2 MT's Penultimate Eulogy

SHED A TEAR, The Flesh is Torne, The THORNE of Life is GONE! [2]
by Gary G. Ford

Well, Will 'O' the Wisp Mark, where will your Spirit Fly?

To the Southern Cross? Over the Southern Sky?

To the Antarctic Wilderness, Crisp and Cold,
But everywhere alive?! ... The Thought is Golden,
Is it NOT?! - Will your Cause ever be Caught?

Away! Ole! Mark's hidden face
Shall color the Austrail Aurora
To Dance into Dark Wilderness
With Tingling Dizziness!
And Pace the Plancktonic Foam
Of the Milky Way, the Far AWAY!

Past the Galaxies, Faster, Faster, Mark!

Will you fly so far as I once did in a breathtaking

Then dream on!
And mention my name too
In Greeting
To the Stars!

And He's GONE!

Come back someday!

Image dedicated to Beloved Silhouette: PJG.
Astral Plane Grid with Whirling Vortices inspired by pre-press dialogues with "Astral Dynamics" author:  Robert Bruce


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