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Story by Garygoyle *

Pentecost, An Upper Room ...
The Resurrection Portrayed before a Crowd, before a small crowd, and a limed white wall!

I was called to volunteer for this profession, but found it is in my Special Sphere of Competence, once I was here and knew there was no other way out!

Well, at least not knowing a way out, I have been here with Angel 1 - I call him Joe, these days! - for some time now, watching and delicately affecting the locals. Good thing they are so predictable!

Our Best Recruit has been a well-meaning man named Josh' - called 'Jesus' by the Hellenized - whose visage and voice we have taped so many times.

Angel 1/Joe, is the Camera Guy, but I get all the hard stuff ... The Editing ... the Secret Caching of Food for Thousands of Sheople ... the Scripting, even! Never knew I'd have to be a Speech Writer!

But this Jesus dude, he just laps it all up - A REAL BELIEVER, this one! Kind and well meaning, too.

Good thing we brought back plenty Gold, Angel1/Joe and me, with which to purchase aid and silence, as well as supplies and bed, from these yokels who can be so easily controlled with a sworn promise extracted for a small piece of Gold!

It is quite dramatic how we were pressured to volunteer
to be sucked into the Past after Our Leaders' Science Slaves had discovered the way this could be done, just to make sure and find a 'Jesus' as we took a few dangerous years searching One out, so an Appropriate and Convincing Movie could be made and would be shown to full effect ...

The Rubes gulped it up, whole clothe ... all save Jesus' twin brother Thomas, who had doubted the Image was Him, from the first, for failure to respond to his brotherly greeting! Shit! I should have anticipated this a bit better, but the call to doubters to touch the wound, scripted in as a brace against doubt, worked like a charm ...

Thomas approached the Wall, Casting his Own Shadow ON the TRUTH we were sent To portray ... then seeing the Wound on his OWN Flesh shrieked in Fear, and turning around saw the Glory which had been shining behind him and fell to the Floor begging God to forgive
his Doubt!

I hadn't anticipated the reaction, but the Crowd was then Moved to Unshakable Belief! ...

Yes, the Rest were all well duped, especially when some rubes stood, stoned in awe, and the cone of light from the projector's lens, shining from its bracket perch high on the wall behind, cast the appearance of flames in their hair!

The funniest thing was how they became scared of their own shadows, thinking these Satan's Dark Angels sent to Gobble The Glory of Jesus' Up!

Good thing I have much practice keeping quiet. Later Joe and I buried the Jesus Movie Image Cube in the Titanium Strong Box, which we lowered into the Well, where He fed worshipful Mary Magdalene 'the Water of Life' as she knelt before ...

Later, far from the Town, we laughed our hearts out, then realized our Job was almost done, with Gold left...

This I hope is not only Our First, but hopefully Our Last, Foray to influence THE PAST ...

The Mechanism had only been tested by first a two month, then a two year backwards in time shift.

Always we sent it with a
    "WARNING! Time Capsule -
    DO NOT OPEN UNTIL ...!" tag,
    carrying the High Councils' SEAL -
in a select location where it were Bound
to be returned to the Ruling Council's Guard,
Or Pain of Death for the Villainous Public Slave
    to Disobey!

It worked, each time, because The Rebellion was not yet completely underway!

But Return was by aging in time, by waiting, As the Warning had foretold: TIME Capsule!

I am afraid we now are stuck in this Ugly Time of Cruel Roman Domination and CallousTorture, amid a People Prone to Religious Fanaticism and Public Rebellion, despite Roman threat of Painful Death.

We have three speaking dictionaries, which we update each time new words are found. And integral to each is a stun gun, molded together to common device, with pistol grip and double trigger, and good long life rechargeable power cell, solar cells pasted on ...

I fear we don't know enough - even how to act - to survive much longer this harsh and turbulent time.

The Council promised we would be fetched back to our own time, when they learn how to go FOREWARD in Time as well as Back; but I'm afraid they are going to leave us here, now.

And I don't count on Our Beacon, even if our lives do, to remain alive too long. There are many thieves, murderers in this land, despite Roman Law in Force ... And without life trained Roman ways, we're sure to be found out, be determined as Non-Greek barbarians, not Hebrews, and made slaves, to die an early death from Galley or
Mining Work!

Yesterday we followed the Upper ROOM caper with our LAST: A slowly shrinking image of His FACE on a dark cloud bottom after dark, and a Booming VOICE OF GOD! You'd be amazed to learn that many 'bought it'!

And as He went - in the Clouds' - I am sure They will one day bring Him Back - or at least His IMAGE, for the Fool Slaves to Worship, The LAW Our Council Makes, to Obey Smoothly, with Complete Happiness - or IF Not, Still with the Imminent Threat of Pain and Death!

Wish you were here!

Angel 2, God's Projectionist, "Gabriel"
[Please Read: The Author's Note]


* Garygoyle is Gary Gene Ford, [ 1946-2013 ]

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