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I've kayaked all around Europe from the Baltic to the Mediterranean in my single folding Folbot Aleut kayak Pam and my double Folbot Greenland II  The Mango Queen. I was very fortunate to meet a lot of enthusiastic and helpful people along the way.  After over 20 years tramping around Europe I know no better way to see it than from the cockpit of a kayak.

In the Mediterranean off Nice

Here I am about five miles off the coast of Nice, France. The photo was taken by a fisherman I met. He warned me to hurry in as a storm was blowing in from Africa.



Tarasçon Castle, Provence

I turned a bend in the Rhône River while paddling from Avignon to Arles, and came across this lovely, storybook castle. The town of Tarasçon is a picturesque, unaffected village with wonderful people who helped me find much needed water as I was wilting under the searing Provençal sun.


The Grand Canal in Venice

Venice is a beautiful city . I paddled down the Grand Canal, under the Rialto Bridge, past innumerable and incredibly skillful gondoliers, and finally made Palazzo San Marco and the lagoon.



Dollar, Dollar!

Hungary is a vibrant country having just thrown off the shackles of tyranny. As it rushes headlong into its future, though, some people are being left behind, including the elderly, and the defenseless, like these street hustlers. Brashly smoking cigarette butts they scavanged off the pavement, when they saw the US flags on my bow they demanded "Dollar, dollar!" I threw them my painter, got out and took their picture. I gave the two bigger boys each a dollar and they laughed when the smaller boy only got a handful of coins. Guess they didn't know the Austrian shillings amounted to about $3.00!


Camping on the Danube Later I set up camp on the Danube to get a break from its fast moving current. There are numerous patches of land suitable for camping, and free for the taking.



Paris Through the Backdoor

Traveling the Seine in a paddlecraft between the Marne, and Billancourt is illegal, so said a river police officer I spoke to. However, it is not impossible. Here I've just landed opposite the Eiffel Tower, and have repacked by bags. A few minutes later I was on the Metro headed for Gare St-Lazare, and the Normandy D-Day beaches.


Villa on Lake Como

Lake Como, in the Alps, will make you want to sing opera! There is no place more beautiful than here.

KAYAKING in EUROPEThe video is now available!

Shot on location throughout Europe this unique video guides you through the steps necessary to create your own exciting kayaking vacation in Europe.  Though the emphasis is on folding kayaks, the tape also tells you how and where to rent kayaks, including white water boats.

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-How to maneuver your kayak bags in villages and cities.
-Making the Eurail pass work for you.
-Baggage security.
-The best rivers, lakes, and seacoasts to paddle.
-How and where to launch your boat in major cities.
-Where to rent boats if you don't take one with you.
-Suggested intineraries from one week to one month.
-$1,000 one-week get-a-way paddles.
-How to pack REALLY light.
-How to avoid water hazards unique to Europe.
-The European system of bouyage, and what you MUST know.
-Where not to paddle.
-Dealing with water police.
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This video will help you make your next kayaking trip a worry-free adventure.

"Many are the dreamers..." Don't be a dreamer, be a paddler!

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Paddle under Chateau Chenonceaux on the River Cher in France.

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