University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Duckering building basement May 1972
variation on first version done originally by Gary G. Ford in 1962

SO STARK AND WARM by Gary Gene Ford



[Tue, 17 May 2011] ...

Have Brought Another Soul to Mind,
Have Made Me See The Other Side,
Of One Miss-Minted Royal Mess,
Of One Less Spoken Treasured Coin,
Seen Lost but Then Regained Again!

The Short Truth of Charles Swain's Warm Love
SO STARK AND WARM  by   Gary Gene Ford   © 2011

So Stark and Cold, Electric Lit of Souls on Fire Above, He Stands:
That Light of Starry Armies Pin-Prick Bright
Between the Legs of Lady Bold,
He Feared, yet Met,
Trembling, Almost Failed,
This The Secret, He has Known ...
He did his Job, Fulfilled, and Thus She Too!
So, Lightened Mind of Magic, Do You So Know? ...
Who's Constellation of the North Sweeps around a Pole?

And Is it Charles Swain's - I think I heard a similar Name
Before there was a Nursery Rhyme so Old - Do You??!

His Mind was Placed by God Beyond the Golden Bough of Cromwell's Hair,
His Path of Youthful Lusts Allowed for Kingdom Future's Might-Be Reign,
His Mind Had Raced to Kiss and Taste Sweet Melons of the Maid He Knew!
And Now Again, His Secret Holy Place of Youthfulness He Has Attained!

Escaped, Ejected by Such Force, from Stark and Skinny Blondy Bonnie's Legs,
That He Has Now to Rest His Sleepy Head of Heedless Thought on Pillows Soft,
As Heavier Globes of Whitened Flesh of Olden Times He Loved,
Return His Gaze!

These Knew He So Well,
Now at Night before his Smiling Eyes,
Come Again to Touch His Face!

As She Who was For Him a Great Dessert,
To Quench His Every Youthful Whim and Thirst,
So many times before His Installation Came,
He Held to Kiss in Youthful Wonderment!
Returned Now They, Remind Him All,
At Skinny's Quickest's Gone, To Love Again!

And Now has He the Softest Globes of Sweets
To Hold, to Love, Caress and Fain to Eat,
As many times before,
With Tender Love
He Was Blessed!

These and She of Love to Have,
He'll Hold and Keep in Sight,
Until His Death and Then
To Hope He'll Dream of Them
Forever Still Alive Before His Gaze! ...

Farewell to Her, Most Thin and Admired Lady Still,
But Return to Him of She of Paradise in Love Lost
He's found again, She He Loved in Youth So Well!

Now His Love Has Come Alive Again,
But Love He Lost in Bloom Of Young
So Well, So Lovingly, Remembered On,
To Welcome Back forever as His Own,
As Their Universe to dwell in, too!

By Gary Gene Ford, Calgary, Alberta 2011 May 17
      1946 - 2013   -   Cosmos Child




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