The Desert Keeps its Dead

The Desert Keeps its Dead, The Desert Keeps its Own ...

by Gary G. Ford, Leaden Head, © 2002   -=[ 1946-2013 ]=-

Alone, I find a solace which society cannot efface

Have I been deselected from Cosmic Grace?!
Will the Winds of Chaos Erase my Soul,
And Stark Faint Light of Dying Stars
One day bathe my fossiled bones
With Electric Delight that Once
I had come Near, Had been?!

In the Future the Drain Opens,
The SINK of OBLIVION takes,
We fall, and are Consumed -

.... in Existence ....

The Coolness of the Desert's Night FACE
Awakens the beat of life, I dream, I wish,
To be alive again ... A Bird of the Night
Slinks overhead in quiet, pauses, seen
Only the absence of Starlight, at its
Very Edge ... The Ring of Truth has
Closed full circle, and the Deliverance
of a TIME TO COME has become
Foreshadowed ... Is it RIGHT to
dream of Peace and Life against
the rustle of the Night, of the
Distance Face of the Wind?

I am here. I am there.
The light is on, the flashing
Awakens Souls which have slept
Since Eternity began ...

Will they stop by again?!

To the Sky, the Stars, the Cool
Loving Arms of Coming Winds,
My Soul takes flight,

Am I am gone

In the wind ...

The Desert Keeps its Dead, The Desert Keeps its Own ...

Years, ago, when I silently waited,
When I was a mere sleeping intelligence
of atoms and electrons waiting their turn,
in queue, on cue, to form the Clever Words
of Intelligence ... I knew much better, I knew
all I had need to know ... But THAT was then.

Tomorrow Awaits with a New Meaning,
If I survive the Night ...

I can hear the Morning Call, as if it is Now ...

The rumble of the clouds has said:

"Grey Felt Hills.
Meet the Sun,
The Vestige Bell
Has Rung ...

"The is no Beginning
To what has begun ..."

When the Sun creeps Close,
The False Dawn may penetrate the Clouds
High Hiding the Whose shy in ghostly garb ...
And either I shall waken,
Or I shall NOT!

The Desert Keeps its Dead, The Desert Keeps its Own ...









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