Author's Note:
[GGF: Thu, 17 Jul 2003]

... I gave the name 'Divine Projectionist' to the little Pentecost Jesus and Time Travelers Story which hastily I wrote.

I was trying to interfere with the ideas ...

    (1) That Cause and Effect is what we usually think of,
    with Cause PAST and EFFECT Future;

    (2) That Anything in the Upper Room was inexplicable
    technologically, so that even the 'flames above the
    head' of participants can be explained as projector
    light grazing the tops of peoples' heads.

As to the too long March of Evolution, I have seen this idea as Presented by Hoyle and his buddy (forget the long name) before, in their book Diseases from Space, and elsewhere; Eugene Wigner in his book Symmetry and Reflections (I wrote him about it and he answered in 1980) takes up a similar 'improbability' consideration based on the complexity of the 'Wave Function of a Living Organism'. WHAT RELIGIOUS (to Quantum Mechanics) HUBRIS!

These people, altho' smart and asking questions, famous, are nonetheless NOT professionals in any Biological Field

    (by the way, when we are exploring at the Turbulent
    Boundary between 'known' Truth and Socially/Religiously/
    /Presumptively HUMANLY Ordained '"Truth'" ... does it
    matter much?!)

The 'facts' are, however, that many of the estimates on the rate of Speciation, hence of Evolution, may be much too small, if the 'Punctuated Equilibrium' of Gould and (again a name forgotten) stance is closer to reality, with a new Species capable of forming, under sufficient evolutionary pressure, in 1000 years, then lasting for about 1,000,000 years.

When environmental pressure, and thus rate of succession, becomes great enough, which may have been the case early on, few species will last the 1,000,000 years, and the average rate of evolution will therefore become effectively, perhaps limited up to a thousand, or at least many, many times faster!

The early period, with nothing but Archaia or Bacteria, is not one to be well fossilized or identified by fossil structural articulation; their rapid biochemical changes might now be indiscernible today.

Additionally, the VERY Concept of Species is one filled with STATIC PRETENSE, more favorable to the Static Creation Myths of Genesis than to the dynamic interactions of full communities (Porcine Tapeworm Larvae in Pontificating Scientist/Prophet's brains included, often a cause of epilepsy as well as Sparkling Science Club Brilliance, included as full players in the Farce of Nature) of actual Life on Earth (also a loaded ideological gun).

"BANG! My Right Temporal Porcine Tapeworm Larvum just wiggled, and I HAVE SEEN THE LIGHT AT THE ENDOF THE TWIG IN THE TREE! ... Jesus! Forgive Me! ..."

(It wiggled, by the way, because it had been hit [by] an especiallyenergetic God Ordered COSMIC RAY Particle, a Uranium Nucleus at 99.9999% the Speed of Light, with Star FissionRight in that WORM of THOUGHT ...)

Pity poor Paul - er, Saul - having accidentally partaken ofevil in eating of that which he IMAGINED, in his very limited experience with Swineflesh, only an especially flavorful pieceof undercooked Mutton added, afterward, to his thoroughly cooked Soup at the Inn on the Way to Damascus!

We Humans, imagining still as we do, in this Arrogant Era,
that We have MASTERY over ourselves and our lives, may
instead be just rather good at DECEIVING OURSELVES,
and in THAT Way are of Free Will! - Will to Freely Believe
we are Free! ... But Mark my Word! - THEY WHO Control
OUR FATE, with Giddy Eyes, and Smiling Mouths, do watch
us even late at Night, and tap our dreams as a Cultured Ant
sips from a Stroked Aphid's Tale ,,, in a Temple, in Church,
in the Basilica, in Synagogue, in Mosque ... does make his
living and enjoy his livelihood ... to so partake!

"Wert thou NOT Basilisk, would I but strike thee dead ..."
not with "my Look of Eye!" but with a Blinding THOUGHT
to crash the Stones of This Ideological Temple DOWN!

Gary, Iowan Idiot - Cockatrice
PS: Chemistry even occurs in cold parts of Space,
in 'Yellow Stuff', by rare but persistent, Quantum
Tunneling of small atoms!: THIS! ...


The Sweep and March of Faintest Clouds of Life,
Its Thin and Tortured Wisps of Tail and Wind in TIME,
Which Travel far between the Stars,
    Thus Make their Way
    and Tangle Fibrils
    now and then ...
That Slowly Marking Time do Know far MORE
Beyond our Artificial Life and Ways of Earth.
How THAT They have Made our very Foam of Life
BEGIN! ...
    (drum roll, please?!)
- Garygoyle, Gary Gene Ford, [ 1946-2013 ]
Thursday, 17 July 2003
A Repeat [to]
'Divine Projectionist'

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