Nano-Engineered Digitally Modulated Topology & Room 9
'PILOT' inspired by Acharya S.

Self-Replicating Autonomous Bits of Goo:

Cognitive dissonant de/reflections on the way life used to be/come...

Remember when we used to exclusively swim around (under that demarcation plane where water met sky), before any of our fellow self-replicating autonomous bits of goo figured out that the inhospitable realm of dry land above not only offered a strangely attractive hazard, but provided a viable new way of life for a growing number of reckless mutants among us? Remember that? Well, the current emerging symbiosis betwixt sentience and machine reminds me a little of that extraordinary revolution in morphology from which we are presently descended... and thriving.

The advent of an AI-Human Interface is no less astonishing in its unpredictability to the course of this earthly biosphere's development of consciousness.

Is anything really artificial?

Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Awareness?

Artificial Cognition?

Artificial Consciousness?

At some critical point in the next few minutes of this world's long history, an imperative will develop for a standardized conformity which will permit a smoother transition for hybridized-cybernetic-humanity to fully manifest.

Will that standard of utilitarian conformity end the short reign of individuality? Or was individuality an illusion all along? Perhaps individuality was a temporary necessity for biology to transcend the violent chaos of a predatory environment, thus ensuring the eventual flowering of a sturdier, nano-engineered infrastructure which will survive solar inflation and planet-death? Hence... a means to an end?

I am perplexed!
For an awareness to be aware of itself at this threshold in history with this kind of imminent transition (regardless of its multigenerational time-frame) does seem a bit taxing to the spirit, yes? No? Perhaps...
What to do?
For me, nothing.
I will not assist.
I will not resist.
I will not thwart.
I will simply observe...

Respectfully submitted,

MT 04_13_2000


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