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Subject: ADDENDUM + Re: Mighty Maniacs 2008 -
Maestro, Musician, Madman, et al...
Date: Sun, 24 Feb 2008 20:00:55 -0700
From: "Gary G. Ford" [ 1946-2013 ]
To: MT <>, ggford@***.**,
The Musician <********>,
Allan Safarik <*****>,
Thorn Alley <**************>,
Mark Thornally <**********>,
"Greg Lunt, JD " <********>



News Flash!

A Petition will be circulated
Among death row inmates
Urging Authorities to



Gary, 4 The Swimp

> Gary G. Ford wrote:
>> Mark,
>> you certainly have MY permission to assemble
>> rambling writings and exchanges, in-so-far-as
>> MY irradiated contributions to this flow of
>> images and thoroughly stunned-ox/boom-kangaroo
>> craziness goes!
>> NOW! - if we can stop cutting of old growth trees,
>> and burning down of the forests of the world,
>> stop draining of wetlands,
>> stop polluting Oceans, Lakes and Rivers,
>> (from Lung Damaging SO2 and NO2),
>> Stop COPD-Causing Diesel Soot and Nickel Carbonyl,
>> and Stop Ozone Destroyers Methyl Bromide/Chloride,
>> while phasing out Space Shuttle SSBs,
>> which burn Thermite+Ammonium Chloride in Butyl Rubber,
>> stop unnecessary Business Air Flights
>> (which can be replaced with Virtual Meetings),
>> stop use of Cooking and Baking inducible
>> to transfatty acids seed oils oils such as
>> Canola, Corn, Safflower, Soya,
>> stop Active (elevated energy state isomer)
>> Liquid Fructose--Glucose syrup from being
>> added to almost all manufactured foods,
>> stop Ethyl Mercury from being used in vaccines
>> (especially for small children and babies),
>> stop collusion of Gov'tal Regulatory Agencies
>> with the cheating-inclined unsafe industries
>> which they are supposed to be regulating,
>> eliminate Nickel Carbonyl, Nickel and Sulfur
>> in Diesel Fuel - big problems in North America) -
>> stop toxic load over-insecticided non-health-foods
>> from being poisoned up - often in grocery itself,
>> where bug spray may be secretly used 'after hours'
>> to control flies the next day ...
>> stop healthfood stores misrepresenting moldy fruits
>> as 'healthful' while charging the Moon for them ---
>> stop the scraping off of most seafloor life by Trawlers,
>> stop the building of Asphalt & Concrete Jungles over
>> formerly good farming land,
>> stop incessantly milling-around-needless car driving
>> by sex-crazed people in search of a new disease,
>> render gametes of cruel peoples inactive,
>> stop rabbits in Australia and Humans in places like
>> Bangladesh from Breeding themselves into the Sea,
>> liberate Minds from the Iron Bonds of Abject Religion,
>> while still saving Bridgette Bardot's SEALS
>> from Rough Newfoundlanders and Polar Bears,
>> and maintaining an enlarged Polar Bear Faction in ZOOS
>> (fed daily by doting Greens) and POLAR BEAR FARMS -
>> this last, analogous to 'Fox Farms' but with
>> an objective for Rug rather than Fashion ladies'
>> apparel businesses - if its Good 'Nough for Fox,
>> Rabbit and Chinchilla ... why NOT Brutal White
>> Butcher Bears (Shades of Equal Protection)? -
>> For which last and similar items, also to FEED
>> STARVING WHALES, Greens will be encouraged to
>> sign a body release form on the back of their
>> drivers licenses, in case a fatal accident
>> should befall these Large Carnivore Lovers,
>> Less tightly dedicated people would be encouraged to
>> write into their wills donating their bodies & estates
>> to the White Butcher Bear/Killer Whale/ANY OTHER
>> Beloved Super-Carnivore of Current Choice Fashion,
>> and in very desperate straights due to Global Changing,
>> such as Wolves, Tigers, Snow Leopards, Coyotes, and
>> Wolverines, even WAR-Crazed Neo-Clone-Repuglickens?!
>> IF ONLY ...
>> Yes, IF ONLY!
>> Save the WORLD!
>> "He GAVE His Only Body ...
>> That a POLAR BEAR might LIVE
>> (another day)!!!"
>> And, Save the Killer Whales!
>> HEY! - What about Poor, Beleaguered
>> Sharks and Turtles of this world,
>> taken mercilously and especially
>> by the Noble Japaneses and Chinese,
>> respectfully/respectively ... ?!
>> OH, Well! ... These can always be
>> 'handled better' in The NEXT
>> Universe!
>> Gary
>> PS: The Universe if full of wonderful things...
>> like ...
>> "Sex Psychoses of a Bowl of Jello!
>> Paranoia of a Stuffed Turkey!"
>> to quote myself from 1966 - GGFord
>> Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013

Maestro, Musician, Madman, et al.,

Accessing ye old 'puter,
is akin to pushing a long string
(3.2 light years) into a tiny tube
of toothpaste while balancing upon
a precarious bowl of Jello during a
category 5 hurricane in a
lunar-eclipsed sky, so please bear
with my infrequent missives,
replies, updates... etcetera...
G. Gene F.'s poetry/prose/(!?!?)
is of a type/style intimating
some futuro-atavistic-crypto-
magickal/matrix realm behind
the eye ball's optic neuron
orchestration to which a great
synaesthesia of gratitude
and 'resonance' (to use
an over-hyped word) doth
plunk upon our MindSpace Door.
A torn and shredded Welcome Mat
am I to outre' pixels' entanglement.
And, although, I did not
"Mighty Maniacs 2008," I do
so now, with additional request
to add your(s) [Gary, Joe, Allen(?)...]'s
e-mail follow-up(s) 'BELOW,' as a note
or addendum to the text with pictures?
Yes, No, Maybe so? I await a verdict.
I am, as always, your humble, bumble,
humanoid acquaintance in earth-bound transit,
--MT-Sunday, Feb., 24, 2008

From: "Gary G. Ford" [ 1946-2013 ]
To: Thorn Alley <**************>
Cc: ggford@****.**, The Musician <********>,
MT , Mark Thornally <**********>,
Allan Safarik <*****>
Subject: Songs of ... The Musician, The Madman,
and The MOUSE! - Re: Mighty Maniacs 2008
Date: Feb 22, 2008 9:50 PM
Well, well, well! ... Marcus Surrealist!

So, Mark - you caught a time traveled pic
of Mona Lisa in her Middle, Super Voluptuous,
growing older, but still love-able and willing,
in post 'Monica' life phase, did you? - Heh-Heh!

The layout is fine ... I just hope you know
BLACK FISH #1, from which the quotes may be
seen as taken (same as my earlier broadsheet
of The ENDED KINGLET which I hand distributed
at UCBerkeley and Stanford U in the Spring or
Summer of ... I guess that was 1968????) ...

Well, you see the Editors of BLACK FISH #1
said they had intended BUT FORGOT to claim on
back the Title page "Copyright in Name of the
[respective] Authors".

Yes, it was indeed a Burnaby, BC, start-up Poetry
Mag, edited by two youthful, Prize Winning Canuck
Poets - Messrs Allan Safarik and Bri[y?]an Brett,
who both, like myself in 1971, were also students
at Simon Fraser University, not far from Vancouver,
BC, and on Burnaby Mountain, on which lower slope
I had lived in Mrs. Stricker's basement at 7242
Pandora, twice upon about that time (1971), with a
short interlude back at 10321 Jerilynn Court, San Jose,
California 95127 which last my parents Vern and Margie
had filed as 'homestead' and owned at low, low mortgage
payments and which they foolishly sold too low in 1978,
when my dad left Intel corporation and wound up as a
security guard near Lindon, Washington for a while.

To Paraphrase The Great Conflatorini,
Oozing Ideas on the Ultimate Time Loop,
I will just say, that like the Seeds of
our OWN Destruction, ...

"In the Beginning WAS
[already included, well,
if NOT really "The WORD",
at least, 'The Beginning'
of] THE END!"

Or, as I intoned while waiting to work
as a lowest 'shit' at SRI, Menlo Park,
one Morning in 1969 or 1970 ...

"Grey Felt Hills
Meet the SUN,

"Which HAS from FOG
Arisen ...

"The Vestige Bell

"There is NO END to what has BEGUN!"

Hey! Start up that deep thrombosis
Giant bottom of Hoover Dam Turbine,
NOW, please? ... I could USE a few
More Megavolts of Existential Shock!

than THEY [want YOU to] THINK! - GGFord

GARY, For The SWIMP@****.**

Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013

Thorn Alley wrote:
> Mighty Maniacs 2008
> ______________________________________
Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013
From: The Musician <********>
To: "Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013]
Cc: Thorn Alley <**************>, ggford@****.ca,
MT , Mark Thornally <**********>
Subject: Re: Mighty Maniacs 2008
Date: Feb 23, 2008 7:21 AM


you are far too modest!

as for the Sun data-flow information, you
are probably right. Those in charge of us
lesser mortals have strong reasons to keep
us in the dark (on this and many other
counts). While it snows in the US, here
we are having Summer weather (60F).



Gary G. Ford wrote:
> Joe,
> my words are only strange bit streams;
> my personal brain-damage enables their
> escape to the outside.
> The Rense "tampering with Sun" article you
> sent makes in my guess the WRONG Deduction.
> No one is Changing or Tampering with the Sun itself;
> rather, someone is tampering with Solar Fluctuation
> DATA reports on the Net, so that a possible, and
> possibly increasing, variability of our once Sacredly
> Ordained as CONSTANT Sun cannot be detected by Joe
> Everyone as a major player in Climate Change (along
> with DeForestation, Wetlands Draining, conversion of
> grasslands and forests to plowed croplands, building
> of asphalt and cement jungles where vegetation in wild
> lands once stood, etc, of course), thereby diminishing
> the fab fad Green Sin Tax Religion of CO2 Hysteria's
> most basic and Holy, scam-spawning, rip-off tenet.
> Gary
> The Musician wrote:
>> Are we but Proof-readers?
>>> *Ho, hem - Pass the Pretzels and Caduceus-like
>>> Wands, pretty please? From bubbles of ancient
>>> space-time, condensed with the last unique
>>> thoughts of the very few "Living yet Dying Minds"
>>> chosen to be preserved in tough Amber of
>>> Condensed VOID, there issues moan!*
>> ...there issues moan!
>> ...their issues moan!
>> ...there, issues moan!
>> Thank you, Mark, for your consideration.
>> Isn't that Raquel Welch in the bottom right-hand corner?
>> She looks, um, yummy.
>> The prose of Maestro Ford is unbeatable
>> Perhaps THE poet laureat of our time
>> Whose exquisite memory
>> Continues to shine
>> Alive and onward
>> Onward and alive!
>> my very best to you all,
>> Joe
>> Thorn Alley wrote:
>>> Mighty Maniacs 2008

From: Gary Gene Ford
To: Thorn Alley <**************>
Cc: The Maestro <****>, The Musician <********>,
MT , Mark Thornally <**********>
Subject: Re: Mighty Maniacs 2008
Date: Feb 23, 2008 12:52 PM

O Thornaceous Observing ONE!

[was already implicitly]
THE END! ,,,"

Well, at least perhaps, The End

A piece of chaff, wind driven and fallen to the Dark Waters
below, Tossed by Waves of Great Haste, Carried by Leisurely
Currents, Destined to fall on a New Fertile Land, Warmed by
a Loving Sun, Far after floating under and amidst the Comings
and Goings of Stars, Bound to decay and release the Army of
Small Living Things,
I have contained within ...

All who read will know their own fate too,
That the greater prison of connected flesh
Will render back an account of sacred elements
Loaned by The Universe for Our Short Existences.

Can you smell The COSMIC WIND also?


Gary for The SWIMP

Gary Gene Ford - [ 1946-2013 ]

Thorn Alley wrote:
> Mighty Maniacs 2008

See also: The Jester



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