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Shades of the Crazy MoFo, Alex Jones, who claims
the carbon-tax will fund the secret govt's nefarious
longitudinal agenda to expedite the mass die-off of
sub-humans for aristocratic, transhumanistic gains!
See also: Paranoia 2008

The illustrious Brad Smith of Thule.org, writes:
    "When the engineered infrastructure breakdown
occurs, the government goes underground, FEMA
declares martial law and the government retires
under the aegis of the FRA (Federal Relocation
Arc-200 underground survival centers). Then they
fly the remotely controlled silent disk craft,
tell us we are
'under alien attack, please
remain in your homes, don't riot, let us handle this'.
They never have to use the army to control population
because they have the phony
'alien' attack, a
'common enemy'. Causing belief in 'aliens' on
Earth has been the largest mind control project since
MK-ULTRA. They have caused all the dimwits to believe
in aliens. Please don't misunderstand, there is plenty
of intelligent
'life' in this Galaxy, it just
has not come here in the last 2 million years.
Almost every
'alien abductee' can be back-
engineered and shown to be a mind control victim.
To those very few humans who have actually
something strange, Thule Foundation states uneqivocally
that your sighting was
'interdimensional' and not
extraterrestrial. There are no extraterrestrials on Earth
at this time. If they are not able to execute the Plan,
massive population thinning will be blamed on acts of
terrorism. Human version of bird flu designed. SARS for
China, Hanta for Navajos. Note: Humans reading this who
work for various intelligence organizations, NSA, CIA,
DIA, FEMA, etc., homeland insecurity and social mind
control experts, be aware that you have been
compartmentalized. Wake up! You are a part of the greatest
genocidal murder plot in recorded history, far more
heinous than the holocaust. You are just a cog in the
wheel for the rulers of planet Earth. Cannon fodder.
They won't need you after the infrastructure
breaks down, your usefulness will be over."



||||||||   See also: "THE EIGHT" 1988   ||||||||


Grayface: Paul E Potter (2004)

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> From: Acharya S <acharya_s@yahoo.com>
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>           - A stitch in TIME saves NINE

> :)

> Still out there, after all these years!

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>> > Perhaps you've seen this or a part of it on the
>> > web... Watch it and make up your own mind....
>> > ...I welcome any discussion.

>> >> http://zeitgeistmovie.com/
>> >>

>> We admire Marcy Craig's creative attention to detail:
>> http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0185947/

>> We admire Acharya S' courageous cognitive search
>> http://www.truthbeknown.com/search.html

>> Interactive Transcript :
>> http://zeitgeistmovie.com/transcript.htm

>> Horus, Sun of God
>> "In Osiris the Christian Egyptians found the
>> prototype of Christ, and in the pictures and
>> statues of Isis suckling her son Horus, they
>> perceived the prototype of the Virgin Mary
>> and her Child. Never did Christianity find
>> elsewhere in the world a people whose minds
>> were so thoroughly well prepared to receive
>> its doctrines as the Egyptians."
>> Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934), Egyptian Ideas of the Future Life
>> http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/zeitgeist.html

>> Horus versus Set
>> "The Christian Trinity ousted the old triads of gods,
>> Osiris and Horus were represented by our Lord Jesus
>> Christ, Isis by the Virgin Mary, Set the god of evil by
>> Diabolus [Satan]... and the various Companies of the
>> Gods by the Archangels, and so on."
>> Dr. E.A. Wallis Budge (1857-1934), Egyptian Tales and Romances
>> http://www.stellarhousepublishing.com/zeitgeist.html

        Date: Sat, 10 May 2008 14:04:49 -0700 (PDT)
        From: Acharya S <acharya_s@yahoo.com>
        Subject: "ZEITGEIST" - Debunked?
                        A VIDEO Response!

        I'm delighted to announce that our video
        discussing "ZEITGEIST, Part 1" is now live
        and ready for loads of visits!


        As one of the inspirations for Part 1 of the hit
        internet movie "ZEITGEIST," I am only happy to
        take up the challenge of addressing claims on the
        internet that it has been "debunked" or "refuted."
        This video is designed specifically for that purpose.


        Acharya S

      The Nativity of Amenhotep III at Luxor

>> We admire the Aquino family's glowing dark energetic
>> multiversal manifestation of ageless intelligence.
>> http://home.netcom.com/~mthorn/thepoet.htm

>> Legend of the Nine Unknown .........
>> http://tinyurl.com/3frfs8

>> "The Nine Satanic Statements"
>> Anton Szandor LaVey (1930-1997)

>> The Nines (2007) by John August
>> http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0810988/

>>The Nine Supreme Court Justices

>> And the: Ennead Nine of Heliopolis

>> AND... Plan Nine From Outer Space

    <<>> See also: 9

    <<>> See also: District 9

    <<>> See also: 3:33

>> See also: KALI
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>> STAR GATE - 2007-2008
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>> AND...We admire Gary Gene Ford's obsession
>> with organic compounds of a wet gaseous nature:
>> http://home.netcom.com/~mthorn/nonseqtr.htm

>> TIBET 2008
>> http://home.netcom.com/~mthorn/tibet008.htm

>> http://home.netcom.com/~mthorn/theeight.htm


        John D. Hofmeister, President of Houston based
        Shell Oil Company, said: "Shell Oil has said many times,
'the debate's over.' We're not climatologists, but we're
        convinced action is needed. No more debate - action."


Exxon CEO awarded close to $20 mln in bonus, stock

Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 14:46:47 -0700
From: "Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013]
Subject: ???? - [Fwd: Re: Researcher: Basic Greenhouse
Equations "Totally Wrong"]
To: "Astronomer Bill" <****@wwheaton.com>
CC: "Jentje Goslinga" <***********@shaw.ca>,
"Mark Thornally" <**********@yahoo.com>,
"Daniel Bowen" <************@gmail.com>,
"Arjan,Stam" <**********@hotmail.com>,
"Gary G. Ford" <1946-2013>

--- "Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013] wrote:

Astronomer Bill,

Daniel sent a controversial news article
on a claim by a couple of experienced
Hungarian Climate Simulationists, one of
whom resigned in protest from NASA for
NASA refusal to allow his "discovery" to
be revealed (see attached).

Arjan also given an elaborate commentation,
and his quoting of Milankovitch Theory details
(I am wondering however about one of the sentences
...) precedes the actual item which Daniel forwarded.

Now, Dr. Goslinga is included because he a very
experienced and insightful Fluids Events Applied
Mathematician, Numericist, Algorithmist, and past-
-master high precision numerical methods/solution
designer/programmer, with ample C/C++ and Intel
CPU's FPU ( 80-bit [extra-double-long] registers)
Assembly Code, as well as expert in traditional,
somewhat more limited, Fortran variants (including
modern) experience.

Dr. Goslinga has made many practical, numerical,
often very complete and mathematically clean,
ingenious, solutions for flow or physical process
simulation situations, modeling quite well many
real world events, such as in Gas/Oil Pipeline
Networks, Petroleum Reservoir, Production
Simulations, and other process, phenomena or
physical problems of science, engineering, and
industry, including cavitation bubble collapse,
as well as formation of residual stress in cooled,
extruded thermoplastic pipes.

Mark Thornally is a Witness for The Future.

Now to the title, of the letter, which quotes,

"Totally WRONG" ...

An example of an often "not quite right"
habit of hydrodynamicists comes to my mind,

Now, I don't know about 'totally' but I do know
what Birkhoff said in his book "HYDRODYNAMICS:
A study in fact, theory and similitude" which
Dover reprinted some years ago:

(Paraphrase follows, as next paragraph:)

The Kelvin "Conservation of Vorticity" Theorem
WOULD apply to Real Navier-Stokes Flow, TOO,
if the velocity field could be fully expanded
analytically [GGF Note: I presume in time and
space, but I no longer remember which], to an
arbitrary number of terms, but should not, as
Navier Stokes Solutions in General cannot even
be guaranteed everywhere having two orders of
continuous derivatives ... And in fact, real
flows, thought to be well modeled by the Navier
Stokes Equations, both theoretically and in
in practice, often fail to conserve vorticity.

(end of paraphrase/approximate quote)

[GGF: I know spatial derivatives can be so limited,
as I studied this matter while researching/writing
my M.Sc. thesis in the Mathematical Theory of
Viscous, Incompressible, Navier-Stokes Flow,
which last I considered in application to flow
in pipes with a bulge or a constriction over a
bounded length. Also took a two-semester graduate
level Mathematical Hydrodynamics course, several
graduate level engineering fluid mechanics courses,
did a detailed Wind Tunnel course project, in which
I measured turbulence in wake of a dual, rather than
the traditional single, cylinder. While I did not
submit my Mech Eng thesis, dropping to work in the
Calgary, Alberta "Oil Patch" and support my wife
and young children (now working adults), instead,
I was earlier awarded my Mathematics M.Sc. for the
Pipe Flow Mathematical Study. I knew SOMETHING
about such matters at one time]

In the context now of the "Not Generally for Navier
Stokes Flow" Series Expansions, I am aware Applied
and Numerical Mathematicians, even Engineers, often
ASSUME and use truncated series expansion approaches
which might not be fully "hygienic" from a purely
mathematical standpoint, for flows supposedly modeled
well by the Navier Stokes Equations, usually the
Incompressible Case, in various projects, applied or
of research.

Here's the awful truth (also discussed by Birkhoff):

Real, VISCOUS, and Turbulent, Flows are renowned
for Dissipating (NOT CONSERVING) vorticity, and
viscous flows for CREATING vorticity in conditions
of "velocity shear" near a surface. The latter are
often subsumed, even dismissed, as "boundary layer

So to "tweak the truth" and "damn the consequences"
I have found to be common practice in the fluid flow
arena of Science and Engineering.

For decades after Kelvin, Horace Lamb, PEOPLE also
ASSUMED that "non-penetration" boundary conditions
(great for 2-D - "planar" [section] flows of "ideal"
[frictionless] fluids) were sufficient to handle
real world - say aerodynamic, in which case all wind
and drag forces were presumed to be explicable from
"pressure surfaces" or vortex "pressure centers" -
flows (the ideal, planar cases being often handled
by holomorphic conformal complex variable maps of
harmonic functions of two variables), but it's not
so good an assumption for many real world situations.

For flow of real world (non-liquid Helium, ie) fluids
in pipes and many other real world flow cases, where
viscous friction, and/or turbulence, is/are dominant,
"non-penetration - so called "Neumann" boundary
conditions - are NOT appropriate or realistic and
must be replaces by No-Slip (zero tangential contact
velocity), Dirichlet, Boundary Conditions, or mixed
types and more/other.

So I do not find it impossible that many numerical
climate simulations have "over looked something"
given what I know about presumed "simpler" and
"more scientifically studied" fluid flow theory
and computations.

Read now the attachment below (after the ps)?

Gary, 1946-2013
PS: For the sake of Aerofoil Numerical Simulations,
abundant wind tunnel results generally are, luckily,
or have been, available to check and correct methods,
so that Aircraft Lift/Drag/Performance Simulations -
including for Supersonic Flow Equations, which last
I was once been taught - are generally pretty good,
although new and adventuresome designs often need
extensive Wind Tunnel Testing pre-Simulation, EVEN
IN THE PRELIMINARY STAGE, as Numerical Simulation
of New Approaches cannot be guaranteed 'correct'.
I doubt however similar is true for "Climate Simulations".
*In Petroleum Reservoir Simulation, I have seen ways in
which people can/do cheat, often unconsciously, even
ignorantly, to skew results toward what 'experts' may
appear to expect. I doubt that, Politically Charged,
Climate Simulation is necessarily more 'Scientific'
than are such somewhat "warped" and "assisted" [to get
the presumed "right answer/conclusion"] industrial flow
NOW ... the controversarium follows ...


Date: Mon, 14 Apr 2008 22:36:34 +0200
From: Arjan Stam <******@xs4all.nl>
Subject: Re: Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"
To: Daniel Bowen <************@gmail.com>
CC: Gary Ford <1946-2013>


First of all: thanks for the article.

Now, the bad news:
The formulae don't mean anything to me; to start with, I'm not familiar with the symbols used, so their usage in equations is meaningless to me. (But at least they look nice and lend a certain scientific aura...:-)

OK, now on to the text.
I'm not surprised about the statement that runaway greenhouse effects are just a myth, but I AM happy to read that a peer reviewed scientific journal is willing to actually publish a theory that totally contradicts the religion-like, established dogmatic mantra that human-caused CO2 emissions herald a disaster of an unprecedented magnitude. Looks like the first cracks in the rock-solid, endlessly repeated, guilt-invoking, prize winning & conveniently green-tax-justifying "inconvenient" quasi-truth are starting to appear.

What I am surprized about, is the remark:
"The new theory predicts that greenhouse gas increases should result in small, but very rapid <---HOW small?! temperature spikes, followed by much longer, slower periods of cooling exactly what the paleoclimatic record demonstrates."
I vaguely remember that there have been times that an ice age set in in mo more than five years, but I have lost track (in the jungle of my PC's) of the graphs that show the average temperature during the last 100,000 and the last 800,000 years -or something of that order.
I know I once sent them to someone, and therefore they are still somewhere in my sent-mail folder, but there's thousands of mails there, and I have no idea how long ago I sent them. I would also need more time to find those images on the Internet again, but that will have to wait a while.

And I just found, on
http://culter.colorado.edu:1030/~saelias/glacier.html ,
the following, in which I emphasized the part that would suggest that both the warming and the cooling should set in gradually:


What causes ice-ages?
Fluctuations in the amount of insolation (incoming solar radiation) are the most likely cause of large-scale changes in Earth's climate during the Quaternary. In other words, variations in the intensity and timing of heat from the sun are the most likely cause of the glacial/interglacial cycles. This solar variable was neatly described by the Serbian scientist, Milutin Milankovitch, in 1938. There are three major components of the Earth's orbit about the sun that contribute to changes in our climate. First, the Earth's spin on its axis is wobbly, much like a spinning top that starts to wobble after it slows down. This wobble amounts to a variation of up to 23.5 degrees to either side of the axis. The amount of tilt in the Earth's rotation affects the amount of sunlight striking the different parts of the globe. The greater the tilt, the stronger the difference in seasons (i.e., more tilt equals sharper differences between summer and winter temperatures). The range of motion in the tilt (from left-of-center to right-of-center and back again) takes place over a period of 41,000 years. As a result of a wobble in the Earth's spin, the position of the Earth on its elliptical path changes, relative to the time of year. This phenomenon is called the precession of equinoxes. The cycle of equinox precession takes 23,000 years to complete. In the growth of continental ice sheets, summer temperatures are probably more important than winter.

How does the ice build up?

Throughout the Quaternary period, high latitude winters have been cold enough to allow snow to accumulate. It is when the summers are cold, (i.e., summers that occur when the sun is at its farthest point in Earth's orbit), that the snows of previous winters do not melt completely. When this process continues for centuries, ice sheets begin to form. Finally, the shape of Earth's orbit also changes. At one extreme, the orbit is more circular, so that each season receives about the same amount of insolation. At the other extreme, the orbital ellipse is stretched longer, exaggerating the differences between seasons. The eccentricity of Earth's orbit also proceeds through a long cycle, which takes 100,000 years. Major glacial events in the Quaternary have coincided when the phases of axial tilt, precession of equinoxes and eccentricity of orbit are all lined up to give the northern hemisphere the least amount of summer insolation.

What makes the ice melt when the glaciation is over?

Major interglacial periods have occurred when the three factors line up to give the northern hemisphere the greatest amount of summer insolation. The last major convergence of factors giving us maximum summer warmth occurred 11,000 years ago, at the transition between the last glaciation and the current interglacial, the Holocene. During the late Pleistocene, the Rocky Mountain regions of Canada and the regions farther west were almost engulfed in the Cordilleran Ice Sheet, while most of Canada east of the Rockies and the north-central and northeastern United States were covered by the Laurentide Ice Sheet. The divide between the two ice sheets lay east of the Rockies, with the two ice bodies meeting near the U.S.-Canadian border in eastern Montana. The Laurentide ice sheet is thought to have been as much as two miles thick at the center.


Great. So now I am as good as back to square one. I'll have a closer look at the history of the ice ages as determined via analysis of the ice on Greenland, which, I think, should give a fairly reliable picture.
Will have a look at Miskolczi's theory as well.
Too bad I'm a slow reader.
I need more time to do, read and write everything I want to...

But, again, thanks for the article! I find this an interesting topic, and this news looks promising.


Daniel Bowen wrote:

DailyTech - Researcher: Basic Greenhouse Equations "Totally Wrong"
Michael Asher (Blog) - March 6, 2008 11:02 AM
[...] A simplified view of the new equations
governing the greenhouse effect
New derivation of equations governing the greenhouse
effect reveals "runaway warming" impossible

On June 22, 1969, the Cuyahoga River caught
fire in Cleveland, Ohio. Those wacky "GREENS"
didn't find this very amusing at the time...
Richard Milhous Nixon, a famous "GREEN," helped
make December 2, 1970 the official birthday of
the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)...

EPA's Glossary of Climate Change Terms

Fastest Glacier in Greenland Doubles Speed
NASA's Web feature on Jakobshavn's aberrant behavior
includes a short history of the glacier and
corresponding satellite images.

Steffen Research Group
Konrad Steffen's group at the Cooperative Institute
for Research in Environmental Sciences maintains
a Web site that includes photos and animations of
their projects on Jakobshavn along with links
to related news.

Byrd Polar Research Center
The Byrd Polar Research Center at Ohio State
University site includes information on projects
in remote sensing, oceanography, glacier dynamics,
and related fields.

Monitoring Glaciers to Watch Global Change
This NASA site describes the different types of
glaciers, the different ways of studying them,
and the potential this research has for
revealing climate change.

Glossary of Glacier Terminology
From "ablation" to "varve," this USGS site offers
a comprehensive glossary of glaciology terms as well as
photographs and descriptions of different glacier types.

All About Glaciers
This illustrated site from
the National Snow and Ice Data Center
includes an explanation of how glaciers
form and grow, a gallery of current and
historical glaciers, and a list of
frequently asked questions.

NOAA Climate Research
View articles and images from the
many groups that contribute to
climate research for the National
Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

Not So Fast: Greenland Ice Melting, But Slower Than Thought

At Africa's Mt. Kilimanjaro, where they were doing fieldwork,
Jay Zwally and Koni Steffen answered selected viewer questions
about Greenland's Jakobshavn Isbrae glacier

Why is Time Frame-dependent in Relativity?
Szirko, Mariela (2005)
Minkowski's spacetime as a Kantian 'condition
of possibility' for relativistic calculations.

Aldous Huxley (1894-1963)
"The Feelies"

See also Dave Emory's
It's Not Easy Being Green - Fascist Infiltration and Co-option of the Green Party
and: It's Not Easy Being Green, Part II - Eco-Fascism
as excerpted from:
Ecofascism: lessons from the German experience
by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

We, Borg
Speculations on Hive Minds as a Posthuman State
by Anders Sandberg

'Intraphaser' by MT
See also: Paranoia 2008

Multidimensional   Simultaneous   Cognition   -   "Eye" 1978

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