22 November 2007

Does Mark STILL Exist?

  by Gary Gene Ford         2007NOV22

Once, I was convinced MT was very Real, but different, still real, as somekind of intelligence, whether purely abstract and infused into the micro pores of space, or chained to a biologically active, semi-articulated, self-propelling assemblage of flesh and bone ...
Was it an error? A misjudge? A mistake?
A self-deception?!

WHERE IS MARK, if anywhere, or every where?!

The idea ever hovered behind the back of my neck, not needing to speak, felt more than
ever heard:

MT pronounced Em Tee sure is close to Empty - a coincidence?!

The Empty Set most mathematicians admit is an essential object in the foundation of Modern Mathematics, but then that is a moving target, a stream of ripples, isn't it? - some fluctuating, riding other forms more persistent, sometimes nearly unvarying, with inner-universes of self-existence which work together making more ripples until they all fall over the edge of the Water Fall of TIME ...

My Uncle Gerry, who was afraid of UFOs died a few years back, his vexed and troubled life of still creating more than himself, reabsorbed by the Sponges of TIME.

Last week I contacted his older brother Ronald, whom I had not seen since the late fifties or early 1969's ... Uncle Ronald gave me info to contact his first child, my Cousin, Janene, who I led hand-in-hand to the downtown movie theater in Perry, Iowa in the summer of 1953 a number of times.

I spoke a few days ago to Janene for the first time in about 54 years. I am not even sure how her name is spelled..

My mother would give me two dimes, for the two 5 cents fare for two small children at the afternoon show, the second dime to buy two boxes of Dots by Mason - one for me, one for Janene.

Janene and I went a number of times. She said that dots have been her favorite candy ever since and she has eaten very many boxes.

Dots are colored, like stars. There are even Dark Dots.

In a Way, Dots are like Stars.

Dots warm ones Soul with wondrous taste and colors. Stars warm up an otherwise dark expanse of the Universe.

The life time of a Dot is short compared to the life time of a Child eating it. The life time of a Star is short compared to the lifetime of the Universe needing it to help make the Darkness come alive with Light and Life.

Finally, Fleshly Beings process the matter of planets formed from fallen dusts of stars which blew it away or even blew up, some of which beings coming to look into the starry nights of darker space and gaze with similar excitement and wonder as even human children can experience ... from many corners of the Universe!

I can still remember strange Science Fiction movies, even one with a long and complex philosophical after log.

Between those scary Movies which I saw with my cousin Janene, and my unpleasant dark imprisonments in the Live Air Space of the Upstairs Hallway Closet in which I would be locked by Uncle Gerry when I was young, the tendrils of my mind were stretched, unfolded, looking for a connection with non-MPT minds of acceptance and communication ...


So IS the MT who once communicated with me MPT? Or as I have long felt, very NON-MPT?

So, in appreciation for your friendship and for your meta-friendship, Mark! ...


I am (One VERY BAD Not-even-"POET")
Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013

The Jester

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