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Numerical Mathematics, Computers,
The Weather... and the Almanac!
Gary G. Ford

Large Linear System Algorithms deteriorate in accuracy and usefulness as resolution and size of system of discretization increases.

And 'Parallel Methods' favored for simple minded fast multi-CPU Numerical Solution of such large, refined systems, are in fact NOT true to the solution of Realistic Nonlinear Systems of Fluid Flow PDEs.

The situation is BAD ENough that we should be very doubtful of Large Weather or Whole Earth Climate Simulations, in which horrendous nonlinear actions (such as between waves, winds, rotting algae on beaches releasing moisture condensation promoting (CH3)aS into the atmosphere, thereby affecting weather, and eventually Ocean and Climate DOWNWIND ...) make the Fluidsphere inherently complicated and nonlinear.

It is bad enough that many Biological Inputs to Climate are ignored - such as replacement of Trees and Prairie by Plowed Field and Crops, changing Solar Energy Absorption, Nightime Heat Radiation, rate of Transpiration and Soil or Water Body Evaporation, and hence latent heat of water retention, rejection and flow ...

What has man done MOST to change the Earth's Climate? Burn Coal? Burn Gasoline? Increase CO2 in the Atmosphere?! (You have to understand there there is a distribution of Oceanic and Atmospheric CO2, and that the former is over 500 times as great as the latter - AS THE WORLD CONTINUES TO RECOVER FROM THE LATEST MAJOR AND MINOR ICE AGES, there will be a Shift of OCEANIC, and there HAS been a shift, CO2 TO ATMSOPHERIC RETENTION, because the cold ocean depths have less room for CO2 [Solubility drops] as the OCEAN Temperature Gradually Increases ...). I doubt it.

TRY Changing the Light, Heat and Water storage and rejection of large portions of the Earth by clearing Forests and Prairies and instituting NEW, FORCED-DOMINANT Plant Ground Cover, as well as Asphalting additional portions with Roads, Parking Lots and Buildings ...

Since Ocean Currents are thought to follow changeable patterns - 'The Atlantic Conveyor' for instance, or the Ocean Currents of El Niņo - you can get an idea of how complicated Climate is, WITHOUT INTRODUCING LIFE-Effects!


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