The Five-Gender Sentients

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THE FIVE GENDER SENTIENTS, linked n-dimensionally, i.e., parallel naked singularity expanse, having evolved technologically further due to Paul-2's untimely demise upon the revelatory road (unrecoverable heart condition), thereby allowing a more accelerated social pace did finally transition themselves to virtual space wherein a certain segment donned attire befitting dark royalty and a savage beastiary. Much brain gnashing and stormy controversy precipitated said transition, as the much heralded equivalent to "cyberspace" had earlier proved to be little more than a heightened form of schizophrenia. Corrective measures were taken, needless to say, and a host of worlds were devised amidst the storm.

The segment in question populated a dusky, jeweled valley surrounded by chaotically spiraling peaks. Upon the highest of these peaks, towering in silhouette against a purple black sky, stood a great ZIGGURAT illumined from within by an ominous blue light.

The five genders spread out upon the valley floor to practice their art, which was at this time general discourse and speculation about the inapproachable edifice timelessly embedded above them. A strange attractor it was, and even the original programmers were unavailable for comment for they were lost in their own world of peculiar geometries and nonlinear equations.

A general rotation existed among the inhabitants on the valley floor so that a particular Dark Lady or Lord (or other three genders), discoursing elegantly and eloquently to an elite, surrounded by a cacophonous horde of mouth foaming, intensely defecating, scurrying beasts, could in the next moment be enthusiastically engaged in the same bestial behavior - and vice versa. This practice was considered quite edifying.

Into this arena did wander a solitary outworlder, who upon observing this dissonant symphony was heard to utter the equivalent of: "This is cool." Whereupon a narrow red beam shot out from somewhere deep in the valley floor, grabbed his cognitive core and flung it through the virtual wall towards the Other n-dimensional parallel naked singularity expanse, i.e., this world.

On his way out, he happened to receive word from the current discoursing Lord or Lady (or other three) the equivalent of: "Keep your eyes open and find out what you can about this fucking building." The outworlder, now twice removed, finding his cognitive core embedded in a barely evolved entity amidst a very low-grade civilization, fought off the obvious depression such a state would naturally engender and set out to explore.

What he found was an aberrant time capsule filled with things at once delightful, menacing and troubling, yet a deep atavism soon got him into the swing of things.

Devising various means for survival he observed much and managed to eke out a prolonged life, even marrying. Advanced in years, and while performing the equivalent of humping his wife, or vice versa, another red beam shot out unexpectedly and reversed the whole process, to the dismay of his remaining wife.

Now standing at the foot of one of the discoursing five, who at the time of his original departure was no doubt spewing and defecating maliciously, the outworlder conveyed, in a distilled form, the relevant information:

Similarly evolved primate forms with an as yet underdeveloped cognitive fluidity. Bipolar genders for the most part but changing. Repressive hierarchy, unconscious - conspiracy paranoia runs rampant. Apparently someone named Paul was a bifurcation point, but I pre-date it to that. Threshold technology. Periodic magi, an awkward male to female ratio. Zero or little rotation. A magus arrives, writes a book of sorts, specifically a strange attractor. Some books are thinly disguised maps, others are political experiments and others are exercises in virtual psychosis. Most are self-serving. Still, occasionally, a few indicate preliminary cognitive fluidity or leakage: n-dimensionally speaking. Curiously, various segments rally around a particular book and/or magus and attempt to adopt or emulate manifestations of the magus' essence, hence, behaviors unique to the magus spill over into a collective behavior. This is understandable given the level of evolution, and probably useful as well for awhile, but it is surprising how infrequently it occurs to them to write their own books, figuratively speaking, and dump the magus. Another thing...
At this point, the outworlder was interrupted with the equivalent of: "Look, we don't give a shit about that stuff, what about the building?" The outworlder, realizing that the inhabitants of this realm were developing an unhealthy fixation on the ziggurat above them, which, considering the relatively recent development of virtual space, precluded the possibility of said building actually existing "timelessly", continued his distilled dissertation without missing a beat. This had the effect of increasing the general frenzy of the beastiary, while the Lords and Ladies (and three other genders) impatiently displayed the signs of growing discontent. Rotation was undoubtedly immanent. The outworlder continued:
Another thing. By their chronology, the equivalent of a millennium is soon to pass. This has the curious effect, which has repeated itself several times before, of whipping into a frenzy - with apologies to the beastiary - the deeper recesses of cognition in certain segments of the population.

These segments, having been inundated with new, by their standards, technologies, compounded by self-induced experiments with cognitive fluidity chemicals, as well as lingering, bankrupt, misinterpreted traditions have arrived at the conclusion that history, as they know it, will soon end.

Along with the aforementioned factors, this intuition on their part is further bolstered by the works of several contemporary magi. One apprehended the fractal nature of time, weighted it down with an ancient probability oracle and predicted an omega point shortly following the millennium. Many are aligned with this notion. One other promulgates autonomous free zones, and another sees n-dimensional mind-links of a wavelike nature precipitating said transition.

Interference patterns. Outworld interference. Temporal interference. Self-induced interference. Interference. While they bide their time awaiting this event, they miss the most important point of all, which is...

Again the outworlder was interrupted, but this time with the equivalent of: "Enough, can't you see you're boring the crap out of us? What about the fucking building?!"

The outworlder, now slightly miffed, but recognizing a worn out welcome
when he saw one, immediately exited the realm through the front door of the ziggurat (just to annoy the valley inhabitants below), and managed to return to the Other n-dimensional parallel naked singularity expanse, i.e. this world, and his waiting wife - still in mid hump. He lived out the remainder of his primitive life in relative peace and quiet.

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