A Fog Bank

By Gary G. Ford
Calgary, Alberta 3 October 1999.

A Weatherman would know
    by Far!
But as a Fog Bank then
    you alone should prove to be
    as much bigger
Than a house...

Like the dimension
    of a multistory
    SlumLord's Palace
Waiting Most Patiently
    For all manner
    Of Humanity
To be concealed
    With Hidden Stories
    Held Within!!

Wide at the front
    but narrower
    from front to back,
    some ten more stories high...
A residential Hotel
    Or Humble Castle
    Of the Living Human Remains
    Contained WIthin...
Of microscopic water droplets
    Too small to be seen
    Except in Mighty Mass!...

Were You Too Built?...around 1917?!
And WHAT, Pray Tell
    would be
Your full Justice Done and Seen?!...

Except as a Reward to Stand!...
    In Brooklyn, NY, I see too -
Proud and Grand of course! =
    the Fabled Tree
    in Sight!

May God have Mercy
    on your Doggie's
    Bladder full
    As then!...

When Alley Cats prowl
    and dance and howl
    in Darkness Seen Against
The Silver Thud of Metal Thin
    Of Toppled Shells
    Made tipped
    Fallen askance
    with contents shaken out -
    A Sudden Splat!

Thus they which echo forth
    existence back
As Signals sent into
    "The Entrails of the Night"
they stand to fall...

As wounded containers
    full of substances cold
    Once warm
    When full of life

And moving so...
    Attempt to roll
    In Answer to
    Existence's Call
In death...

This result of flailing cats
    in full fight or flight
And over-tipping
    grey dented frames...
As Grayer Mists block
    The Blackness seen
    At arms length...

Can March,
Can Match the Music
    in Dancing Spheres and Disk
Which lumbers Silent overhead
    Unnoticed by the Masses
    Sleeping Fast Below!

Above, Higher and Against
    the fragrant stains
    in the Alley at the Back,
As Passing Quickly in the Night
    Does a Cool
    and Moist Countenance
    Pull Blankets over Stars!...

Within the Frame
    Of Sleep and Dream
They Go!

And thus you hold your own bold form,
    All Wet and Great and Grey
    and Mighty in Moist Stealth,
And Going Forth in Unstoppable Flow
    Of Deep and Dampest Concealing Self!...

So Cool and Haughty in Expanse
    In Triumphs Keen
    With shivers of delight
To come upon the Sleeping Populace
    as Conqueror of the Night!

And thus invest the Secret Places
    Of the Heart
    To Enter Rooms and Lungs
Of many Deep Sleep-Dazed
    and Crazy Dreaming Fool!

Taken as a Cool Wet Blanket
    Of Respite to Friend,
As On the Edge of Life
    In Sleepy Haze
    You Wend Your Ways
    The Dreams and Travails
    of the Fools and Stars!

Gary G. Ford © 1999. All Rights Reserved.
For The Swimp

[The Plasma Bard's Post Script]

...I tried on it,
To capture the essence of a Good Fog Bank
Sweeping over a Tenement near the Sea
As if in New York City,
While Creatures of the Night -
The Cats! And Strange Abductors! And Stars! -
Play out life with the Alley
As the Old and Young
Tired and Fresh People
Weary of life's changes Past
Or Wishing for the Bright Future to be,
Always Game for Hope
Persist in Dream....
Asleep within,
All 'keeping faith'
With the secret desires
Of the heart
Imagine all that Life can still bring!...
The very inner thoughts

Which linger to the last!

What Stories and Secrets
What Wishes Past both Filled
And Unfulfilled...
A Slumlord's Palace
And a Fog Come Covering All
Could Tell!...

When in people
so ever denied
In the Future
Or in the Past
There dwells a dream!
A dream to last a lifetime!

Funny thing...
what Mark's stated Dream
of dissolving to a Fog,
and my memory
of desiring to be a Fog Bank Once
can bring!

Gary © 1999. All Rights Reserved.

The Swimp _____________________________________

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