"DIRTY NAZI BASTARD!" I say, "I HATE YOUR GUTS! KILL YOURSELF NOW! 764321 DIE! DIE, NAZI BASTARD, DIE!" I learn later that deMohrenschildt has killed himself with a shotgun blast to the head, while taping a television soap opera, so there would be no doubt that it was suicide and not murder, just before he was to testify before the House Assassinations Committee on the Kennedy assassination. But this was not the story of deMohrenschildt who had been forced into the service of the Nazis, not the story of the upper class Jewish girls I loved so much at Xanadu, not the story of The Russian Girl and her last kiss. This was the story of Jackie of the Old Places, not the Jackie that deMohrenschildt knew, but the little girl who put up the T. Casey Brennan fan page, and said I had a fan club at her school. Not because I ever really knew her, not because I ever met her or heard her voice, but because, somehow, I believed she was my last hope to solve the Kennedy assassination for the world. And in dreams, in dreams, in dreams, she is with me.

The End

Story Copyright © 2001 by T. Casey Brennan
Artwork by MT

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