CO2 Outre'
Once upon a time, Gary G. Ford
wrote to Jentje Goslinga, et al.,
about an article on CO2 & Gore...
Thanks much for the URL - I visited
the site. I think it is an important Eye of Discussion, which I am opening up to a greater audience with cc, here.
Maybe some readers will "weigh in,"
I hope? I read it. Still ...
Here's what I think from it:
The Judge is mistaken, and the UN's Panel of Climate Scientists, I believe, are more mistaken:
Does Gore have a Point (not originated by him) that Climates are Changing?
OF COURSE, and they Often Did in the PAST too.
Could well be, considering what Mankind is doingto THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH.
Some people, because they have Chosen to FOCUS on the ATMOSPHERE as a Career Move earlier in their history, want to make CO2 Additions to the Air THE Cause. And they obviously have the Ear of the MAN who "invented the information super highway" (his self-description once, by shy Albert)! But is BELIEF necessarily truth?!
And isn't the Earth's Bio / Aero / Hydro / Geo / Top - Sphere a tad bit complicated for such a Theoretical-Venus-Climate Simulation (EZ, because we know so LITTLE about the planet, subsurface, and about its Geological History, that risk of contradiction for a 'TUNED' Atmospheric CO2, which last is 90% of the immensely dense Venusian Air, is very low ...) approach?
I maintain that Panel Slying-Twists may as well be in a position of unscientific interest conflict ...
... for they are being PAID both in direct dollars$$$ and Bragging Rights Prestige to be on such a Panel of Steamed Scientists - Science Prawns, Cleaned, Breaded, Baked and Steamed, Anyone?! - and in many cases are AGREEING With Their Previous Career-Building, Grant-Getting Pronouncements ...
... of CO2 being the main cause of Climate Change, in the face of much faster growing, and immense, alternative of ....
.... Ground Cover, Forest, Meadows, Wetlands destruction with replacement with Plowed Farm Fields, Cities, Roads, Industrial Plants, more than capable of Climate change ...
... by virtue of induced changes in Water Distribution and Solar Energy Acceptance and Rejection of Heat, which can accomplish changes of Many Local Climates throughout the Earth, even hundreds of km or more downwind or downstream (as in Amazon Basin) from the areas in which these Changes Wrought by MAN are being implicated upon the Living Surface of the Earth.

An example is the loss of Winter Precipitation (snow) on Kilimanjaro (not increase of usual Summer Melting) which is leading to the loss of residual stored on the Peak, because AS WITH GREENLAND, it is NOT just Melting which dictates Amount of SNOW/ICE Retained, but rather it is ...
(average annual) GAIN of Ice and Snow
MINUS LOSSES of Ice and Snow,
NOT just Summer Melting.

In ANY case, it would also take a BRAVE Scientist to contradict the current FAD of Environmental Science, i.e., CO2 as Evil Life destroying villain, as their could be severe consequences to Funding and Career, in Academe or Government.
I remember it was January 2006 when - obviously NOT contemporaneous, as Greenland would be quite dark, and in its Southernmost Tip, only briefly Orange-ly lit as with twilight a few hours each day, at that Time of |Year - Movies started to be shown on TV, bright White Light Sunny, showing streams running off the coast of (Southern, no doubt) Greenland to the Sea, and loud claims of "GREENLAND IS MELTING!".
Hmmm ... IN Mid-January?! I doubt it very much, having lived in Fairbanks Alaska, at similar Northernly Latitude as Southern Greenland, in January!

Later that year, there were some TV Attempts to slander CO2, Carbon Di-Oxide, the Mother GAS of Our Green Vegetation Photosynthesis, as ... "A deadly, invisible gas ..." which quickly blew away, probably because of their stupidity, I'd guess.
Maybe Carbon MON-Oxide, but NOT CO2!
Back to Kilimanjaro ...
The loss of precipitation is likely due to aggressive removal of trees and bush on its low slopes, and upon the land far around, making room instead for Human Feeding Agriculture.
Even over-grazing by goats, who will climb low trees to eat off any leaves, and sheep grazing the roots of smaller plants, removing ground cover, and by horses too, which last will readily eat seedling trees, as you have pointed out to me (all three less-told facts of these grazers), can denude bush and trees, killing them out of an area, transforming large grazed regions, changing ground cover, water retention and movement, as well as evaporation, absorption of solar energy in day, and infrared radiation to the sky at night, hence effecting local climate.
Additionally, wetlands often release abundant dimethyl sulfide (CH3SCH3), a powerful water condensation nucleating and cloud formation stimulating agent, thus affecting cloud cover downwind, and hence reflection back downwards of infrared ground emissions by clouds, and even weather, downwind, even hundreds of km away downwind, hence affecting climate over a wider region.
Why are THESE ISSUES NOT very much discussed with respect to Politically Charged Climate Change?!

Could it BE that the current, particular CO2 thrust, with its promotion of implicit notion of Carbon Consumption SIN, and faulting us for the imminent demise of Cute Cuddling White Polar Bears - my Gosh! There SO CUTE! Want to KISS and HUG one for me?!?!?! ... - is carrying on an implicit action which we are ignoring?!
For ONE thing, people cowed with guilt - just as serfs in the middle ages - can come to believe they DESERVE their lowly state, and be less rebellious about high prices of FUEL, and now, FOOD!
Are there OTHER aspects being subterraneanly "engineered" in MINDS of MEN and the Ecosystems of Our EARTH?! - Or IS IT Really, "Our" Earth?! Could the "REAL" Owners be "Engineering" a Pest Reduction Scheme?! Or a change from Green Plants to some Alien, Purple Variety?!
But back to the issue of "Proof" which so convinced the Nonscientific Jurist in the article you referred me to ...
Even a coincidental graph of Putative (inferred from a Theory and NOT measured at the times for which it is claimed) Temperature and CO2 (from bubbles ASSUMED UNAFFECTED by storage at great pressure of depth under ice, and as well by drilling processes which recover ice cores deep in Greenland or Antarctica them) CORRESPONDENCE does NOT Prove a "CO2" cause, at all ...
As the ground cover vegetation change processes mentioned above, today proceeds largely with much CO2 emission, such as fossil fuel gobbling and burning machines and more historically by CO2 emitting Forest and Grass Field Fires, with lasting CO2 emitting exposure of drained and dead or dying Marsh Vegetation and Cleared Forest Floor Detritus to slow oxidation from enhanced contact with atmospheric Oxygen, thus so yielding CO2 in a variety of ways.
Atmospheric CO2 may be in fact more of an indicator of progress of processes leading to Local Climates Changing rather than a cause.
Of course, persons ignorant of chemistry might imagine the pH indicator phenolphthalein CAUSES bitterness of liquids to which it is added (evidenced by its red color in alkaline solution) rather than demonstrating alkalinity!
We must remember that quite a few Leading CO2 Global Climate Change Partisans were educated as Mathematicians, Physicists, Numerical Modelers, or Geographers (where Climatology USED to be placed ... such as in "San Jose California has a general 'Mediterranean Type' Climate, mild in the Winter, rarely with snow, and dry and very warm in the Summer ..." as a 'Statistical Compilation type of 'discipline'), and that 'Global Climate' is almost a contradiction, and its study a very new and evolving 'Science'.
Yes, we should ALL Keep Our MINDs Open!
than THEY (want YOU to) THINK!" -
Gary Gene Ford   -=[ 1946-2013 ]=-

Svalbard Global Seed Vault

brad smith <> wrote:

> The cabal who are in control are in
> control. There is planned depopulation
> going on from the hybrydization of
> world seedstocks so the plants won't
> generate viable seeds, to 35
> vaccinations into delicate young
> babies thereupon wracked with
> ailments proven to have been caused
> by excess vaccination, etc. Without a
> massive worldwide change of
> LIFESTYLE, everybody on Earth will
> suffer. Starvation and at the end,
> cannibalism. It has happened before,
> it will happen again. From space will
> come an errant asteroid...
> namaste'

Supreme Court Backs Monsanto
In Seed Patent Case

> > --- Schwann <> wrote:
> >
> >> ---------------------------------
> >> Dearest G, and all the others, scientists
> >> and non-scientists alike,
> >>
> >> The health of our planet, whether from CO2 or deforestation,
> >> or whatever, is declining, along with our reserves clean air,
> >> fresh water and food...whether it's because of one thing
> >> or another isn't the point. The point is for future planners
> >> to be aware of such things and take the necessary steps to
> >> prevent a further decline. For the people into the C02
> >> business, well they can reduce that, for the people worried
> >> about food, well they should concentrate on that, etc etc...
> >> there are no easy steps when the sum of man's knowledge is
> >> still being knitted together.
> >> Any steps in the direction of understanding where we've gone
> >> wrong, and how to redress this in the future, are welcome,
> >> while we assume that high levels of pronoia will prevail
> >> until such time as the energy/food/shelter crisis, on a
> >> global level, subsides, and Governments like
> >> Mynamar/Burma, who can hold an election a week after a
> >> national disaster where a million people are affected, are
> >> shown to be the selfish constructs that they are, and just
> >> a means of holding onto a standard of living at the expense
> >> of the general population...
> >>
> >> But in the USA, the average standard of living is not
> >> that far from what these generals seek to maintain...
> >>
> >> Schwann

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>> A-fucking-men, Cybershaman!
>> --MT-Tues., May 13, 2008 CE, 6:55 PM, Earth, Sol, Milky Way...
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  have been wiped out a long time ago.
  And you are going to be wiped out,
  because now others have the means to
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  form of life on this planet with you."
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  "Shades of the Crazy MoFo, Alex Jones,
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"Communion" Copyright © Frank Savino

    In July, 1999 Scientific American published two
highly-edited letters written by physicists
Walter L. Wagner and Franck Wilczek in the Letters
to the Editors section pertaining to theoretical
particles that might be created by colliders.
At that time, the LHC was still on the drawing
board, and the RHIC [Relativistic Heavy Ion
Collider], some 30-fold lower in energy than the
LHC, was nearing completion.

This was apparently the first time that consideration
was given in the scientific literature to the idea
that particle colliders might create minature black
holes, as suggested by Dr. Wagner. Since then,
numerous theoretical papers have been published
suggesting that miniature black holes might be
created under some scenarios, though with most
suggesting they would quickly evaporate via
"Hawking radiation", an untested theory first
postulated by Steven Hawking in the early 1970s,
and also suggested by Dr. Wagner as the likely
result in his original letter to Scientific American.

The idea that colliders might create strangelets, as
suggested by Dr. Wilczek, had been published in the
scientific literature previously by other authors.
Walter L. Wagner, Ph.D.

CERN Courier
Calabi-Yau spaces

Large Hadron Collider Sparks 'Doomsday' Lawsuit

"The LHC is the first accelerator ever built that
has the ability to self-destruct." -- Steve Meyers

Brian Greene, Ph.D.

    John D. Hofmeister, President of Houston based
Shell Oil Company, said: "Shell Oil has said many
times, 'the debate's over.' We're not climatologists,
but we're convinced action is needed. No more
debate - action."

Simian Virus 40 (SV 40),
A Possible Human Polyomavirus

SV40 is an abbreviation for Simian vacuolating
virus 40 or Simian virus 40, a polyomavirus
that is found in both monkeys and humans.

Paul E Potter (Archive: 2004)
Dante's DIVINE COMEDY, Gustav Dore'

Dr. Mary's Monkey by Edward T. Haslam

    "How the unsolved murder of Dr. Mary Sherman, a secret laboratory in New Orleans
and cancer-causing monkey viruses are linked to Lee Harvey Oswald, the JFK assasination
and emerging global epidemics..."

Synopsis of Dr. Mary's Monkey:,com_weblinks/catid,22/Itemid,10019/

FTR #597 Interview with Ed Haslam about Dr. Mary's Monkey

    For a number of years, author Ed Haslam has researched the activities of a number of some prominent medical professionals in New Orleans in the 1960's, and connected their endeavors with research on cancer-causing monkey viruses and [possibly] the development of AIDS. Furthermore, the individuals Ed investigated were part of the milieu in which Lee Harvey Oswald existed during his stay in the Crescent City in the months before the assassination of President Kennedy. After reviewing the careers of Dr's Alton Ochsner and Mary Sherman and the contamination of the polio vaccine with the cancer-causing monkey virus SV-40, Ed sets forth new information about the links between that New Orleans medical milieu, the covert operations being conducted against Fidel Castro, the development of a biological weapon to kill the Cuban dictator and the assassination of President Kennedy. One of the medical professionals involved with Dr's Sherman and Ochsner was a young cancer researcher named Judyth Vary. A medical prodigy with a seemingly promising career ahead of her, Judyth was enlisted by Dr's Ochsner and Sherman to develop a biological warfare weapon with which to kill Castro. This effort, in turn, was a spin-off from a project involving the use of a linear particle accelerator to mutate the SV-40 monkey virus--this in an attempt to develop a vaccine to prevent a cancer epidemic. Employed alongside Oswald at the Reilly Coffee Company in New Orleans, Judyth eventually had an affair with Oswald. Two days before President Kennedy was murdered, Oswald told Judyth that there was going to be an attempt to kill the President on Friday, 11/22, and Lee headed to Dallas in an effort to head off the assassination. The rest, as they say, is history. Oswald was framed for the assassination and the truth about that event, as well as the underground medical activities in New Orleans was eclipsed.

Program Highlights Include: [New Orleans DA Jim] Garrison suspect David Ferrie's collaboration with Judyth Vary Baker, Mary Sherman and Lee Harvey Oswald in the attempt to develop the biological weapon intended for Castro's assassination; the testing of that weapon on an unsuspecting inmate from Louisiana's notorious Angola prison (who died shortly afterward); the protests lodged against this lethal experimentation by both Judyth Vary Baker and Dr. Mary Sherman; Oswald's profound connections to the organized crime empire of New Orleans Mafia boss Carlos Marcello; the links between William Reilly, Alton Ochsner and the anti-Castro Cuban milieu in the Crescent City; review of the role of David Ferrie in Jim Garrison's investigation of JFK's murder; Reilly's use of former FBI agents as hiring supervisors in his company.

1. A good portion of the program consists of review of the basics of Ed's first book,
Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory.

A synopsis of the book is contained in the description for FTR#19.
"Researcher Ed Haslam authored a remarkable book entitled
Mary, Ferrie and the Monkey Virus: The Story of an Underground Medical Laboratory
(soft-cover, Wordsworth Press, copyright 1995.)

    In this penetrating work, Haslam develops fascinating connections between the milieu apparently involved with the assassination of President Kennedy and medical research that may have been connected to a soft-tissue cancer epidemic that is sweeping the United States. In addition, this medical research may have led to the accidental or deliberate creation of AIDS. This six-part interview presents an extensive and detailed view of Haslam's argument. The central figure in the book is Dr. Mary Sherman, one of the most important (and sadly neglected) figures in post-World War II American medicine. Prior to her murder in 1964, Sherman was involved in a clandestine medical laboratory in New Orleans, that also employed right-wing political extremist and U.S. intelligence operative David Ferrie - the central figure in New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison's investigation of the Kennedy assassination. The central focus of the work performed in this laboratory was cancer research--specifically, the injecting of mice with monkey viruses to determine if the viruses cause cancer. Haslam skillfully develops connections between Ferrie, the laboratory, Mary Sherman, the Guy Bannister detective agency (an apparent intelligence front that is widely believed to have figured in President Kennedy's assassination) and Dr. Alton Ochsner, a very powerful figure in American medicine and politics. Ochsner was the head of a right-wing propaganda outfit and possible intelligence front called "The Information Council for the Americas," or INCA, that recorded interviews with Lee Harvey Oswald, in which Oswald proclaims his Marxist sympathies. This interview received much publicity in the wake of President Kennedy's assassination and convinced many Americans that communists were responsible for the assassination. Many researchers believe that this perception contributed to the official cover-up of the assassination, because individuals who knew what had actually happened covered up the truth out of fear that that the situation could have led to a Third World War. Haslam presents his thesis that Sherman was probably involved in this underground medical laboratory in order to research the contamination of the polio vaccine with SV40, a monkey virus that causes cancer in humans. Haslam feels that Sherman was involved with using a linear accelerator to create genetic mutations in the SV40. This was being done as an effort to create harmless strains of the virus for use in a vaccine to guard against a cancer epidemic. This viral contamination of the polio vaccine may very well be the cause of a soft-tissue cancer epidemic currently sweeping the United States, as well as the deliberate or accidental creation of AIDS. The interview also contains information, not contained in Haslam's book, concerning the possibility that Oswald may have been spying on this clandestine research and that this work may have been centrally involved in the cover-up of Kennedy's assassination."

"Eve" Copyright © Frank Savino

"THE STAR" (artist unknown)

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            See also DAVE EMORY's: "It's Not Easy
          Being Green - Fascist Infiltration
        and Co-option of the Green Party"
    and: "It's Not Easy Being Green,
  Part II - Eco-Fascism"
      as excerpted from:
        "Ecofascism: lessons from the German experience"
          by Janet Biehl and Peter Staudenmaier

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