Dot Com
Daught Calm™...

One more freaking "dot com" and the galaxy will definitely spin off its axis into a naked singularity of corporate cosmic proportions!

Every single last *Dot-Com* across the virtual landscape has this simple, cybernetic, commerce dream: They imagine that they will all get wealthy as mini-pseudo-nouveau ISPs, selling banner space for exorbitant sums disproportionate to their actual relevant "hits"; hosting auctions, hawking books, appliances, tools, CDs, clothing, cross sales, and the cross-sale of the cross sales, etc., etc., etc., in addition to their primary focus - (as if no one else has thought of that virtual marketing gambit, requiring very real 'shipping' back in the tangible world!)

And what of the primary focus? Is it righteous and noteworthy enough to warrant dot-com-hood? Will it ascend to maximum competitive dominance in the electric-photonic medium, while simultaneously transcending the corrosive adolescent whims of hackers hell bent on monkey-wrenching the corporate designed cyber-commercial future for us all?!

The digitization of "We the Consumers" must prevail!
There is way too much money riding on it to falter.

Someone once said: "Be the best, or don't bother."

Assemble the dream team of corporate players!

Will they be fraternity boys and sorority girls?
Worked for ORACLE ®.
Will they follow business major protocols, and emulate corporate psychology 101 models for unifying and enhancing behavioral
team spirit? Worked in the Orient.
Will they succeed or will they suck eggs?
Only time, personal power, united purpose, and random chance shall ultimately decide their fate. So, like all Zen Koans, carry on, kind folk, carry on...

Thank you for the glimpse.
I sincerely wish you all health, happiness, and prosperity.
MT Feb. 16, 2000 CE

Exit Daught Calm™

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