MT's Penultimate Eulogy

                                10 | 0ctober | 1985 CE


Shed A Tear for Marcus Thorne

by Gary Gene Ford ___ 2002AUG08


To Contemplate That THORNE IS GONE,
I'll read your final links,
Reflect upon thy absence deep,
Old friend!

Shed a tear for Marcus Thorne
    For the Seed of Light he'd borne
Has passed beyond
    into the Dark of Night! -

And never stop the wailing
    of the ravaged Beasts
That full of knowldege
    Mark had brought
The luster of their Leader
    Were cast upon
The Roaring Sea at last!...

'Twas a night of stillness deep,
And on the Swamp so damp and deep,
A Moon most full does sweep its wings,
And risen near the Southern Cross,
He made a way in curvy flickering line
    of Orangish Sky...

Does a DEEP and Sullen Soul Come flickering by? ...
An Asteroid of The Night of Man
Has Come and Gone!

To flash its eyes upon the muck and ooze
And mournfully dally momentary in mid snooz,,
With liquid Moonbeans falling down as
    - ,,,"EE-MEE-Ming!" and Ping! ... -
In curling form, the shadows made
Upon the Face of Being Passed,
Removed So Far, So FAST,
    Too SOON! -
The Loon does Cry
    In Agony!...
    The Flesh is Torne,
"Thorne IS GONE!" -


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