & 83, state run orthoimagery program, LULC

North Carolina

Geological Survey


North Dakota

Geolocical Survey



Raster data download, Vector data download


Geological Survey

Ohio DAS


Interactive Maps



Geologic Survey Oil & Gas

Geo Information System


Type Logs, Stratigraphic Columns
Production and well information for purchase
(select Oil & Gas)

Download DOQ,DOQQ,DRG, DEM:  UTM,Albers projections, TIF and Mr Sid formats, NAD 27 & 83 datums (select data/image data)

Also check out maps.


Dept. of Geology and Mineral Industries

Geospatial Enterprise Office



DOQQ, DRG, Boundaries

Merged DRGs and DEMs


PA Geological Survey

PA Spatial Data Access

Well Information System - FTP down load.  Contact person at bottom of page., Download geologic maps.

DOQQs Tiff Format, DOQQ and DRG Mr SID format, SPOT data, DRGs, TIFF format, NAD27, UTM
Rhode Island

Geological Survey


Digital Imagery Server



Download GIS layers

DRG, DOQQ GeoTIff, NAD 83 State Plane

South Carolina

Geological Survey

Data Clearinghouse


Includes digital maps.


South Dakota

Geological Survey

GIS data, Online Oil and Gas Database


Division of Geology


Tennessee Spatial Data Server



No online data

Vector data, DRGs State Plane NAD83, DOQQs UTM NAD83, DEMS


Bureau of Economic Geology

Texas Natural Resource Information System

Railroad Commission


Information about the Bureau's research activities, publications lists, and some results.

DOQQs in Mr Sid format
DRGs in FIFF format, DEMs, other files in .EOO, Intergraph, DXF formats, LIDAR

Production database, Oil Gas Well Records
Other interactive data.  Digital Maps for Sale, Oil & Gas Map Viewer, Well Logs



Division of Oil, Gas, and Mining

Geological Survey

Utah GIS Portal



Online Data, Online Map. Well Logs 

Topographic maps.  1x2 degree, 30'x60' as PDF files, 7 1/2' quads as gif images.

DEMs, DOQs as JPG/JGW, DRGs as TIFF, other GIS layers as .SHP



Geologuy and Mineral Resources




Geologic Maps, DOQQs, DEMs, etc


Division of Mineral Resources

Division of Gas and Oil

GISData Virginia


Information Catalog

Data Information System



Division of Geology and Earth Resources

Department of Natural Resources

Geomorphology Research Group

Geospatical Data Archive



Geologic Information Portal, GIS-Geology


Geologic maps, boundaries, DEM, PLSS



Merged DRGs and DEMs

West Virginia

Geological and Economic Survey

W Va. GIS Data Clearinghouse



GIS layers including oil and gas wells
DRG (Tiff), DOQQ ( Mr. SID), DEM: UTM 17 NAD83 Oil and Gas Wells


Geological and Natural  History Survey

DNR Geographic Information System



DRGs and basenmap layers


Oil & Gas Conservation Commission

Geographic Information Science Center/
Natural Resources Data Clearinghouse

Geological Survey
Online databases for wells, cores, logs, production, APD, sundries, and more.

WyGISC Data Server - DOQQ in reduced resolution JPEG format, DRG, satelite imagery, and numerous GIS layers available for download.



U.K. DTI - Oil and Gas Directorate Data, developments, licensing, environmental regulation, infrastructure, etc.

See Common Data Access Limited for offfshore data

British Geological Survey Products, services, contacts, downloads
Natural Resources of Canada MIRAGE - Over 10,000 geoscience map images
Australian Geological Survey Organisation

Good interactive indices to data that can be ordered, listing of products and services, online information about lease areas and data, educational resources
Philippine Department of Energy
PTTT Public Company Limited Thailand Information about petroleum development in Thailand. Formerly Petroleum Authority of Thailand
World Energy Center Information on world energy supply and consumption
Asia-Pacific Economic Coorperation - Mineral and Energy Data Information on Mineral and Energy Development, legal and regulatory, finance, land, some geoscientific


Software Sources

These are sources where you can download programs for free. Depending upon your software and data source some additional processing may be needed before you can use the data.

ESRI ArcExplorer. free viewer for GIS data
Ermapper ErViewer. free viewer for GIS data
Lizardtech ExpressView Browser Plugin - Plugin for Netscape and Internet Explorer that allows you to view Mr. Sid or Jpeg 2000 files.
USGS DLGV32 - Free viewer for many types of USGS GIS data.
3DEM 3D Terrain visualization, stereo visualization, 3D flyby
Global Mapper Excellent commercial utility for viewing numerous vector and image formats, format conversion, image resampling and manipulation, change projections.
Bureau of Land Management
Software and Data Download
PC and UNIX Software for working with DLGs, DEMs, Digital Chart of the World, data files, links to other sites
National Geophysical Data Center Repository for geophysical data sets: gravity, magnetic, topography, bathymetry, shorelines, earthquakes, heat flow, global change, natural hazards. Interactive indices, download data and programs for the PC, Mac, and Sun.
SeisVU Free SEG-Y viewer, can also view all header information.
Kansas Geologic Survey Software Mapping, log analysis, seismic processing
Canadian Well Log Society Documentation about the LAS standard. Download certification and resampling programs
Colorado School of Mines Seismic processing package
GMT - Generic Mapping Tools Unix based mapping system
Software list at the Kansas Geologic Survey List software available at several sites.
Department of Energy Software Simulators, predictive models, databases
D.Watson Triangulation based contouring programs


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