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          ARE YOU A FIELD?
          A Talk to the Western Regional Gathering of
          the Temple of Set
          July 31, 2004


"I'm a man in search of his true self. How
archetypically American can you get?

"*Everybody's* looking for his true self. We're all
trying to *fulfill* ourselves, *understand* ourselves,
*get in touch* with ourselves, *get ahold* of
ourselves, *face the reality* of ourselves, *explore*
ourselves, *expand* ourselves.

"Ever since we dispensed with God, we've got nothing
but ourselves to explain this meaningless horror of
life. We're all weekending at est or meditating for
forty minutes a day or squatting on floors in a
communal OM or locking arms in quasi-Sufi dances or
stripping off the deceptions of civilized life and
jumping naked into a swimming pool filled with other
naked searchers for self.

"Well, I think that *true self*, that *original* self,
that *first* self, is a real, mensurate, quantifiable
thing, tangible and incarnate. And I'm going to *find*
the fucker!"

- Edward Jessup, Ph.D.
(after several glasses of wine)
_Altered States_   [ by Paddy Chayefsky ]

Various workings and rituals during this Gathering
have a loose theme of the individual vs. otherwise:
distances, life/death, preservation of ideas, survival.

Therefore it seemed to me pertinent to spend some time
on the question: Who are you, and what makes you you?

Why, moreover, should you exist at all? Why not
not exist instead, as so nauseates Existentialists
such as Sartre?

First let's talk about your body.

It isn't your body really. It is a bunch of stuff
constantly rearranging themselves into your
organization. For instance your liver and serum
proteins are turned over every ten days, and the whole
of the proteins in our body about every 160 days.

Moreover these protein molecules are extremely complex
devices, not mere raw material; not even a single
amino acid can be out of place in the replacement.

To put it another way, there are about 60 thousand
billion cells in the human body, and every day about
500 billion of these die and are replaced and rebuilt.

Why? One possibility is that these molecules are so
complex that they are inherently unstable and thus are
continuously deteriorating. Your metabolic system,
including the liquid-based transmission of food and
raw material throughout your body, is a raging furnace
of renewal and regeneration.

How does the body know precisely how to recreate each
cell and molecule? It cannot be within the object
itself, because an object cannot organize itself.

The answer lies in the existence of an entire layered
network of electromagnetic fields throughout and
within the entire body, altogether comprising a
master plan field for the entire body.
Dr. Harold Saxon Burr, Professor Emeritus of Anatomy,
Yale School of Medicine, called this the L-Field.
(RL #19J _The Fields of Life_.)

So what is a field?

When something occurs somewhere in space because
something else happened somewhere else in space, by no
detectible means by which the cause produces the
effect, the two events are connected by a field.

How's that for a definition?

In other words, field is the term you use to sound
scientific when you haven't the slightest idea why
the linked-phenomenon is taking place. You just know
that it *is* taking place, reliably and repeatedly,
and you have to call it something.

We know that the body's organizing system cannot be
chemical, because then it itself would be subject to
the same tearing-apart process.

Thus there is more to a human being than mere
chemistry. It requires an organizing field, not merely
an accidental coming-together of proteins. Thus the
notion of gene randomness is invalid.

Organization inherently requires preconception based
upon purpose. Thus human physical existence has
purpose; it is not accidental.
The human L-field is an electromagnetic field, and
thus is subject to external EM fields.

This is your personal connection with the
organizing master plan of the objective universe:
fields within fields.

Anything that can organize has to exist before what it
organizes. Hence the mere removal of the resultant
organism does not remove the field. Your L-field
doesnt die when your physical body dies.

Conception creates nothing, since it is merely the
fusion of preexisting organizations, the sperm and the
ovum. An L-field is naturally attracted or assigned,
and commences the organizing process, then leaves upon
death of the body. It may retain an image of that
body and be detectable or even perceivable by other
L-fields under certain circumstances.

Hence ghosts.

If L-fields are a natural constant phenomenon, this
would account for the general cessation of human
physical evolution at least 100,000 years ago [and
possibly much longer], as well as for the basic
commonality of all human physical construction.

We know also that simple Darwinism is inadequate to
explain the extreme complexity of higher life, such as
development of such mechanisms as Darwin himself
called evolutionary novelties - the eye and various
complex organs.

Even worse, many such novelties would have to occur
simultaneously for the whole thing to work together.
The odds against this are so high that evolutionists
simply bypass the question.

L-fields might be extraterrestrial in origin. This
would explain the sudden appearances of new species on
Earth at various times, as well as the invisibility of
such ancient astronauts. Their stability despite
Earths evolutionary forces, such as Ice Ages, would
also account for the preservation or revival of
certain species despite drastic environmental changes.

Let's go back to that sperm and egg. How do they know
how to organize something greater and more complex
than themselves? They can't. A superior organizing
system - an L-field - is required to know where
specialized cells will be needed and how to
organize them.

Now lets talk about thought.

Science hates thought, because thinking and
thoughts cannot be measured, are not quantifiable,
and are not repeatable. You cannot think the same
thing exactly twice.

And how do you know what you're doing when you're
thinking? Do you decide what you're going to think and
then think it, or do you think something and then try
to figure out what it was that you just thought?

What's 2?

Just like the rest of your body, the nervous system is
also constantly breaking down and being regenerated.
So the material of your brain cells and connecting
nerves may have been completely renewed about 100
times since you were taught addition. You haven't been
taught addition all over again 99 times. So how do you
still know how to add?
Hence thought also has the properties of a field.

Not necessarily thought transmission/ESP, but thought
organization and integrity. However there may be
additional field phenomena at work here too, such as
your ability to sense moods, impulses, desires,
attitudes of someone close to you.

What is love? T-field symmetry?

As L-fields are distinct from the physical body,
T-fields are also superior to and separate from the
physical machinery they manipulate and use. Here we
are talking the basis for out-of-body consciousness,
persistence of the psyche after physical death, and
possibly the temporary or permanent attachment of
subordinate T-fields to other forms of matter,
resulting in magical objects and haunted houses.

We also deduce that T-fields have the ability to
influence L-fields, as in mental states affecting
bodily harmony and health, and vice-versa, as when
your bodily energy affects your mental alertness.

Consider your brain, therefore, as a mechanism used by
your primary and subordinate T-fields for the
cataloguing of sensory input and the storage of
memory. These are results, not the thing itself, of
your self-aware thinker, the primary T-field which
is *you*.

Here again, note that the atoms and molecules of the
brain are in a constant state of teardown and
rebuilding, so the T-field must assign to each an
exactly reproducing field, and *that* is how you can
still add 2.

Sensory areas of the brain must be more or less
permanently wired to the senses, hence their injury or
loss is quantifiable and somewhat irreparable. But
learning and memory functions are not so localized, as
long as enough brain cells generally remain to be
usable. These are used only intermittently and at
desire or need.

This is why your memory is such a strange thing. You
can remember a lot more stuff now than when you were a
child, but your brain is still the same size. You
didn't have to add more RAM or ROM to it. Also what
you remember is very strangely selective. The words to
a Beatles song you heard half a century ago, but not
what you had for breakfast yesterday.

It may be the T-Fields inability to read/write to all
the memory-usage cells it wishes that accounts for
Alzheimers, but once again the T-Field itself as a
conscious entity is not affected; it is merely losing
access to memory tools.

Memory is the backbone of your current situation.
It is how you conveniently decide who you are and
communicate that to others, what you know about
your state and everything else. But it is still not
your soul, your personality. That is the thing that
assigns meaning and value to both memory and
current sensations.

While bodies L-fields have not evolved significantly
over the last 100,000 years, T-fields have evolved
dramatically: consider the level of sophistication in
your knowledge vs. that of a Stone Age _homo sapiens_.

T-field individuality is indestructible as
communicable during physical life. Your identity
cannot be sucked out by someone else, or hacked up if
you lose an arm or leg.

Here we have discussed a new framework for
conceptualizing your psyche/ka/soul and relating it to
your mind and body. We've pointed to neatly integrated
possible explanations for several other mysteries,
like our extraterrestrial origins and haunted houses,
along the way.

A few more tools in the toolbox which is the
Temple of Set.

On July 21, 2004 I [M.A.A.] posted on
the TempleSet1 YahooGroup (Post #11647):

"Priest Leon Wild writes [in an eletter]:

"'... {Austin Osman} Spare is a different kettle of fish
for me, I quite enjoy his poetry and art ...'

"Art remains 'in the eye of the beholder', of course.
Anyone who enjoys Spare is more than welcome to do so.

"By fashionable standards my personal tastes in art
are probably blasphemous. I generally agree with Adolf
Hitler that art should be inspiring and ennobling, and
that works which do not do this indicate sickness or
degeneracy in the creator.

"On the other hand, I like certain kinds of weird art,
such as that of M.C. Escher, Aubrey Beardsley, and
Frank Utpatel [and of course ancient Egypt]; and
fantastic visions by Arthur Rackham, John R. Neil,
Dor, and Maxfield Parrish [from an era 'when women
had bosoms, not breasts'].

"But I am not an across-the-board fan of 'Romantic
realism'; for example I think that the Hildebrandt
brothers work, such as their _LOTR_ pieces, is
strangely stiff, as in photos of wax dummies. And etc.

"Perhaps I'll do a _Black Pyramid_ article on 'art'
and blather about all this, and get myself into
beaucoup more trouble."

There ensued a quite lively discussion concerning
art. It's all archived on the TS1 website, of course
- generally in the Message range #11648-11725. You are
welcome to browse at will - and of course keep on
commenting if you wish.

After reading through the discussion myself, I
searched for a definition that would really get to the
essence of the thing, and not wimp out as just another
of the circular (i.e. art is beauty) definitions in
dictionaries. For Setians, how about:

Art is the recording of an aspect of one's subjective
universe in the media of the objective universe, for
interpretation according to the subjective universes
of others.

Some of the ingredients here:

Art is not merely the recording of OU phenomena, for
example a photograph or audio tape. [However the
deliberate taking of a specific photograph, or
recording of specific sounds may be artistic if
intended for other's SUs.]

Art may take any OU form: sculpture, music, words,
architecture, machinery, landscape, etc.

There is no such thing as good or bad art. There
are only degrees of SU complexity and personal skills
at rendering these SU expressions/ impressions in
OU media.

The effect of a work of art on others may be quite
different from the intentions of the artist. This is
because two SUs - that of the creator and that of the
perceiver - are necessarily involved.

Thus art is magic. It can be LBM, GBM, or for that
matter White Magic (if the artist is enslaving himself
or others to his conditioned SU). Much of the
Christian artwork of the Middle Ages, for example,
is WM: designed to entrap and confine the SUs
of perceivers.

Your SU is not modified by every OU impression you
experience, nor by exposure to all other SUs you
encounter. But to the extent that you judge a
perceived SU phenomenon as art, it will modify yours,
temporarily or enduringly.

Art is alive. As it is a living presence, an
individual cannot just decide to do art. [An effort
like that will result merely in OU copying.] Rather
the art, if it exists, will manifest itself through
the vehicle of the artist: it is an excretion.

The ancient Egyptians were well aware of this, of
course. From Chapter #2 of my _Black Magic_:

"To the Egyptians, all of 'nature' (derived from
neter) was alive and the direct consequence of the
wills of the neteru. Nature was intelligible not just
through inanimate, automatic, general regularities
which could be discovered via the 'scientific method';
but also *through connections and associations between
things and events perceived in the human mind*. There
was no distinction between 'reality' and 'appearance';
anything capable of exerting an effect upon the mind
thereby existed. Hence a dream could be considered
just as 'real' and thus significant as a daytime

"Egyptian art, literature, and science looked for
beauty and symmetry (felt to be indications of divine
perfection), rather than for cause-and-effect
relationships. Hence Egyptian thought is sometimes
called 'geometric' as opposed to the 'algebraic'
thought of Hellenic and later logicians.

"Since impressions and appearances substantiated
reality, the Egyptian emphasis on portraits and
statues of the _neteru_ was not merely decorative,
metaphorical, or symbolic. Rather an image was a
medium whereby the _neter_ in question could make an
actual appearance in the material world. Similarly
part of something could substitute for the whole as
long as the mind completed the connection. Mental
imagery created by viewing the portrait of a dead
relative, for example, brought that relative to true life."

When asked how he could carve such magnificent statues
from blocks of marble, Michelangelo once answered that
he simply recognized the statue within each block,
then removed the excess stone from around it. In Lotte
Eisners _The Haunted Screen_, quoted in my _Church of
Satan_, the living essence of art is further well
expressed thus:

"Animate objects always seem to haunt German
narcissism. When couched in Expressionist phraseology,
the personification is amplified; the metaphor expands
and embraces people and objects in similar terms.

"So we frequently find German-speaking authors
attributing diabolical overtones to, for example, the
street: In Gustav Meyrinks _Golem_, the houses in the
Prague ghetto, which have sprouted like weeds, seem to
have an insidious life of their own 'when the autumn
evening mists stagnate in the streets and veil their
imperceptible grimace'.

"In some mysterious way these streets contrive to
abjure their life and feelings during the daytime, and
lend them instead to their inhabitants, those
enigmatic creatures who wander aimlessly around,
feebly animated by an invisible magnetic current. But
at night the houses reclaim their life with interest
from these unreal inhabitants; they stiffen, and their
sly faces fill with malevolence. The doors become
gaping maws and shrieking gullets.

'The dynamic force of objects howls their desire to
be created,' Kurtz declared, and this is the
explanation of the overpowering obsessiveness of the
Caligari sets."

Art is immortal while the OU medium in which it is
created endures. It is for this reason that
perceiver-SUs endeavor to preserve some works of art
and neglect or suppress others. This is particularly
evident in the history of religious and political art,
but really extends throughout all human cultural
value systems.

Art reaches beyond the rational/intelligible
boundaries of the human intellect to both its lower
and higher mysteries, animal as well as metaphysical.
This is why we marvel at Vincent in the Flames,
Ryoko the Space Pirates personality, The Scream,
the Great Apes mating call of Lord Greystoke, the
Krel-empowered _id_ of Dr. Morbius, Aleister Crowleys
murals on the walls of the Abbey of Thelema, Cthulhu
plush toys, P.D.Q. Bach, Anton LaVeys Addamsesque
paintings, the insane marching bands of Charles Ives,
_The Story of O_, the Rat Fink and Mr. Gasser of
Big Daddy Roth, Joe Frank, and Dr. Phibes
Clockwork Wizards.

Finally, since art is a process (or a field, if
you like!) that requires both a creator/sender and a
perceiver/receptor, you are just as necessary to it as
an untalented p/r as is the c/s. Indeed your
perception, and beyond that application of a work of
art can take it not only to the level of the creators
competence, but in some cases even beyond it.

Consider, for instance, that the creator must often
compromise or dilute his original vision by the
mechanics of working with the chosen medium, and/or of
publishing or displaying the result. The perceiver, on
the other hand, often has the experience of a pure
exposure to the art, enabling it to exert maximum
effect upon his SU. Thus a Wagner opera may have a
significantly different metaphysical impact on an
audience than on the long-laboring Richard Wagner or
performance company.

How's that? Did I get in trouble?

-= [ END of "M.A.A." text ] =- ____ XEPER ____ Segue:

[]   [Excerpt from: 'Everything is Under Control' by Robert Anton
[]   Wilson - 1998 ISBN 0-06-273417-2 - http://www.rawilson.com]
[]   The Con, short for _The Conspiracy_, controls all the other (and
[]   lesser) conspiracies you ever heard of, and some you never heard
[]   of or even imagined. The indentity of the Con and all its members
[]   is known to JR 'Bob' Dobbs, founder, Mahatma, Messiah, & CEO
[]   of the _Church of the Sub-Genius_/Sub-Genius Foundation. The Con
[]   includes the _Bilderbergers, Trilateral Commission Supporters_,
[]   the _Illuminati_, communist clones, _Nazi hell creatures_,
[]   interstellar bankers, and the leaders of all rival churches and
[]   cults. All _Pinks_ (normal or "adjusted" humans) are indentured
[]   servants of the Con.
[]     Many think the Con is just a joke or a parody of other
[]   conspiracy theories. To such doubters, the Church of the Sub-
[]   Genius says that this is "the _Time of Pee_--the time foretold,
[]   when people would be judged not by works, nor by family, nor even
[]   by looks, but by urine.
[]     "They listen to you through your telephone without its even
[]   being off the hook, and record you through satellites that can
[]   peer down any street, _anywhere_...
[]     "They kick your door in anytime they want to. All they have
[]   to yell is 'DRUGS!' and your spouse is in jail, your kids are
[]   farmed out to the state, your car and house are suddenly theirs...
[]     "Nobody up there is a friend of yours; nobody up there wants
[]   you to have what you would call freedom.
[]   The purpose of 'government'is to produce consumers
[]   and workers who will keep the cost of labor
[]   down, and the profits high for the owners...
[]     "For this has become so crooked and perverse a nation that your
[]   precious bodily fluids are no longer your own, and not even your
[]   bladder or bloodstream are private. _There is no place where they
[]   may not watch._"
[]     According to the "_Book of Urinomics_," an ancient sub-genius
[]   text recently published by _Relelation X_, "And the Beast said:
[]   'By their pee shall ye judge them, and by thy pee shall ye be
[]   judged. And all will be divided by their pee. And in the snow shall
[]   their names be written."
[]   See also:
[]     "Bob", Mona Charen, Government as Criminal Conspiracy, Corey
[]     Hammond, S.O.B.
[]   References:
[]     http://www.subgenius.com
[]     _Revelation X_, translated from the original tongues by the
[]     Sub-Genius Foundation, Simon and Schuster, New York, 1994


"There is nothing good or bad but thinking
    makes it so." --Shakespeare (Hamlet 2.2.255-256)

    - - - - -=O)   - - - - -=O)   - - - - -=O)

My whole attitude toward ALL conspiracies
is summarized thus:

      When consulting longitudinal studies of
conspiracies, it is important to factor in
potty training, i.e. a good multigenerational
conspiracy spanning years, decades, centuries,
etc., must take into account the fact that
infants are needed for recruitment into the
conspiracy of choice. Somewhere along the
line they will be potty trained. A very
tricky maneuver indeed! The success of potty
training determines the eventual outcome of
the initiatory process that the new
conspirator must embody in order to carry
out the trajectory of the conspiracy of
choice. Careful consideration of the variables
inherent to potty training will quickly reveal
to the thoughtful observer the enormous
difficulties in transgenerational conspiracies.
In short, a really successful conspiracy
is only as good as the pot it pisses in.
What this has to do with eight minute flux
transfer event (FTE) windows is anyone's guess.

Anyway.... I think we are all Powerful Wizard Monkeys,
with the choice to do positive or negative or neutral
things with the transitory gifts we are genetically,
culturally endowed with as well as the talents we
develop along the way through our short time as
creative bodily organisms... --MT's Prefrontal cortex

AND... Just for Hah, hahs...
|:|:|: The Men in Black and their Magical Origins :|:|:|
by the early, great, other-worldly: " B R O T H E R   B L U E "
SECRET CIPHER of the UFOnauts   0r try: ARCHIVED

      "...we are dealing with a full-size
      world-mystery and a real fight
      between the Black and
      White Brotherhoods."
        - Frater Achad, 1948

Throughout medieval times, a major current of thought distinct from
official religion existed, culminating in the works of the alchemists
and hermetics. Among such groups were to be found some of the early
modern scientists and men remarkable for the strength of their
independent thinking and their adventurous life, such as Paracelsus.
The nature of the beings who mysteriously appeared, dressed in shiny
garments or covered with dark hair, and with whom communication was so
hard to establish intrigued these men intensely."
- Jacques Vallee, Passport to Magonia


In 1947 the CIA was organized and the first UFO cases burst upon the
American media landscape as "flying saucers." In that year, also, the
first modern visitation by the infamous Men in Black took place in
which a witness, one Harold Dahl, was silenced. From that point on, a
pattern began to emerge.

The Men In Black legend is perennial; that it shows up in connection
with the UFO lore should come as no surprise. UFOlogy bizarro
chronicler John Keel (_Disneyland of the Gods_, Jadoo, etc.)
observed in his _UFOs: Operation Trojan Horse: " The records of
demonology are filled with striking parallels ... the general
descriptions of the vampires themselves are identical to the 'men in
black.' The dark skin and angular, Oriental-like faces were commonly
reported ..."

_The Autobiography of Malcolm X_ described Malcolm's encounter with an
MIB in prison: "He had on a dark suit I remember. I could see him as
plainly as I see anyone I look at. He wasn't black, and he wasn't
white. He was light-brown skinned, an Asiatic cast of countenance, and
he had oily black hair..." It is interesting that the celebrated film
_Malcolm X_ chooses to imply that this figure was Nation of Islam
leader Elijah Mohammed. While Elijah Mohammed and his mysterious
teacher Wallace Fard (who vanished without a trace) had come out of
High Degree Prince Hall Freemasonry, and certainly knew some of the
esoteric secrets, the being Malcolm X described is more in accord with
Aleister Crowley's description of the praterhuman intelligence Aiwass
than of Elijah Mohammed.

"In the shadows, the Men in Black had long lurked, biding their time,
waiting. Here and there, now and then, some people thought they had
seen them, but they weren't quite certain; perhaps they more sense
than actually regarded them...
"Fourteen years earlier, the shadowy visitors had shown themselves
openly. Then they had descended upon flying saucer buffs, threatening
and terrorizing them, hushing them up...

"Al K. Bender, a UFO researcher, had been the first known victim ...he
performed a certain experiment and the lurking horror came. It began
with glowing blue lights. Then came the stranger with the luminous
eyes in the darkened theatre, and later on a dusky street. It
culminated when the Men in Black, three of them, paid him a visit...."

- Gray Barker, _The Silver Bridge_

UFOlogist Gray Barker got his one and only best-selling book in
detailing the Albert K. Bender story and the world-wide wave of
silencings. _They Knew Too Much about the Flying Saucers_ was an
international success. It was widely assumed that the Men in Black
were either government agents or extraterrestrials, but as researchers
Wilgus and Keel have shown, the eye in the triangle was sometimes
their only insignia, while my own research showed startling parallels
to certain black magick rituals in medieval times which provoked
visitations by what was often called "the Man in Black" -- widely
understood to be the Devil himself. Even Barker noted that Albert K.
Bender's experiments were more like a magical conjuration than an
attempt at extraterrestrial communication. Any initiated magician
reading Bender's accounts would recognize the elements of magical
conjuration immediately.

Maybe, I mused, we were dealing more with magick than with Martians.

::: The Black Lodge :::

"Mathers, of course, carried on; but he had fallen. The Secret Chiefs
cast him off; he fell into deplorable abjection, even his scholarship
deserted him. He published nothing new and lived in sodden
intoxication till death put an end to his long misery. He was a great
man in his way..."
- Aleister Crowley

"What I am out to complain of is what I seriously believe to be an
organized conspiracy of the Black Lodges to prevent people from
- Aleister Crowley, _Magick Without Tears_

Often when a person or institution allied with the historical Great
White Brotherhood approaches success (variously defined) or comes into
possession of certain aspects of transcendent wisdom, Something
Intervenes. That something has been defined as the Man in Black, the
Men In Black, the black lodges, or The Black Lodge. The latter term
most nearly accommodates my own view. That they need to do this, and
that they often fail in their efforts, is itself an indication that
(A) the Black Lodge is opposed by Something Else, equally as strong,
and (B) they are afraid of something we might find out -- about them,
about their opposition, about ourselves or all three.

The story of our interaction with the UFOnauts begins with the
Qabalistic Tree of Life, and the Chakra system of the body.

According to the primal occult and frequently secret and subversive
view, the manifest universe emerges from an Ultimate NOT-Thing, a
Consciousness or Beingness beyond words or expressions sometimes
referred to as the Unmanifest or The Limitless Light. This Unmanifest
cannot be understood in the external sense, but can be Known in the
Gnostic sense by the initiate or perfected sentient being, the
Ubermensch. It can be plugged into.

For reasons equally inexpressible, this uniqueness unfolds itself in
manifestation. Thus, the limitless light becomes a series of
emanations or expressions or Intelligences that devolve increasingly
toward our material form of existence and thus towards accessibility
in the conventional sense. But the manifestations also increasingly
become subject to subdivision into arbitrary concepts such as "good"
and "evil" as these are commonly understood. And they also become
closer and closer in form and content to our own mundane reality,
though in the relativity of things, these Higher Intelligences may
seem unspeakably powerful, mythic and divine.

The Gnostic view has tended to be that what the external world of the
conventional person understands as god, devil demon, angel or, more
recently, extraterrestrial beings are, in fact, such emanations of the
unspeakable ultimate. Indeed, the ancient Gnostics saw the 'god' and
'devil' of conventional theology as an ego-maddened entity under the
delusion that it, indeed, IS the Ultimate Being! The late Phil Dick,
in his last Gnostic allegorical fiction, eventually settled on the
name "V.A.L.I.S." or "Vast Active Living intelligence System" for this
being or Demiurge. He wrestled through his literary career and secret
life as a Christian Gnostic philosopher with whether VALIS was a
benevolent, if machine-like deity of a sort, or an insane
extraterrestrial supercomputer.

Throughout recorded history, and, from the evidence of primitive
objects and works of art, for aeons before, certain humans have had
the capacity to tune into or channel various of these Higher
Intelligences with varying degrees of accuracy. These humans have been
our Seers, Oracles and Prophets. It appears, in fact, that much of the
source-material of all religions comes from such channelings,
including, arguably, _The Book of Revelation_, _The Book of Mormon_,
and _The Book of the Law_.

Concurrently, and not coincidentally, the two great initiatory bodies,
or orders have been generated and regenerated throughout history. The
so-called Great White Brotherhood, when undistorted, appears
(according to legend) guided by Intelligences associated with the dual
star system Sirius or Sothis in some manner [see _The Sirius Mystery_
by Robert Temple for a discussion of the Sirius connection -- also
Kenneth Grant's _Outside the Circles of Time_ discusses the matter
from a magical perspective]. This brotherhood also seems to have the
purpose of uplifting human character and initiating biological and
social evolution designed to move towards identification with Ultimate
Being. What is sometimes called "the Black Lodge," which we may
associate with the Gnostic Demiurge or Phil Dick's VALIS, is generated
to keep humanity in a state of materialist trance and evolutionary

Mystics generally consider that understanding the motivations of
either of these Sources may be beyond our knowledge or even our
capabilities. Existentially, however, it may be stated with confidence
that one is dedicated to keep us in subjugation, misery and
stagnation; the other to our betterment and enrichment though both at
times have made claims to being our saviors.

There are keys for decoding which is which -- for example, rituals
that have been generated or handed down to the magical lodges of
modern times which refer to a star or the stars directly or indirectly
tend to be transformative and thus of the Great White Brotherhood.
Ciphers for decoding messages between the black lodges and their alien
sponsors have always existed. But confusions of a deliberate nature
exist; the ancient Gnostics uncovered a cipher which clearly indicates
that the story of the Garden of Eden in its conventional form is
turned on its head. The Serpent is clearly the symbol of Knowledge,
Wisdom, the Kundalini Yogic force, the Will-current -- that is, it is
the symbol of Liberation and Self-Mastery. The jealous "gods," as read
in the original manuscripts, are clearly the forces of blockage,
self-denial and repression -- which is to say, the Intelligences
governing the Black Lodge. This Knowledge of Good and Evil and Life
and Death has been the Terrible Secret of Initiates throughout
history, recorded in ciphers and myths, and passed on through ritual.

The Black Lodge may be defined as the organized institution guided by
VALIS for the purpose of holding back human evolution and keeping a
slave mentality in place. Its human leaders are the "black brothers"
who are not to be mistaken for mere black magicians. Indeed, Aleister
Crowley observed that "the 'Black Magician' or Sorcerer is hardly even
a distant cousin of the 'Black Brother.' The difference between a
sneak-thief and a Hitler is not too bad an analogy..." The Black
Brothers are highly advanced adepts of the Art who have simply, as the
popular phrase goes, "been seduced by the dark side of the Force." At
certain times and places in history -- for example, medieval Tibet or,
in more modern times, Nazi Germany -- the Black Lodge as operated more
or less openly with characteristic occult symbols of human skulls,
lightning bolts, etc. out in the open. But like the Great White
Brotherhood that it actively seeks to subvert and overthrow (as it did
in the time of the Knights Templar), the Black Lodge has generally
communicated by cipher and myth, in silence and secrecy, often within
religious, fraternal and political institutions dedicated to the
status quo.

In the West since at least the early 18th century, the Black Lodge has
tended to operate along crypto-Masonic lines, and its development has
tended to coincide with and mirror that of the Great White
Brotherhood. This development may, in fact, be attributed to a cosmic
principle of "equal generation of forces." Thus, the birth of the
modern form, as the fraternity of the knights militant of the New Aeon
in the cultural and political turbulence of Germany in the 1890s, may
fairly (along with the coincident peak in the development of the
Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn and the Universal Gnostic Church) be
characterized as the resurgence of the Great White Brotherhood and its
rejuvenation out of the degeneration of classical speculative freemasonry.
This coincides closely with the "Great Airship Scare" of 1897.

At almost the same moment, and in the same unhappy land, the Black
Lodge reasserted itself in the form of such fraternities as the Vril
Society and the Thule Group. The full story of the Vril Society, the
Thule Group, the Ahnenerbe, the Schwartze Orden (The Black Order) and
other manifestations of the Black Lodge in the pre-Nazi and Nazi era
has yet to be told, though Pauwels and Bergier take an informal stab
at it in _The Morning of the Magicians_. Rudolph Hess, the last known
member of the Thule Group, told Jack Fishman (_The Seven Men of
Spandau_) that Thule leader and occult initiate General Karl Haushofer
(1869-1946) "was the magician, the secret Master..." of Nazi Germany.
Hess believed in the cause to the end of his life. The last prisoner
at Spandau, Hess died at the significant age of 93, proclaiming his
loyalty to the Thule ideal to the very end. The period, in the middle
1930s, in which these groups attained their greatest, ruinous power
over the German state coincides closely with the reports of "ghost
rockets" over Northern Europe.

The British Raj in India, and the European Christian colonization of
the East in general, had all but destroyed the classical Tantrism and
Illuminism of the Great White Brotherhood in the East, finding such
institutions as Temple Prostitution, chakra-puji, Shiva devotion, etc.
to be sexual obscenity. On the other hand, fearing the power of the
Black Lodge as a political entity and eroding its hold on esoteric
Eastern Religion as a practical necessity had provoked the British to
effectively dismantle the classical Eastern manifestation of the Black
Lodge, and Western occultists visiting the East in the 19th and early
20th century already could only find watered-down remnants and secret
adepts carrying on the hidden wisdom in either form. The Great White
Brotherhood survived in Tibet along with the Dark Lodges, and, since
the Chinese occupation, many of its chiefs have found their way to
India and around the world.

As far as is known, the last classical chakra-puj to be observed by a
Westerner was in the 1930s, while the last ancient intact body of
adepts of the Eastern Black Lodge, ironically dedicated to foisting
upon sleeping humanity a rank and demoralizing materialism, was
discovered and destroyed in accordance with the insipid Marxism which
guided the Chinese "People's" Liberation Army into Tibet in the late
1950s. Among various Tantric Buddhist and Bon religious institutions,
the P.L.A. liquidated the cavern retreats of Schamballah and Agarthi,
the former being possibly the oldest surviving branch of the Black
Lodge on the planet. (See Ossendovski's _Men, Beasts and Gods_, circa
1925, for an account of Schamballah and Agarthi.) As survivors of the
Marxist massacre from the Tibetan Great White Brotherhood are known to
have come to the West in subsequent years, it may be assumed that
survivors of the Black Lodge have set up operations in our own society
as well. We can see the marks of their presence in so-called
right-handed Eastern circles that have gained a certain currency among
Westerners, and which peddle a useless baggage of New Age platitudes.

The traditions do survive here and there in the East; a friend of mine
-- for 10 years a high official of the International Society for
Krishna Consciousness in India -- was seduced by a Black Tantric
Magician, and wound up leaving a life of celibacy as a Hari Krishna
for the lurid existence of a Madame in an upscale American house of
prostitution. I leave it to my readers to decide whether she was
seduced from the Great Brotherhood to the Black Lodge, or vice versa.

Certainly, prior to the destruction of the Tibetan black lodges, the
German SS -- under Thule and Vril influence and directed by the
infamous Ahnenerbe Group -- imported a number of Black Brothers and
Adepts from Tibet during and prior to the Second World War. The
Tibetan colony in Berlin in fact predates the Nazi rise to power,
having been established in 1926. One Tibetan Monk, termed "the man
with the green gloves" and a reputed psychic, was frequently visited
by Hitler and was rumored to hold the keys to the Kingdom of Agarthi.
Such keys are best understood in terms of ciphers.

Western mystics including Karl Kellner, P.B. Randolph and G.I.
Gurdjieff received instruction from surviving institutions of the
Great White Brotherhood and carried their influence back with them to
Europe, just as the Templars had done centuries before, and
incorporated their teachings into the Western Esoteric System.

It is known that the Black Lodge -- which, as it opposes evolution,
inherently fights a rear-guard action -- has made unceasing war on the
Great White Brotherhood in the West from the beginnings of the magical
revival. Indeed, fallen and failed adepts of the Great White
Brotherhood have become the tools and pawns of the Black Lodge, from
Mathers to Hubbard and beyond. It would seem that the immediate goal
of the Black Brothers is to delay the Manifestation of the New Aeon,
the birth of the magical child and the realization of the ubermensch
through diversion of the Will-current into less than useless power
plays, demoralizing materialist and superstitious delusions, New Age
jargon, etc. The classic example in the Twentieth Century was the Nazi
appropriation, under Black Lodge influence, of the very concept of the
ubermensch, and sidetracking it into a pathetic racialist caricature
of Nietzsche's super being.

"We should found society upon a caste of 'men of earth,' sons of the
soil ..." said Crowley, "The worst thing they can do is what is done
in America, to disenchant the man of earth with his destiny; to fill
him with the facts and fancies that enthrall etiolated and degenerated
idealists and unfit him for his evident purpose, that of supplying
society with supermen." The Black Lodge in the Nazi era totally
discredited the concept of the evolved human supermen by grafting it
onto German nationalist and racialist conceits, while suppressing the
Gnostic Church, the OTO, the Anthroposophical Society and even
lost-word freemasonry -- in short, anyone who might have an actual
understanding of the coming Being. The leading figure of the OTO in
Germany, the future Grand Master Karl Germer, was placed in a
concentration camp. His official crime was that he knew and maintained
relations with Aleister Crowley. The Chief Bishop of the Universal
Gnostic Church in France was executed by the Nazis. Crowley, for his
part, "on the outbreak of the War ...was invited to see the Director
of British Naval Intelligence."

According to Gerald Suster, "Crowley claimed that he advocated the use
of two magical signs which were to boost British morale and frequently
used by Winston Churchill: the 'V' sign, which, in magical terms, is
the counter of the Swastika; and the ' Thumbs Up,' the Sign of the
Phallus and Victory, which was published in a pamphlet of Crowley
poetry during the most desperate days of 1940 and whose use spread
throughout the nation." War of the magicians, indeed!

I believe the New Age distortion of the New Aeon concept is a direct
attempt by the Black Lodge and its Inner Planes Rulers (which we call,
for convenience VALIS) to delay manifestation of the Aeon by creating
confusion among the receptive. Much of the "White Light Channeling"
clearly bears the stamp of the Black Lodge and VALIS, an empty
metaphysical blind of insipid psychic trivia. Many self-improvement
groups have their origins in the ideas of failed magicians like L. Ron
Hubbard. We have new age centers that teach nothing useful, UFO
message-oriented cults waving flashlights on mountains, and, as I have
shown end-of-the-world doomsayers touting this or that grand cosmic
alignment, harmonic convergence or polar shift.

The UFO cults have clearly influenced even Kenneth Grant's so-called
"Typhonian OTO," which appears to use valid magical currents to pursue
the hideous old ones of H.P. Lovecraft's fictional Cthulhu Mythos.
Phil Dick's last efforts were marred by insipid trivial UFO cult
channelings -- the kind of stuff that was old hat to hardened
UFOlogists by the late 1950s. Compare Phil Dick's musings in _The Last
Testament_ with, for example, the Mark Prophet or Dick Miller or
Gloria Lee Bird materials of UFO contactee lore.

The magick of the Black Lodge can be defined and thus identified in
only one way and by one set standard: the subversion of the True Will.
This is the essence of Black Magick, and is its only true definition.
Aleister Crowley explained it this way:

"The Magical Will is in its essence twofold, for it presupposes a
beginning and an end, to will to be a thing is to admit you are not
that thing.

"Hence to will anything but the supreme thing is to wander still
further from it -- any will but that to give up the self to the
beloved is black magick -- yet the surrender is so simple an act that
to our complex minds it is the most difficult of all acts; and hence
training is necessary ...

"The majority of the people in this world are ataxic; they cannot
coordinate their mental muscles to make a purposed movement. They have
no real will, only a set of wishes, many of which contradict others
...and at the end of life the movements cancel out each other..."

Crowley's references to his wars with the Black Lodge are scattered
throughout his writings and bear further study. From these writings,
one can come to understand that the form of the attack upon the
magician can range from political repression to seduction.

The great magicians, Theosophists and other Western sources have
devoted even more testimony to the other side of the coin -- the
"Great White Brotherhood" or "The Secret Chiefs" or "The Masters." In
the early days of the magical revival, the existence of an inner order
was taken for granted. This was followed by a long epoch of expose,
disillusionment and world weariness. But now, revisionist historians
are finding evidence that these groups, usually described in mythic
terms, are as material as they are archetypal. They are, in very
Truth, the "Inner Order" -- in communication with and overlapping with
Ultraterrestrial Sources.

::: The Reality of the Secret Chiefs :::

The mythology of the secret masters or chiefs and the myth of the
black lodge form an archetypal substratum of modern magical lore which
is almost a necessity if magick is not to drift into a kind of bland
parapsychological secular humanism or offbeat psychology on the one
hand, or a religious fundamentalism grounded in a new faith
substituted for Christianity. But one should at least allow that the
legend of secret chiefs may have some rather literal basis in fact;
that there are high masters of the art scattered around the world,
that they are in communication with one another, and that how they use
their illumination depends upon their character and predisposition.
This is all that one must grant to consider the great brotherhood, or
secret chiefs, as well as their opposition plausible.

In medieval Tibet, this was known as the "whispered succession." It is
an open part of the literature of Tantric Yoga, and the often-invoked
Tibetan connection of adepts and publicists comes quickly to mind. It
was the Hidden Church of Karl von Eckartshausen that brought Aleister
Crowley to the path, and small wonder; von Eckartshausen wrote in the
18th century of

"...the society of the Elect, which has continued from the first day
of creation to the present time; its members, it is true, are
scattered all over the world, but they have always been united in the
spirit and in one truth ...
"It is from her that all truths penetrate into the world, she is the
School of the Prophets, and of all who search for wisdom, and it is in
this community alone that truth and the explanation of all mystery is
to be found. It is the most hidden of communities yet possesses
members from many circles; of such is this School ...From all time,
therefore, there has been a hidden assembly, a society of the Elect,
of those who sought for and had capacity for light, and this interior
society was called the interior Sanctuary or Church."

In medieval European graal mythology, we find a strain of accomplished
Graal Templars going out in secret to govern and protect far-flung
populations, but (as in von Eschenbach's Parzival), "...writing was
seen on the Gral to the effect that any Templar whom God should bestow
on a distant people for their lord must forbid them to ask his name or
lineage, but must help them gain their rights ...members of the Gral
Company are now forever averse to questioning, they do not wish to be
asked about themselves..."

As magical mythologist Aleister Crowley has a wonderful time with both
friend and foe in the fictional Moonchild, but his nonfictional
recounting of the same period comes uncomfortably close to the
metaphor of the war between the Great White Brotherhood and the Black
Lodge. Then we find the matter of fact (if remarkable) essay on sexual
magick, "Energized Enthusiasm," interrupted, as it were, in midcourse
by an anecdotal accounting worthy of Moonchild.

"Thus far had I written when the distinguished poet, whose
conversation with me upon the Mysteries had incited me to jot down
these few rough notes, knocked at my door ...'If you come with me now,
we will finish your essay.' Glad enough of any excuse to stop working,
the more plausible the better, I hastened to take down my coat and
hat. 'By the way,' he remarked in the automobile, 'I take it that you
do not mind giving me the Word of Rose Croix.' I exchanged the secrets
of I.N.R.I. with him..."

What followed was an account of a close encounter of a Most Peculiar
Kind, best read in the original.

Crowley, ever both rationalist and mystic, was aware of the
superficial difficulties in the idea of secret chiefs. Yet he tended
to be rather unambiguous on this matter.

"Yes; this involves a theory of the powers of the Secret Chiefs so
romantic and unreasonable that it seems hardly worth a smile of
contempt...I propose to quote it here in order to show that the most
ordinary events, apparently disconnected, are in fact only
intelligible by postulating some such people as the Secret Chiefs..."

He remarks in this manner in his autobiography, but is still quite
convinced 20 or so years later when he notes, in _Magick Without

"They can induce a girl to embroider a tapestry, or initiate a
political movement to culminate in a world-war; all in pursuit of some
plan wholly beyond the purview or the comprehension of the deepest and
subtlest thinkers...But are They men, in the usual sense of the word?
They may be incarnate or discarnate: it is a matter of Their

We should take note of Paul Johnson's recent trailblazing study of the
theosophical masters. The essence may be boiled down to this: secret
chiefs or hidden masters may have good reason to mythologize
themselves, and encourage those in direct contact with them to follow
suit on the border where magical philosophy meets with its political
implications, the need for secrecy assumes a more practical rationale.
The Secret Chiefs may be secret not because they are myths or
immortals, but because they are neither.

::: Do the Gods Leave Footprints? :::

The recent revisionist histories, especially Paul Johnson's _The
Masters_, Joscelyn Godwin's "hidden hand" articles, and our own work
with the "ciphers of the Secret Chiefs" (identical with that of the
UFOnauts) have begun to restore the political component to historical
understandings of the magical revival of the late 19th century.

For Westerners, especially in America, the separation of Church and
State has been sufficient to make it difficult even to think in terms
of spirituality and political philosophy as a continuous sphere. Even
hardcore Bible-belters are unable to truly imagine an established
religion in the European sense, let alone in the Asiatic. I believe
most of us have virtually no idea of what makes Islamic Republicanism
tick, and we stand appalled not only at the atrocities of Islamic
Government, but at its sheer zeal. The idea of Pat Robertson driving a
truck filled with explosives into an enemy military compound shouting
"Jesus is Lord!" is ludicrous in our imaginations. Put Billy Graham
behind the wheel ... but you get the point.

Yet, it has been shown that the founders of speculative freemasonry in
the 18th century, especially in its continental version, were
upholders of a radical spiritual, sometimes republican political
vision that captured the imagination of many, including early
socialists on the one hand and occultists on the other. These
tendencies meet and overlap, and explain much about the nature of
Masonic and occult secrecy, the cell structure common to political
radicals and occultists, and the hostility of the established State
and Church to both.

The Secret Chiefs of Theosophy, the Golden Dawn and the OTO may be
able to, as Crowley said, "initiate a political movement to culminate
in a world-war" (or prevent one), but if Paul Johnson's thesis is
correct, one should not conclude from this that they are immune to
arrest, torture and execution. Alessandro di Cagliostro, almost
certainly a (rather more public than would seem judicious) Secret
Chief, was arrested and condemned by the Inquisition, dying in a Roman

Johnson observes of some of his successors: "They were all committed
to an international effort to combat religious dogmatism, extend the
range of democratic government, and direct public attention to the
values of liberty, equality and fraternity ...Sotheran's acquaintance
with HPB began in Europe among the disciples of Mazzini. Sotheran's
account of Cagliostro makes it clear that he regarded the work of
Mazzini and the Carbonari to be direct continuation of Cagliostro's

Johnson's cast of characters in early Theosophical history overlaps
with occultist-magical history considerably. The great Magi Papus,
P.B. Randolph and John Yarker all come under consideration by Johnson.

But before we inaugurate Karl Marx or Anarchist Emma Goldman as
"Secret Chiefs," we do need to avoid losing sight of the fact that
those who professedly encountered these hidden beings were apt to
describe them in terms of, at the least, superbeings in human form.

Consider Henry Steel Olcott's account of an encounter at Lahore with
the legendary "K.H.":

"I was sleeping in my tent, the night of the 19th, when I rushed back
towards external consciousness on feeling a hand laid on me. The camp
being on the open plain, and beyond the protection of the Lahore
police, my first animal instinct was to protect myself ...'Do you not
know me? Do you not remember me?' It was the voice of the Master K.H.
A swift revulsion of feeling came over me, I relaxed my hold on his
arms, joined my palms in reverential salutation, and wanted to jump
out of bed to show him respect. But his hand and voice stayed me, and
after a few sentences had been exchanged, he took my left hand in his,
gathered the fingers of his right into the palm, and stood quiet
beside my cot, from which I could see his divinely benignant face by
the light of the lamp ...Presently, I could feel some soft substance
forming in my hand, and the next minute the Master laid his kind hand
on my forehead, uttered a blessing, and left ...I found myself holding
in my left hand a folded paper enwrapped in a silken cloth..."

The letter, as it turned out, predicted the death of two enemies of
the Theosophical Society, which swiftly came to pass. The actual
identity of "Master K.H." seems to be one Thakar Singh, an enlightened
radical Sikh leader, in contact with the worldwide network of radicals
of the 19th century.
Contrast Olcott's encounter with S.L. MacGregor Mathers' account of
his relations with the Secret Chiefs:

"It was found absolutely and imperatively necessary that there should
be some eminent Member especially chosen to act as the link between
the Secret Chiefs and the more external forms of the Order. It was
requisite that such a member should be me who, while having the
necessary and peculiar educational basis of critical and profound
Occult Archaeological Knowledge, should at the same time not only be
ready and willing to devote himself in every sense to a blind and
unreasoning obedience to those Secret Chiefs..."

Israel Regardie described Mathers' fateful encounter in this way:

"While walking in the Bois de Bologne one day, meditating ... Mathers
claimed triumphantly that he was approached by three men. He asserted
that these were Adepts belonging to the hidden or Secret Third Order,
and therefore belonged to that category of men described in The Cloud
Upon the Sanctuary. Apparently, so he claims, they had materialized
themselves, and in that tense emotional and spiritual atmosphere of
Psychical phenomena, confirmed him in the sole rulership of the

Mathers observed that, for his part, "I believe they are human beings
living on this Earth, but possessed of terrible and super- human

As outre as these tales are, they coincide remarkably with close
encounter accounts from as early as St. Paul's fateful experience on
the road to Damascus, to Albert K. Bender's three Men in Black.

The most intelligent discussion of what is delusion, dishonesty and
deception in all this, and what is not, is in Crowley's _Magick
Without Tears_. That it is scattered through the work and written
under an implicit assumption that the proofs of a residue of concrete
reality, however bizarre, are readily obvious to the reader is
unfortunate, in today's (properly) more wary magical and UFOlogical
circles. All that we attempt to demonstrate here is that a plausible
case can be made for historical revision at this time. Johnson's
tentative identification of Theosophical Masters both demythologizes
them and adds to the credibility of their existence. If Johnson is
correct, the Secret Chiefs are not only real but they probably have
phone numbers -- doubtless unlisted.

Crowley observed dryly in a postscript: "A visitor's story has just
reminded me of the possibility that I am a Secret Chief myself without
knowing it: for I have sometimes been recognized by other people as
having acted as such, though I was not aware of the fact at the time."

Brad Steiger observed in 1988, that, apparently, "...Space Beings have
placed themselves in the role of messengers of God, or that we, in our
desperation for cosmic messiahs who can remove us from the foul
situation we have made on this planet, hope that there are such
messengers who can extricate us from the plight we have brought on
ourselves." Only with the coming of cipher knowledge can we decode the
Pretended Saviors from Authentic Benefactors or, better Allies. Taking
into consideration that UFO contactee George King and his Aetherius
Society are earnestly engaged in the war being waged by the (Great
White) Brotherhood against the Black Magicians, a group they feel
seeks to enslave the human race," as Steiger puts it, the UFOlogy
mythos and the magical mythos are shown clearly to be cut from the
same cloth. The nature of that cloth, in the hands of Crowley or King,
is now no longer obscure.

Excerpt from: Secret Cipher of the UFOnauts
1994 by Allen H. Greenfield
ISBN 1-881532-04-6
Illuminet Press, P.O.B. 2808, Lilburn, GA 30226
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