Basin Sacred Stercoraceous Glyphs
"If you really want to enslave
people, tell them that you're going
to give them total freedom."

-- L. Ron Hubbard --

1.)   I'm glad you bring this up at this most auspicious time, for I have a serious disclosure to make regarding what I believe to be a sacred communication from the Great Geometer:

2.)   I have discovered an unlikely method for discerning a profoundly transcendental communication from sentient forces from without:

3.)   Noticing a peculiar glyph-like manifestation of my post-excreted turds, afloat in the standard white ceramic basin designed for catching said excreta, I have utilized a digital camera over a period of months to capture images in sequence and tabulated according to cosmological calendrics:

4.)   Having then inputted all the photographic evidence into a supercomputer, cross-correlating & referencing the basin "glyphs" with all known arcane and ancient languages, it was soon discovered that a communication of other-worldy origins was clearly in evidence:

5.)   The nature of this sacred communication cannot be disclosed at this time:

6.)   However, a series of small booklets (at a reasonable price, to cover printing and shipping costs) will soon be made available to the serious student.

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. . . inter faeces et urinam nascimur . . .
"Between Shit And Piss We Are Born"
~ St. Odon of Cluny ~
by   Norman Mailer - 2007]
ISBN 978-0-394-53649-1

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