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Date: Thu, 24 Aug 2006 16:15:14
From: "Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013]
Subject: WHO Broke the Rule?! - Re: Goodbye PLUTO..we hardly knew ya..
                Re: GENTLEMEN, Be WARNED! - Re: Fwd: Re: Apocalypse soup spoon!
To: "Mark Thornally" <mthornally@yahoo.com>, "Schwann" <schwann@webtrance.co.za>
CC: "MT" <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>

Mark and Mike.

I am a mathematococcus.
Regarded as Failed and
Flushed Down by the ARROGANT
Resigned my National Science
Foundation PreDoctoral Fellowship
In March 1969 ...

I did have some discoveries,
but most will never know!

Yes, I was NOT 'ONE OF THEM' -
but persecuted for my creative madness,
and only barely published, withholding much,
driven from a Mathematical PhD program twice,
first by a Great Bellicose Flickering
Brilliant Ball of Threatening Light,
Booming with The VOICE OF GOD ...
later just screwed,
and somewhat stolen from;
so here I am a new remade man,
having swam in Oil
and Sulfurous Deeds
of Criminal Commerce,
now Half Destroyed,
disabled, in daily pain,
with limitation,
trying to blow all COSMIC FUSES
before I fade from All Memories ...

And This WAS the best Bandstand yet, Mark and Mike,
YOU Noble Thesperterians - Magician & Shaman You!

I read the Poincare Conjecture Mathematical Joke
(far more tedious than a MUSICAL joke, but cloying
more after the realizations fall in steps of two
by two ///Say, Did Noah bring Pigs aboard the ARK,
may I ask, Rabinaceous Mike?! ...),

BONG! ... the Sexologist's NUMEROUS Professional ACTS!

Now I must fall down the tubes of Mike's Fun House ...
The MIRRORS - The MIRRORS! His! - Mike, will you please
Video a Monitor of your Camcorder NOT Direct,
as the Simpleminded and Overrated Tommy Tungsten Did,
But Reflected in a Mirror! ... Adjust the Zoom Lens,
and Voila! You're Floating in Air!

Through the Fun House MIRROR,
Unfolds and Grows!

AS Cold Wind from the Steps
delivers the Message of TIME,
You since the Genghis Khan
of Letters Has ARRIVED!

Oh, Yes, Shovel On, Oh My, Oh Me!? ...
Am I 'The Purveyor!] ... of Righteous
SHIT Hitting the Fan: Gary Gene Ford?

I won't stop until the clay turds
Have had Enough TIME to Fossilize
And Make their way as Shining Stones
And Generate Most Heavenly Sounds,
Falling down from Spinning Stainless Blades
As Noisy SAND and Smallish Rocks
To bounce upon the Floor
In the Viceroy's City
Of Magic Pattern Cloth!

Yes, Mike ...

Smoke it and See,
Then tell me! -
while I explore
your proffered links?


And AS TO THIS MT who would again Flash AWAY
as one of my wife's frightened minnows ...
who always goes for cover soon as sees me.

Well??? ... You're Going off to Planet XYZ.
for far in the future or far in the past showings,
in a Universe Near You?! - See??????????!

I'm at the Clear Transparency Mirror ...
What you see is what you want and what you fear!

I look TALL and THIN!
And Now I'm again
Walking on air,
On a Neutron Star!
Zorguba The GREAT
has Spoken!

The end of the micro rivulet was a pond, where water
made slow progress, marshy weeds grew, and on the
soft shoulders of its shore, Cattails offered their
small monkey dong erections! The smell of licorice
meets the sulfurous in the air, and a Giant Predaceous
Water Bug with "*MT*" marked glowing on its back,
stalks a small, highly intelligent and illusive FISH!


WHO - Just WHO?! - Was it YOU?! ...
hath scratched its noble ass
to see once more The EARTHLY ZOO,
has Cast AWAY from Earth's Poor Shores,
to pronounce upon our HOLY misdeeds,

Would the WAVE Ripple Passing Through
Be the Quantum Mechanix Shadow
of MARK the MT?!


Gary, For The SWIMP@****.ca

[] [] [] [] []

MT wrote::
Now that's a vehicle ('67 Pontiac GTO) worthy of
superluminal propellentless propulsion if I ever
saw one! When I was around 11 years old, we had
a yellow one, (minus the cool Schwann upgrade)
as the 'family car!'

Schwann/Mike wrote:
It's got a 400 CU V* Pontiac engine and I've been up
to 120 MPH on the way to Terence back in '96 when
we hadda blowout and nearly broadsided an 18 wheeler...

this is just before it happened...

Mike Kawitzky, aka Schwann Cybershaman, and copilot Mykes


Had the car since '90. swapped it for an old Jag 420 manual.
drove it for ten years before retiring it..that car ruled! i mean
what car can u be happy driving for ten years and then put
into storage because you cant sell it? ...

[] [] [] [] []

          "'Cognition Factor'" - good title! Will look forward to that.

> > > thanks...did you see the movie clips?
> > >
> > > best,
> > >
> > > Mike
> > > ps..I have both David Peat and Ralph Abraham
> > > in the movie...already filmed and
> > > digitised..am i mistaken if i think
> > > you're a mathematician?

          [ See:   http://www.headspace-studios.com/ ]

> > > > Nope. Just a nutter.
> > > > > You should make a movie about the Lives & Times
> >> of one Gary G. Ford, to wit:
> >> 1962, May 1972 - FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE!
> >> - Mon, 21 Aug 2006 -- Wed, 23 Aug 2006 ...
> >> http://pweb.netcom.com/~mthorn/magiboom.htm
> >>
> >>And for sure make an epic cybernetic psychodrama about
> >> http://www.webtrance.co.za/webter.html

          [NOTE: (Circa: June-July 2009) Amazon's DVD,
          NTSC version: Cognition Factor with a review by MT
          See also: 0nce Upon a Time...

On 23 Aug 2008, at 13:18, MT wrote:

*   "Welcome to the Other World." -- Runi

From: ananda bosman <ananda8hz@gmail.com>
To: MT <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Hyper-Humoured Omni-Science ART-i-Facts
Date: Aug 9, 2008 9:08 AM

[...] Ananda wrote:

After featuring in Jan Kounen's OTHER WORLDS
for 20 minutes (documentary on ayahuasca shamanism),
and assisting Jan in some of the geometry at the end
of his film Blueberry (Renegade, in the USA, I think it
is called) -- I was disappointed by the shaman guru
approach, having enjoyed Somahuasca sessions where
everyone is encouraged to learn from the molecules as
the Universal Embedded Intelligence itself, the hadronic
Unified Field Object that is the Unified Field Omnigasmic
force of Quintessence (as Our more recent jargon rants
and raves on stages across europe, to smoon people into
novel idea's of free thinking Et al :-D). Perhaps 5% of
those I brought to those Peruvian shamans experience
ETI or Other intelligence contacts... at least a little, but
not enough to go home with glee :-) Had more success
with our own special Somahuasca formulations, and
direct contact protocol. Although in the 1980s (and since
then only rarely), it was a norm for us to be able to call
the UFO into view for any passing person who had an interest
to view them, and then, never having imbibed any
exogenous entheogen. A different climate then, and
perhaps the teenage kundalini health (and vaguely,
perhaps that our great grand mother's name was
Monnet de Blanchefort, linking to Merovingian CEV's
ET al), had much to do with this intense period of contact,
that left Deep Macro Thought Artifacts that continue to
deeply Inspire, Surprise, Inkindle, and cohere deep
Novelty InSights.

PPS: Have You received some of our Manu-Script writings
on our Rg Veda hyper-DNA research, for our 2010/2011
forthcoming book The Manu: A Hyperdimensional
Artifact At The Genesis Of History

MT wrote:

Just rented and viewed RENEGADE, aka Blueberry.
The mindgland-blowing visuals far exceeded
my wildest/best reminiscent expectations.

"Welcome to the Other World." -- Runi

A quote from the ever literal-minded Wikipedians:

      "The movie features several elaborate psychedelic
    3D computer graphics sequences as a means of
    portraying Blueberry's shamanic experiences from
    his point of view. Jan Kounen, the director of
    the film, drew upon his extensive first hand
    knowledge of ayahuasca rituals in order to design
    the visuals for these sequences, Kounen having
    undergone the ceremony at least a hundred times
    with a Shipibo language speakers in Peru.
    An authentic Shipibo ayahuasca guide appears in
    the film and performs a sacred chant. In the film,
    the exact nature of the entheogenic sacramental
    liquid which Blueberry (and his enemy, Blount)
    drink remains undisclosed. During the final
    visionary scene, however, there is a bowl of
    leaves shown accompanied by a twisting vine which
    closely resembles the shape of Banisteriopsis caapi.
    Historically, Native Americans living in the
    Southwest United States, would have had no
    geographic access to ayahuasca.
      "Peyote is shown growing in the sacred areas
    throughout the film, and the buttons are
    prominently displayed at the end, although we
    cannot be sure what Rumi offers to the
    Marshall either time.


Amazing job, CinemaShaman Ananda 8hz,
  articulating, tunneling through
    the Triune Brain's
      multidimensional Hadrons!

| From: ananda bosman <ananda8hz@gmail.com>
| To: MT <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
| Subject: Re: "Welcome to the Other World." -- Runi
| Date: Aug 23, 2008 7:50 PM

Dear MT,
Glad you Njoyed "blueberry". Although the noted credits at the end are
incomplete in some versions. Finally in Jan Kounen's documentary film
about blueberry, called "OTHER WORLDS" (international edition),
Jan Kounen re-edited me back in, for 20 minutes in the bonus editions.
Initially I was 72% of the documentary.
Last year Jan and I brought a group of people to the Shipibo in Peru.
I spoke as the keynote speaker of the 3rd ayahuasca conference
(organised by US Ayahuasca hero Alan Shoemaker), and prior to this,
during 30 minutes Jan Kounen gave full credits to our venture with him
on film.
In March 2000 Jan Kounen came to our ATON Institute in Norway, filmed
me solid for 3 days,. I gave him "mild" Somahuasca potions, the second
round from Egyptian Soma (Peganum Harmala, or Nebw in Egypt according
to Dioscurides) and Egyptian Acacia. During these sessions I suggested
the various hypergeometries that were used in Blueberry. Although I
also suggested the intergeometry Vortexijah, Jan stated that this was
too much for his animators, whom I met in Paris later that autumn
2000... so unfortunately it was only an icosahedron that surrounds
Runi (I relented to suggest this as the minimum, as it is depicted
around certain alchemists as the Lapis in alchemical art), I wanted it
to be something more hyper-geometrical. But I did add additional
substance to Jan's decision to have an 8 folded series of rings around
the Buddha Self of Blueberry (the Vortexijah Lotus 8 fold spins of the
iso-hyper-sphere, that we teach in Dark room retreats and Somanetics
intensives), and other hyper-geometries. In March 2000 during the
3-day film interview, we cited a list of scholars on their individual
subject research of the Ayahuasca relatives, and in the years
following Jan managed to track these down and interview them for
Other Worlds -- as always, I was the uncomfortable outcast between
soo many worlds of different domains, that he introduced again in the
international edition (it is a hard world of rabid dog journalists,
and a strange unspeakable taboo "behind the scenes", so I understand
Jan's and other colleagues caution).
Consulting Jan on his last film "99 Francs" in Peru and Paris last
year (a film which he hoped, and has succeeded, in gaining his hard
line reputation back again, as some had thought he had gone into
spiritual goo goo land with Blueberry and his film on Amma), I
suggested the correct pharmacological agents involved in key elements
of that film, but did not contribute to the animations... only the
Unfortunately, I did not share the same convictions as Jan as to
Ketsembetsa, his master shaman, of the Shipibo. Ketsembetsa is a great
shaman unto himself. And is great for beginners, and intermediary
explorers, offering a safe environment, to some degree (safe is
difficult to measure in these fields).
People who are new to this have a safe environment to experience the
Curendero Shipibo songs and Ayahuasca at the Spirit of the Anaconda
center near Iquitos, Peru (and that experience will jolt some people
into new states of novelty, without doubt, but solely to the songs of
Ketsembetsa, and those few he has trained).
In the movie, Ketsembetsa plays his grand father, who apparently was
the last to know of a certain plant that when added to Ayahuasca
enables the translation of the biophysical body into another
space-time sheet configuration. That plant, in speaking with
Ketsembetsa last year, I suspect may have the active molecular
kindred to Agmatine, or similar ketamine-like molecules (which we
modeled into our 1999 book, The Unity Keys Of Emmanuel:
The Interuniversal Perspective For The Unit Of Diversity.
Jan made sure that I had Ketsembetsa's special ayahuasca, which is
different to the one that is given to the audience, usually.
Ketsembetsa also has interesting admixture plants like coca leaves
and a unique cactus plant (NOT San Pedro), hardly known in
ethnopharmacology, called Chai by the Shipibo -- the film does
somewhat speak in parables.
This year we appeared again at Alan Sheomaker's 4th International
Ayahuasca conference: http://www.soga-del-alma.org/ConferenceSite/#
The presentation is unque, but alas, unfortunately we make that one
mistake in the 3 hours presentation of Cris Illert as nobel prize
winner (which I will have my film editors clean out. I should have
been alerted by my hadronic colleagues years ago to this, they have
seen me mentioning this for 2 years).
And next year, We will solely make our own brew there, to have the
correct proportions of the active ingredients of the shamanic
Curendero brews, with Rg Vedic retrospectives and other Numinous
nudges per se :-D (ORME are only a single component amidst these).
Jan Kounen is doing a nobel effort with his film work, most certainly,
and remains a strong and solid friend, at the pioneering edge of movie
history. We met him whilst engaged in film work with another french
film director Jean Michel Roux ("1000 Wonders Of The Universe". We
appear in his cinematic documentary Journey Into The Invisible World,
in two parts of that film about Iceland's paranormal, shown on
european cinema's [France and Switzerland, mainly]), and continue to
cooperate with Jean Michel Roux in other films. If he manages to get
his new script Crystal through (a time travelling sci-fi set in
Norway), he may be the first film director to be using 8D octonian
fractals in a cinematic movie, thanks to our strong gravity in
asserting these formula's for the big screen (but there is some space
to go before that may become a reality).
Greetings from the deep Nordic Wilderness, in

| From: ananda bosman <ananda8hz@gmail.com>
| To: MT <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
| Subject: disCERN Orion's Oriental Orange & Lemon Clockwork Vega (quasi-cryptic)
| Date: Aug 23, 2008 9:53 PM

Arrimathea CLUes per se!?


CERN Abbas Orion begins:


ergo several chinese whispers that just might CLUe a little:


    >>> On 23 Aug 2008, at 13:18, MT wrote:
    >>> "Welcome to the Other World." -- Runi

ananda wrote:

Unit-EMMANUEL'S DisCERNing the New Universe Architecture &

By Ananda Bosman
(c) copyright 1990 & 2007 by Ananda Bosman and Aton Vase DA
        [Recent comments by ananda Bosman in [] brackets]


"We would suggest up to 2000 years physical life on this planet in the
third dimension... will all have moved into a fourth dimensional-zone,
or relocated to a fourth dimensional-zone.
"However, this future is changing, created by the choices and the
actions of each individual.

"Within this particular present age... is a mirroring directly of
Atlantis.Many will be taken to that of the 13th Universe as a
Future Point.

[This may involve the Centaurus "Strange Attractor" that is drawing
our Milky Way galaxy and the Andromeda galaxy together, and towards
it... This "Cosmic String grand attractor field" region is said to be
gobling galaxies at 150 a minute. The 13th Universe, is ad hoc to the
NU Universe paradigm.]

"However, there are hundreds of millions of individuals who have the
opportunity but are still sleeping in between polarization to make the
choice of ascension and dedication to Earth in a new level... But it
all depends upon local actions, which you have been doing, but in the
banding together, it is vitally important, that small differences will
not be emphasized, but the concentration on the goal... through
physical coordination... of service unto God and to Unification and on
to the next dimension of planet Earth -- which exists -- which was
created for man, known as the fourth density fourth octave, and
erroneously in scientific concepts, fourth dimension.
"However, most individuals understand "fourth dimension" better then
that of "fourth density". Fourth octave will also be correct.
"...We would suggest that the anchoring [the the SHAMBH-Lha/NU
is partly taking place, but first there is not too much of
a rush.There needs to be a synchronozation of time zones, and the
readiing of those individuals in their own consciousnmess.

[This time-zone synchronisation is referring to a plural manifold of
hyper-temporal hyper-relativities (hadronic mechanics): Time Gate
1996-2010 (novelty theories: temporalmaximum novelty ingression
nodes); Time Star Gates between hyper-relative nodes in time and
space (natural and artificial, hadronic hyper-temperality, and
hadronic space-time machines etc.), which includes from archaic
ages Hyperborea, Mu-Rutas and "Atlantis"; time travelling parallel
spin offs of the human race/ETI; and parallel time line synchronisation
*(the latter two are partly glimpsed in the Dr. Dan Burisch testimony
on the second future time lines that became the greys and nordic
ETI races)]

"For the affect of the anchoring of the New Jerusalem will not be of
any significance unless the individuals are prepared and balanced
within themselves and dedicated.The dedication which is awakening
within each of them through their own persoanal problems and crises
and their lives... When the individuals, 36 in number or more, as well
as less at times, move into those points in dedicated modes of
expression, then results are achieved.

[36 is a key number. It is PHI-2, the DNA rotation angle, the 5 x 36o
lines that comprise a pentagon, it is the BhRati meter of the heart in
the Rg Veda, and the Maha Tattva or Omni-Sense in the Inner Tantric
Yogic practice etc.]

"At this moment [1990], we do not percieve the same time
synchronization of that number of individuals in complete
dedication... of the heart, emotional dedication in love with the
Creator, appreciation... and wanting the Creator to be... planet Earth
-- that magnetizes as the condition of the fourth dimensional city
known as the New Jerusalem to be anchored down.

"However, individuals in smaller numbers, perhaps even in groups of 5
each within each of the places -- and there are more than 4, would
appear to be a number of 24 different points, that can be moved into
synchronization, and the individuals could be within those four points
at the same time and move onto four points and go on etc etc.

[The 4 points are the foundation given of a Stellational Hyper-
Sierpinski octahedron, and the 24 points are related to the 24 cell
Octonian/8D structure, and tetrahedron nodes that fill the sierpinski
octahedron... This was given in detail by Emmanuel in 1990. Also to
the Tri-Kaya Buddha 24 civilizations of the Galactic Council. Alas
only a few worked on this. Work focused largely on the Lake Leman
Group of Jason Leen instead, and the Emmanuel information given before
and during the Jason Leen insurge largely became obscure... None-the-
less the Leman Group work will have resonated with numerous of this
Hyper-Sierpinski Octahdron Nodes]

We would suggest the way in discovering that, and the patterns
involved in that would be through asking individuals with clear sight
[Claire-Voyance]. We would suggest this individual [Ananda in 1990 had
highly accute Hyper Vision, still activatable, and also changed into
other forms of Clear Sight]
, but there are many others who have that
perception to percieve that which is Man, to feel that which is Man,
and to geometrically point out those points on Man, as well as
percieve that which is physical locations.

[Le Man. Man is derived from the Original Model MANU, the Numinous
Macro Super-Architype. The 144,000 Nadi/Nada (space/time) Psychic
Nerve Nodes on the body of man, are the archetecture that traces the
Cosmic Anthropomorph Manu's 144,000 Noded Manu-Ratha, the Cosmic Star-
Ship City that is the 10,800 year in antiquity Rg Vedic root of the
144,000 cubit measured New Jerusalem of the Apocolypse of John
["Apocolypse = "This is code"]... These Nadi/Nada Nodes are also
renderred to the planetary grid, time chronomoniter grid of
astrophysics/astrology, and to the galactic body, and universal Vasta
Purusah Yantra grid design... The NU Cosmic and Gamma Ray array in the
universe and galaxy respectively follows such a Hyper-Diamond
topological Manifold -- hyper-octahedron-hypertetrahedron lattice, with
that of the same pattern observed by the NASA COBE galactic background
noise data, for the intergalactic foundaiton fabric design. The Lemon/
Leman Clock and Orange Clockwork precession cycle code of europe and
Geneva we have covered in The Star Gate Secret Of The Da Vinci Code,
in avid detail over the last 3 years... the hundreds of animated
slides have been recorded on DVD and are available for those who may
enquire therein]

"It may be a process that takes time... even small groups of
individuals, it does not have to be a 36 number -- even if it were to
be one individual at each point that is in dedication, truly in
dedication -- that it may take time for the total anchoring of the
Starship of the New Jerusalem, or City of New Jerusalem to anchor
down. But the beginings of the opening of the gateway and anchoring
that gateway into physical mass [hadron to electron 5th force macro
coupling assembleage, for example of modelling]
, which is also done
through that of the physical body rooting down that of the
electromagnetic energy through the central nervous system through the
spinal colomn and light groups, through the feet, feeling it
connecting the heart of mother Earth energy, can be established.

"We would suggest in 1997, or later, it would depend upon the choice
and availability made, as this "City" begins to anchor into a reality
as it is percieved at this point, all those individuals that wish to
move into a fourth dimensional frequency can take their positions
within the known power points [hyper-sierpinski hyper-octahedron NADA/
NADI Time Space Node Meridians]
....would experience the activation
of the molecular structure that has been prepared over this period
[hyper-magnecule ordering and orchestrational 5th force coordination
of the biochemical electron potential shell horizon into pseudo
, has been raised in frequency [high orbital spin
state superconductivity]
to a fourth dimensional frequency, and be
activated. And those individuals will be lifted from that state into
the New Jerusalem that will, once again, come down specifically in
time and lift those individuals up.
"At this time, with the preperations that have begun to at least from
the end of this year, will have the possibility of manifesting that by
the year 1997, or the grand number of individuals. It is possible
sooner than that there are certain gateways that will already be open
sooner than that where small numbers of individuals are able to
reactivate their light body frequency in third dimensional form. It
again, does not matter the number at this very moment.What matters
is the individuals that feel the dedication.

[No further effort was made at the end of the year. There were
individual efforts by Ananda, and on January 11th 1992, during the
11:11 event... Ananda worked with physical star ships visible in the
sky, even landing. This was testified to on Danish radio Nye Tider, by
at least one other witness, Yolanda Isqueardo, in April 1992. However,
the CERN Cyclotron Particle Collider of Hadrons lab of Geneva has been
doing multi-D experiments, and since 2005 is engaged in an octanian 24
cell experiment of 480 dimnensions {now beginning August 23rd 2008}.
We should also point out that December 21st 1998 was our solar system
and sun's true conjunction with galactic center and central plane, as
par US Navel observatory. And that the gamma ray array of 24
tetrahedrons arranged over the galaxy like a "galactic internet" that
turned on in 1994, by 1998 had complixifed, and the Cygnus PHI
emanation from this broadcasted to the Sun, and transduced into the
Earth's magnetometer magnetic field signature range as the same PHI
ration, and instigating the 1.618033 hz (/PHI the golden ratio in
number) anomolous global signal picked up by scientists {elfrad.com},
which instated the activation of a novel anomolous polymorphing light
macro-particle observed under the microscope, ordering biology and
generating the 8 primal cells in 27 minutes, as testified by
microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch, in his work at the Nevada Test Site
{projectcamelot.org}. This light-macro-particle moved with
intelligence, it had time-tunnelling effects, and was not 3D, as two
microscope cameras filming it at the same time observed two different
shapes.... We have been showing these films for years in our seminars...
Some a major gate did open in 1998, and it has changed biology.]

"At this time what matters more than anything is that small numbers of
individuals move unto these points. The points are obvious, the
points are percieved as hills that can be felt with energy as sacred
sites that have ancient mythologies surrounding them, as ancient
churches, as that of the lake in Geneva [Sir Geoffry Pinder Pevril,
AKA "Redpin" gave us detailed maps from arcane bardic lineages
showing this Lake Leman grid, which we have detailed throughout
europe in our Star Gate Secret of the Da Vinci code series...
There is another code linked ot Eridanus and the River Po, but that
we have written in detail about elsewehere... This gave direct
confirmation to the Emmanuellian mpulse and grid details, as well
as those ETI contacts that occured in the SION Dome in Valais]
"There is a point and a number of points that are gateways there.
There are distortions also that need to be transformed that belongs to
an electromagnetic grid which is scientifically [clandestine CERN
research and co]
, and within occult circles called the Devils Triangle.
"However, it is not a Devils Triangle, it is a gateway for both dark
forces and light forces, but there are gateways there that are
opening. That before lake Geneva became a lake, there were points
there that were in extreme alignment in dedication. But there are
certain mountains in the area that are those points. That there are
certain mountains individuals will be drawn to within the heart...
which had tunnels within the mountains and a sanctuary within. That
the tunnel systems as we said before were indeed increased in
vibration [cooper pair ORME high orbital spin state, confirmed from
CERN analysis of the sands of the SION Dome contact region. We also
now have the photographs that show these archaic tunnel systems]
that as the individuals went through the tunnel went through an
initiation that when they came through the sanctuary in the center,
the vibration turned and ascended to a fourth dimensional level where
tunnel systems or hills that were prepared to be zones [time space
gates, the time-zone synchronisation referred to above]
for that final
ascension sanctuary.
"That there were 12 [for the 12 universes. The central sanctuary as
the 13th NU Universe]
in number in colored spectrums 7 major, 5 minor,
each in a different vibration or color where individuals would move to
those tunnels, into the sanctuary to increase their vibration, or
fail, and go to a similar level but a different variety and go into a
tunnel system until eventually they have initiated into that vibration
and then go into the next level.

"That indeed many of these surrounding hills within this area indeed
are connnected to that and can be reconnected onto that. But that
which we have termed pyramid is a symbolic, but also a reality.
Amounting to understanding. The pyramid as an apex, or an ascension
gateway to the New Jerusalem at the pyramidal interlinkings of sacred
centers or points of activation so to speak, when in activation, these
pyramids are many more than can be considered at this time, and that
they form various geometric forms, octagons, pentagans, etc.,
[Sierpinski octahedron and sierpinski pentahedron] different
geometrical forms as they are interlinked together. Eventually you
get that which is the star network when in activation over this area.

"It is percieved therefore that indeed for all this area to move into
field dedication points that are being rebrought into a vibration into
alignment unto that of the New Jerusalem would take that of a number
of perhaps 8 [1998], before that is complete.But there will be
certain triangulations and pyramidations [the tetrahedrons in the
hyperdiamond lattice of the sierpinski octahedron]
in which the energy
will release is complete and the anchoring of the New Jerusalem can
take place for short periods for the individual or individuals, that
is there, but the individuals may disappear for a short period of
time, perhaps even seconds, but will remanifest, having come back in a
higher vibrational frequency...
This particular point in the local area is only one of many mountain
systems that are beyond here are also connected to that but there is a
great distortion in the black mountains as they are called within
psychic consciousness at this time but they are known as the Jura due
to the Empires working there, and due to those of the Empire on Earth
who you have termed as the Grey men at this time [the catacombs that
CERN uses in part are also under the Jura, but there is evidence for
other underground constructions under the Jura that we have amassed
over the last 18 years since this transmission]

So therefore the anchorings within that of Jura are more difficult, is
more on a surface level and affects those of the Empire is also a
risky business but there are points...Indeed it is by that of the
Swiss aspect which is close to Geneva.

Q: Would that be over Nyon or closer to Geneva?

It would be closer to Geneva.

There is investigation in activation that needs to happen within
certain individuals to discover this within their own field of
We love you infinatley in your bravery, and dedication. For indeed we
percieve the totality of both sides of the coin of this planet....
that the two become one and the same in two ways. Physically merging
or leaving that of physical vehicle and merging with the future that
is also a choice that is coming into your life in future points.

Excerpted Clues from a Unit-Emmanuel's (not Emmanuel) ATON-RA 3
transmission, August 1990, Lake Geneva

We have spoken before about a pyramid [over and around Geneva].
There is not just one pyramid, for God is all geometries. So, therefore,
there are four sided pyramids, three sided pyramids, and many other
power point structures. Each of them are calling to the skies for
awakening. But the only point that can marry heaven and Earth is the
third dimensional or human physical form. The more points you marry as
heaven and Earth, the more your vibration is lifted into a fourth
dimensional one.
We have suggested one three sided pyramid. We have given unto this
individual a format that covers many aspects of this area. But know
that this is only one format. It is somewhere to begin. But do not try
and judge areas to belonging inside that format or not belonging
inside that format. Because there are many points all around. Some of
which are not associated unto particular [known] special points, where
an individual will feel a resonance in their heart and feel the
increase in vibration....
There is a great challenge within Geneva. As much of the head of the
Empire today on Earth exists here, as you may have known, within the
banking systems, as well as other systems. But it is where the
greatest darkness is, there is also the greatest light. It is because
this point is a gateway that, indeed, one of the head points of the
Empire is here. But so it is with many points over the planet.

Those who are involved in those Secret Governments and Orders as well
as secret societies, have, with military armies over the world,
created their own underground world -- even more outrageous, but,
indeed, it exists. You can find very much proof of this within your
own country. Within that of the carving out of mountains, which is
associated with military operations. But the proof of that is
elsewhere and we shall not concentrate on that [we have assembled the
objective evidence synchronised to us over the years, there are for
example 200 km of tunnels in the Grand Dixon Swiss mountain ranges,
which includes our contact zone of the Sion Dome]

This geometric network of fourth dimensional energies could be termed
pyramidal, as a pyramid is that which leads one into multidimensional
frequency, or may enhance your own geometrical form. This network of
fourth dimensional geometrics is associated throughout your area and
throughout your planet through that of electromagnetic lines that are
known as lay lines.
We would suggest if you are not able to follow them with your own
sense, that there are many physical operators that have been created
that can detect such. Such as your pendulum and dowsing rods. We would
suggest however, that your hand if sensitized can also act as an
electromagnetic indicator that will draw you towards the lines you
are, perhaps, seeking to find.
There will be cross points and satellite points. You will feel these
because there will be an increase in vibration in the body, which may
manifest itself physically in the form of overheating the body if in a
positive polarity, or freezing the body if in a receptive polarity.
Both contain masculine and feminine elements [we have outlined the
mathematics of 4th dimensional geometry, from the novel work of Dr.
Anne Griswald Tyin, in our book Vajra-Ratha: Diamond Body Lotus
Vehicle Light Body Star Ship Field Manual (2003), pp 341]

...That which is the light pyramid network has many different formats
within it. Our format is based upon the law of 22 km. Which is a
sacred geometry, but there are many.

That which we have given as a format, is one that exists throughout
this area, not just Geneva. And there are many other formats to be
received that at first would appear to be contradictory to each other,
but, as further points are gained, would interconnect all angles to
form a circle [polyhedron, iso-polyhedron, and hyper-polyhedra].
Each different pyramidal format and electromagnetic grid, when discovered
and activated, will go from pointed stars, tetrahedrons, to a circle.
When the circle is achieved, that is when you get the unity of the One
Sun. That which is each electromagnetic format, is establishing each
of the diversifications of the One Source into mathematical codes.
As each one is discovered and integrated, one gets a unity that goes
beyond the separation of mathematical codes.
As to the reliability of that which we have given, it is an
approximation based on 22 km as we have given. But that this is only
one system. That there are 144,000 other systems to interconnect. Some
of the points we have mentioned are crucial points for anchoring that
of the New Jerusalem [the 144,000 is a major clue to the Captain Bruce
cathie grid and his work on CERN, as well as the 144,000 NADI sacred
geometry and hypermathematics of the Rg Veda that we have
uncovered elsewehere]

We perceive, and we work with you infinitely in our own unique forms,
in anchoring with you the God understanding in physical form
personally, and for the planetary and universal process of which you
are going through as you are connecting to the unification with the
Pegesas universe [for those interested research the Pegasus Square,
Hamlets Mill gave many clues that filled in detailed information from
the Emmanuels on the so called Pegasus Universe]
...A three sided pyramid, each being 22 km on each side. And this
would form a four sided pyramid that is the side of the Jura and
Saleve [a CERN scientists related via Dr. Ruani Luukanen, that there
are clandestine tunnels coming out from CERN's ultra top secret
underground into the Saleve, we were able to uncover some years later]

but that it would be connected unto further three 3 sided pyramids so
you would have a four pointed star with one centre four sided pyramid
in the centre. That this would continue as we have suggested already
unto this individual, that each of the points of the star will form a
four sided pyramid [conforming to hypergeometry].

[ Ananda Bosman ]


First particles injected into Large Hadron Collider atom smasher

Peter Higgs: Smashing atoms at CERN and the hunt for the 'God' particle

The Big Bang: atom-smashing could uncover truth

Time travellers from the future 'could be here in weeks'

Steklov Mathematical Institute

The first time travellers from the future
could materialise on Earth within a few weeks.

3D television 'a reality within five years'

Beatles space broadcast 'risks alien attack'

Parallel universe proof boosts time travel hopes

Time travel could be possible ... in the future

How the Time Machine works

Time is running out - literally, says scientist

They... [ Irina Ya.Aref'eva Yaroslavna
  Igor Vasyl'evich Volovich
  http://www.mi.ras.ru/~volovich/ ]
...tell The Daily Telegraph that whether
subatomic time travel in the LHC would open
the doors for human scale time travellers
"is a deep and interesting question" but
stress that "these problems, and many others
as well, require further investigations."

Probably the best we can hope for is that
the LHC may show a signature of the wormholes'
existence, Dr Volovich says. If some of the
energy from collisions in the LHC goes missing,
it could be because the collisions created
particles that have travelled into a
wormhole and through time.

One sticking point until now for wormhole
concepts is finding an exotic kind of material
capable of keeping the maw of the wormhole
open for time travel.

Dark energy - a mysterious antigravity force
that is thought to pervade the universe - could,
they say, be just what is needed to keep the
entrance to a wormhole open, at least according
to one family of ideas about its nature, where
it is called phantom energy.

If a blend of colliding particles and phantom
energy does create a wormhole in Geneva this
year, an advanced civilisation could find it
in their history books, pinpoint the moment,
and take advantage of their technology to
pay us a visit.

"The observational evidence still allows for
phantom energy," says Robert Caldwell, a
physicist at Dartmouth College in Hanover,
New Hampshire. "As for Aref'eva and Volovich's
speculation that the LHC will produce the stuff
of time machines - ugh!"

A leading scientist who believes that time
travel may be possible, Prof David Deutsch
of Oxford University, comments:

"It's speculative in the extreme,
but not cranky. For various reasons
I don't think the mechanism they propose
would work (i.e. provide a pathway for
messages from the future) even if
their speculations are true."

Dr Brian Cox of the University of Manchester adds:

"The energies of billions of cosmic rays
that have been hitting the Earth's atmosphere
for five billion years far exceed those we
will create at the LHC, so by this logic time
travellers should be here already. If these
wormholes appear I will personally eat the hat
I was given for my first birthday before
I received it."


On 25 Aug 2008, at 08:54, MT wrote:

Maestro Ananda!

Have viewed the last few scenes of Renegade (Blueberry)
several times with awe-struck wonder. The film itself,
I gather, didn't win much praise from critics, as the
"Western" motif superimposed upon the psychedelic subtext
was probably lost on most sanctioned film experts.
The ideas of exoteric, mesoteric, esoteric are clearly
delineated within the mundane setting of "treasure
hunters" seeking "gold" in the off-limits sacred mountains
where two aspects of polarized consciousness meet in the
"Other World" to realize their true selves. One soul is
annihilated while the other returns to so called mundane
reality with new found resolution and integrated ability
to truly love another, self, and physicality of
consciousness.A pretty ambitious, brilliant film maker
this friend of yours! The uncanny visuals you participated
in remind me of a wish I once had to pursue computer
graphics with an intent to explore what I called at the
time: "The Hollow Knots," which for me was the whole
gestalt inspired by psilocybe...
Something from my page - "T r i p t y c h" :

*********Begin Archaic Message*********
| Date: Sun, 11 Apr 1999 17:43:26 -0700
| From: MT99 <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
| Reply-To: MT99 <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
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| To: Blue Resonant Human <****@****>
| Subject: Re: ::: Martians on Drugs! :::

Blue Resonant Human wrote:
> At 10:59 AM 4/10/99 -0700, William Hamilton wrote:
>> a rare book entitled "UFOs and Diamagnetism"
> [...]
>> He attempts to explain UFO observations based on his theory.
> Yet OTOH, "Pablo says that these vehicles may take many shapes, are able to
> attain infinite speed, and can travel underwater or under the earth. The
> beings travelling in them are like spirits, having bodies more subtle than
> ours, appearing and disappearing at will."
>                 The Ayahuasca-Alien Connection
>                 Excerpts from:
>                 Ayahuasca Visions: The Religious Iconography of a Peruvian Shaman
> Being a publication of outstanding paintings of ayahuasca visions
> experienced by a native medicine man, Pablo Amaringo, and interpreted by
> distinguished anthropologist, Luis Eduardo Luna, PhD. A masterpiece.
> ISBN 1-55643-064-7 Published by: North Atlantic Books 2800 Woolsey Street
> Berkeley, CA 94705 1991
> Some Important Iconographical Motifs
> Spaceships


> On the other hand, the connection between UFOs and tryptamine hallucinogens
> has been pointed out by Terence McKenna, who has ascertained by questionaire
> that UFO contact is the motif most frequently mentioned by people who take
> psilocybin recreationally, using 15-milligram-range doses sufficient to
> elicit the full spectrum of psychedelic effects (cf. McKenna 1984,1989). I
> have heard of such stories by Westerners who have taken ayahuasca,
> Psilocybin cubensis, or pure dimethyltryptamine. As Vallee (1979:209-10) has
> pointed out, the UFOs are physical manifestations that cannot be understood
> apart from their psychic and symbolic reality. The UFO motif is a subject
> that should not be neglected by cognitive anthropologists, depth
> psychologists, and people interested in the mythologies of modern man.


> A splendid vision in which the sublime powers of the invisible world are
> seen as luminous rays, with qualities or grades that go beyond all human
> knowledge. [..] Then there is a turqueise-BLUE ray representing the
> sapphire. There we see angels or messengers who roam the vast universe,
> dwelling in different galaxies for some time. The have extrasensory wisdom
> and move with the speed of thought. They are the guardians appointed
> to the immense universe.
> Bibliography of references cited in this excerpt compilation::
> Chaumeil, Jean-Pierre
> 1982 Representation du Monde d'un Chaman Yagua. L'Ethnographie
>         78(87/88)49-83.
> Chevalier, Jacques M.
> 1982 Civilization and the Stolen Gift: Capital, Kin, and Cult in Eastern Peru.
>         University of Toronto Press.
> Cipoletti, Maria Susana
> 1987 El Ascenso al Cielo en la Tradicion Oral Secoya (Noroeste Amazonico).
>         Indiana 11190, Berlin.
> Gebhart-Sayer, Angelika
> 1985 The Geometric Designs of the Shipibo-Conibo in ritual context.
>         Journal of Latin American Lore 11(2)143-75
> 1986 Una Terapia Estetica. Los Disenos Visionarios del Ayahuasca entre
>         lose Shipibo-Conibo.

Way Cool, Blue!

The Electric Gallery: The Amazon Project - Visions of Pablo Amaringo

Ayahuasca Visions

OneWorld Magazine - Ayahuasca, Power and Dreams

See also:

And of course, my own:
Digitally Modulated Topology & Room 9

          I had a conversation once with Mr. McKenna about "true hallucinations"
      several years ago when I was just leaping into multimedia and digital
      graphics. My matriculated hope then was to create a realtime animated
      VR simulation of what I referred to as the "Hollow Knots", i.e. the
      imagery behind the optic nerves elicited by the mushroom. (Incidentally,
      I can count my life-experiences of the "Hollow Knots" on one hand). My
      contention, then, based on my "HK" experience, was that the psychedelic
      imagery, when it is perceived directly without the filter of human
      interpretation and the ordering into recognizable objects, themes and
      patterns, will stand out as being recognized most accurately as
      neuro-biochemical phenomena within the nerves themselves, which says
      more about the structure of the brain/body matrix than it does about any
      parallel, objective, external reality. He replied that that may well be
      true, but there was a great deal more going on with the psychedelic
      experience than just "visual", optic nerve feedback. He stressed the
      magnitude of internal awareness and insight gathered in such biochemical
      states. I, of course, sensibly, conceded this latter observation. The
      triune nature of the brain must have some bearing on all this, thought I.
      Perhaps an effective enough VR simulation in its own right, without
      psychedelics, could elicit such inner states of awareness? The notion of
      psychotronics, digital imagery and animation seemed like a reasonable
      course. Maybe my natural, aesthetic interest in such things though - as
      one who looks 'inward' for visual mysteries - precludes my ever seeing
      anything "outward", such as an unusual craft piloted by unusual entities
      hovering over my house in the twilight hours?
      Hmmmm.... Time will tell.
      In the meantime, I'm putting off the DMT experience in-a-possible-future,
      indefinitely, pending future developments; although, I do enjoy hearing
      about other's psychonautic journeys.

    *********End Archaic Message*********


Terence Kemp McKenna
born: November 14, 1946, died: April 3, 2000

See Mike Kawitzky's: COGNITION FACTOR
       See also MkzdK: http://www.mkzdk.org/
                H.R. Giger: http://www.hrgiger.com/
                Alex Grey: http://www.alexgrey.com/




Will study and think about: "Unit-EMMANUEL'S DisCERNing
the New Universe Architecture & DESCRIPTION OF THE LAKE
with great interest... THANKS! --MT-25/Aug/08

P.S. re Nobel... 'The Devil Is In The Details.'


From: ananda bosman <ananda8hz@gmail.com>
To: MT <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>
Subject: Re: "Welcome to the Other World." -- Runi
Date: Tue, 26 Aug 2008 06:32:27 +0200

D, MT,
Greetings and thanks for the archaic rehash
(remember being there some aeons ago :-))
art artifacted amidst the Entheogenesis
of artistic ontological apotheosis with
Gnosis, perhaps.
Your hand digit numerated encounters with
the the HK phenomenon greatly appreciated,
and further details thereof, naturally.
These experiences and their indepth
ruminational integrations generally hold
great depths, in unique ways.

I just had the opportunity to convey to
Dr. Dennis McKenna some new information
which hopefully may give a nudge towards
the direction of his resurrecting his
betacarbolation theory. The climate on
superconductivity and the like (and a
wealth of information on harmine and
DMT modelled in our 2002 book The Soma
Conspiracy: Unveiling The Lexiconography
& Identity of the Primordial Elixir Of
Immortality & Metamorphosis-- SOMANETICS:
Somajetic Somasynthesis For Somagenic
Somagenesis), has significantly changed
since the mid 1970s. The ORME [Orbitally
Rearranged Monatomic Elements] research
(a subject whose information is presently
leading in the internet information
density, by Barry Carter, who joined us
in Norway amidst Dr. Mel Purcell and
Dr. Stein Johansen and other Norwegian
scientists in 2006), ORME which we have
been working with since 1995 in
combination elixirs, are also noteworthy
in this regard, although much less
mainstream therein.

In meeting Terrence McKenna in 1994,
we had our conversation about Dark
Room Retreats and endogenous ayahuasca
(I had already guided some 5 such
experiments with numerous pilots then),
solar mini novas and the like, amidst
the crazy driving of Luxala, head of
Egosoft and the Psychedelic Network in
Amsterdam, with him driving on pedestrian
walkways, even up the wrong way of the
dual road highway... so our conversation
was highly excited with chaos in every
direction, whilst we each maintained our
respective calm, from each of our vantage
points of finding phase-stability amidst
the churning tornados of chaos, as eyes
of the storm. It was a 20 minutes that
our respective organisers arranged for
the interlude conjugation of two artistic
semantic poets... set and setting were
not truly 1960s puritan in terms of the
architecture of trip design. A mad driver
driving amsterdam in chaotic style
against the grain of the rule, order and
law of the streets acted as our tryptamin,
without any police appearing as our blood
brain barrier regulation.
Cybernetic information flow had to use
this canvus for its creative flux.

In our video for the Iquitos 4th Ayahuasca
Conference (during some 3 hours, and also
given to Dennis McKenna before he left,
on DVD), we show how the UFO that McKenna
witnessed in Columbia, that appeared to
be absolutely fake, in fact follows the
3D extrusion of the very I-Ching symmetries
he was then modelling in MAO-I tryptamine
revelation. Our 3D rendering of the novelty
graph gives the UFO symmetry he witnessed
and found that he was observing as to have
to be absolutely fake. The very same
design also appears in some more archaic
very unexpected places.
Personally, having first had the UFO and
contact experience (ETI & Ultraterrestrial)
for some 7 years, then having had the
Dark Room endogenous psychedelic experiences,
and then the entheogenic molecules, as I was
saying to some colleagues here tonight --
I find ALL 3 equally important, and equally
valid, and mutually supporting of each other,
in unique marriages. I understand people
who need to experience the UFO and contacts
(especially coherent ones), or those who
need to solely experience this through the
dark room retreat protocol effecting the
pineal gland production; as well as the
equally important entheogenic molecular
inner experience of contact (occasionally
both occur concurrently, with some witnesses
imbibed on molecules, and others not, yet
observing the same Other phenomenon
"out there"... to Klein bottle mobius strip,
in hyper-D, the OMNIJECTIVE Reality Behind
and Beyond this phenomenon).
In our Iquitos presentation, we advance
the importance to dissolve the barrier
amidst the research community. The UFO
researchers refuse to touch the entheogenic,
shamanic molecular world (although molecules
take on a new dimension, should the hadronic
5th force become certified as the molecular
binding force), thinking it is way too
"out there"; and the entheogenic
pharmacologists refuse to touch UFO's
thinking it is soo aloof with crackpots as
to not deserve consideration (although some
entheogenic researchers are more inclined
to look at the latter than the former are
of the latter... The OMNIJECTIVITY of the
Inner and the Outer can be seen elegantly
modelled in co-existence in the proto-Vedas
and the inner tantric Buddhist, the 33rd
Buddhistic Path of Dzokchen.

A field full of 8-fold coherence to You,


Meanwhile, back in late 2006 CE...
>   A week or two ago, my beloved spousal unit & I observed
> a "satellite-fast" moving, solid red light traverse a northwest
> to southeast trajectory across the night sky. It had one red
> light not blinking and no other illumination. It did not seem
> to be a plane or helicopter, but likely a satellite. I have never
> seen a red-lit satellite before. Does anyone know what manner
> of craft this is? Muchos Gracias --MT -11/01/06

From: George Paxinos <geopax@bluewin.ch>
Subject: Re: HAPPY [belated] Samhain! -- 31 Oct. '06 CE -- Several
              Places at ONE TIME, What about Several TIMES at One Place ...
Date: Nov 2, 2006 2:32 AM


SEEN THROUGH A BIT OF SMOKED GLASS, then it was probably one
of the UFO types, of which I have seen many.

They are silent, SOMETIMES PULSE - but SLOWLY - period 3-4 secs on one I saw,
CAN BE CALLED OVER TELEPATHICALLY, though the one time I did so (around
1986-87), my female companion, with whom I had seen the campfire-type one
diving silently at a height of less than 100 feet into a Swiss Valley in
CHUR, GRAUBUENDEN, on Christmas Eve 1977, grabbed my wrist with surprising
force and no word of explanation other than "THAT IS THE ONE WE SAW
BEFORE" (almost 10 years before!) and dragged me 400 yards home at a flat-out
run! - the damnedest thing! - had something happened other than we could
remember the first time we saw it? - my only memories are of the jaundiced
light of sodium street-lamps on snow on a crystal-clear night and the dark
edge of the forest, at the outskirts of town up on the hill ...

MT wrote:
> George, et al.
> I'm somewhat convinced that what we saw was
> a low altitude satellite of an unusual configuration,
> and yet it fits your description [above]. A Google search for
> a Red-Lit Satellite brought up lots of 'red herrings'.
> How many satellites do you suppose are currently orbiting
> earth? Must be thousands, eh? Time/space willing, I'll look
> more into this. I did find out that the ISS looks bluish
> and, of course, most craft have a red light with a blinking
> white or green light, and through observation most satellites seem
> to emit a white light or a reflection off the sun.
> Some helicopters apparently fly silently and do who-knows-what
> with their illumination.
> Our "sighting" was in a heavy air-traffic region, lots of
> airports, both civilian/military, the usual night sky looks
> like a scene out of a George Lucas fantasy, so for this
> one "artificial light" with a straight trajectory to draw
> our attention it had to be something quite unique. Thanks!
> Seeya! --MT-04_Nov_2006_CE

"Gary G. Ford" [1946-2013] writes:

Subject: Re: "... a Red-Lit Satellite brought up lots of 'red herrings'."

To: "MT" <mthorn@ix.netcom.com>

CC: baenpetsesen@gmail.com>, "Mark Thornally" <mthornally@yahoo.com>,
"Thorn Alley" <thornalley2002@yahoo.co.uk>, "Andrea Ghez" <ghez@astro.ucla.edu>,
"Acharya S" <acharya_s@yahoo.com>, "Bill Gallagher" <luxefaire@gmail.com>,
"Joe Fleury" <skypaint@hispeed.ch>, "Greg Lunt,JD" <greglunt@yahoo.com>,
"Ed Yco" <esyco@earthlink.net>, normanbowden@msn.com,
"Ken Deibert" <kenco@cal.net>, "zerdo" <zerdo@cox.net>,
"Dick Farley" <CloudRider@aol.com>, "Schwann" <schwann@webtrance.co.za>,
"Jack Sarfatti" <sarfatti@pacbell.net>, "brad smith" <chair@thule.org>,
"bruce maccabee" <brumac@compuserve.com>,
"Stan Friedman" <fsphys@rogers.com>, majorstar@aol.com

      Mark, The QUESTION, which hits me is this:

"Was the light a reflection (of the sun),
a narrow beamed red laser lidar pencil,
or wide cone warning/sighting beacon?!"

Why would lidar be used? How would it be
distinguishable from background light?

And WHO SAYS it must be a 'Satellite'?

Suggested Usage: High precision Ranging for
detailed high accuracy description of the
Earth surface in a "target area".

Suggested Purpose One: Looking for 'Earthtides" -
or perhaps rise/falls of regions due to depletion
of water, oil or gas reservoirs underground, or
cave-ins of karsted areas (such as SW Texas, or
Cenote areas of Mexico, parts of South Florida.

Suggested Purpose Two: To look for true tops of
non radar reflecting upper parts of buildings.

Suggested Purpose Three: Surveys of red-absorbing
Atmospheric pollutants.

Suggested Purpose Four: Military Targeting Practice.

Suggested Means of Identification against background:
Unique Pulse Coded Signature, filtered for on listen
for return, and adjustable to time of flight return
for pollutant probes, etc.

Of course, Gentleman Physicist Jack Sarfatti may well
add Space Quality (fraction of condensed phase) in a
bubble of space time modification propulsion effects.

Gary, Mighty Maniac/COSMOS CHILD : IOWAN Idiot
Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013
MT writes:

It seemed too low in altitude (according to my
knowledge-base) to be a satellite, but I thought
"satellite" because of the rate of speed and silence.
This is a bit maddening as apparently there are no
officially designated aircraft/spacecraft that use
a solid, unblinking red light exclusively in their
navigational lighting systems.


A Navigation light is a coloured source of
specular illumination (a point source) on
an aircraft, spacecraft, or waterborne vessel.
Commonly, their placement is mandated by
international conventions or civil authorities.
They are used to signal a craft's position in
low visibility, and to communicate basic
information about the craft, primarily its
position, heading, and status.

Some common navigation lighting systems include:

Right-of-Way lights - On ships, aircraft and
manned spacecraft, a red light will be mounted
on the left or port side of the craft and a
green on the right or starboard side.
These help two craft on a collision course
determine who has right-of-way: if a pilot
sees a craft on a path crossing his own,
he will see either its red running light or
green running light. If he sees green,
he is to the impinging craft's starboard and
has the right of way. If the pilot sees the
red light, he knows that the approaching craft
has the right-of-way, and he is required to
deviate from his course to avoid the collision.

Union of Concerned Scientists -- May 2006
Satellites: Basic Facts


There are more than 800 active satellites currently in orbit.
They represent four percent of the total number of objects
currently cataloged by the U.S. space surveillance network;
the rest includes abandoned satellites, spent rocket
boosters, and other debris.

The United States owns more than 400 active satellites,
just over 50 percent of all satellites. Russia and China
have the second and third highest number of space assets,
owning 89 and 35 satellites, respectively.

Civilian satellites, which perform tasks for the
commercial, scientific, and government sectors,
make up the majority of U.S. satellites.
Russia's space assets are split nearly evenly
between military and civil missions, though
there are not separate military and civilian
space programs. Only a very small percentage
of other countries' satellites are military in nature.

Uses for Satellites
Approximately two-thirds of all active satellites
are used for communications. Satellites for navigation,
military surveillance, Earth observation and remote sensing,
astrophysics and space physics, and Earth science and
meteorology missions each comprise about five to seven
percent of total satellites.

Satellite Orbits
Satellites orbit Earth in several distinct regions of space:

Low Earth orbits (LEO)--about 80 kilometers (km) to 2000 km
above Earth
Includes: military intelligence satellites, weather satellites

Geosynchronous orbits (GEO)--36,000 km above Earth
Includes: commercial and military communications satellites,
satellites providing early warning of ballistic missile launch

Medium Earth orbits (MEO)--between LEO and GEO
Includes: navigation satellites (Navstar, Glonass)

Molniya orbit--a highly elliptical orbit with a 12-hour period
Includes: communication satellites for regions near the North Pole

Orbital Debris
Orbital debris is any human-made object in orbit
that no longer serves a useful purpose, including
discarded equipment, abandoned satellites, bolts
and other hardware released during satellite deployment,
and particles from explosions or collisions.

UCS Satellite Database Lists operational satellites
currently in orbit around the Earth. Updated quarterly.

Satellite: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Satellite



MT continues:

Again, it was late October between 10PM & midnight,
westcoast NW to SE straight trajectory, clearly an
artificially self-generated unblinking red light
with no accompanying green or white light. It did
seem to pulse slowly as it passed into the distance.
Actually, somewhat mundane in appearance - just a
red light - very easy to dismiss it as some kind
of satellite or fast moving helicopter(silent) or
normal home-grown aircraft running a red light only.
Yet a search on these parameters leads pretty much
nowhere. I am not at this time prepared to call it
a "UFO," except in the literal sense according to
my embattled mindgland's limited aeronautical expertise.
Enlightenment on this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Subject: Re: "... a Red-Lit Satellite brought up lots of 'red herrings'."
Date: Sun, 5 Nov 2006

--- Daniel Bowen <baenpetsesen@gmail.com> wrote:

> I think that there is a solution to your problem. A normal airplane uses
> both red and green lights, so that right of way may be determined. If you,
> as a pilot, see a green light headed your way, then you do not need to (or
> are not supposed to need to) alter your course, as the incoming plane has
> the obligation to turn away from you, while if you see a red light, then you
> have the obligation to turn away. Thus the use of both red and green lights
> implies both the obligation and capacity to yield right of way. It would
> not make sense to use both red and green lights however, and would be
> dangerous, if you are unable to yield right of way for some reason. If you
> are a broadcast tower for example (speaking from the point of view of the
> object), then you should use only a red light, as you are incapable of
> avoiding collision, and in fact, high towers are so marked.
> What you probably saw, with the solitary red light moving across the sky,
> was a UAV, an unmanned aircraft of some sort, undergoing a night flight, or
> night test. An unmanned aircraft could not be relied upon so much as a
> piloted one to turn away to avoid a collision, and so the UAV operator has
> marked his craft as being effectively a moving aeronautical hazard,
> incapable of avoiding another flier. Many UAVs are used for military
> observation and are designed to make little noise, so you could not hear the
> UAV engine, and at the same time, a UAV would likely move at a different
> speed than most aircraft, further confusing the perceived distance from the
> ground and adding to the satellite-like effect.
> It is particularly unlikely that the red light was either a satellite or
> even a very high-altitude plane for two reasons. First, to be seen from the
> ground, an artificial light source would necessarily have needed to be very
> powerful. Second, the reflected light from a high-altitude craft when seen
> on the ground is normally white, giving a bright shiny appearance, no matter
> what the color of the aircraft. The SR-71 spyplane for example, was a dark
> matte black, but appeared shiny from the ground.
> Best,
> Daniel

MT writes:
Yes, a truly simple yet brilliantly
reasoned solution. I am in you debt
Daniel! Always an interesting
cognitive experience to get that
"AhHaH!" blast of light to clear
out the murky shadows of irrational
ignorance. And here I had a link on my
Traversing Singularity Barriers ^ Aeronautics
page entitled: "Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Gallery"
which should have got me thinking, but not realizing
that UAVs traverse such familiar local skies, my
mindgland skipped a beat, so kudos & thanks!
--MT - 06_Nov_2006_CE - " T r i p t y c h "

<| Date: Sun, 05 Nov 2006 19:21:09 -0800
<| From: brad smith <chair@thule.org>
<| Organization: Thule Foundation
<| http://www.thule.org/
<> brad smith wrote:
<> > In case you had not thought of it.
<> > The crop circles are made by low orbit satellite ion beam weapon.
<> > The boys at NRO laugh their asses off when they get the feedback from
<> > disinformation specialists like Linda Howe (remember the supposed animal
<> > mutilations done by aliens? NOT merely our teams in black helicopters
<> > sampling various flesh from animals exposed to fallout from downwind
<> > testing of nuclear weapons.
<> > Any other questions about things done by phony "aliens" I can answer
<> > poste haste.
<> > Creating belief in "aliens" on Earth has been the biggest mind control
<> > project since MK-ULTRA.
<> > There is intelligent life out there. It's so intelligent it hasn't come
<> > here recently.

MT writes:
Just wait until the artificially intelligent
central processing units piloting the
unmanned aerial vehicles develop sentient
consciousness... --MT-06_Nov_2006_CE

> All the best! --MT-05_Nov_2006_CE
> P.S. Speaking of the nonexistence of past/future, I didst
> run across a bit of flotsam, to wit:
> ******************************************
> A New Earth: Awakening to Your Life's Purpose,
> Dutton, October 11, 2005 ISBN 0-525-94802-3
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eckhart_Tolle
> [...]
> The aim of [Eckhart "Ulrich"] Tolle's teachings is
> the transformation of individual and collective
> human consciousness - a global spiritual awakening.
> Core teachings that appear to arise from his works are:
> 1. You are not your thoughts. You are the awareness
>         behind the thoughts. Thoughts are often negative
>         and painful, yearning for or fearing something in
>         the future, complaining about something in the
>         present or fearing a matter from the past.
>         However, the thoughts are not you; they are a
>         construct of the ego. Awareness of your thoughts
>         without being caught up in them is the
>         first step to freedom.
> 2. Only the present moment exists. That is where
>         life is (indeed it is the only place life can
>         truly be found). Becoming aware of the 'now'
>         has the added benefit that it will draw your
>         attention away from your (negative) thoughts.
>         Use mindfulness techniques to fully appreciate
>         your surroundings and everything you are
>         experiencing. Look and listen intently.
>         Give full attention to the smallest details.
> 3. Accept the present moment. It is resistance
>         to the present moment that creates most of the
>         difficulties in your life. However, acceptance
>         does not mean that you cannot take action to
>         rectify the situation you are in. What is
>         important is to drop resistance so that you let
>         the moment be, and that any action arises from
>         deeper awareness rather than from resistance.
>         The vast majority of pain in a person's life
>         comes from resistance to what is.
> 4. Observe The Painbody. Years of conditioned
>         thought patterns, individually and collectively,
>         have resulted in habitual emotional reactions
>         with an apparent personality of their own.
>         During 'painbody attacks' we become completely
>         identified with this 'pain identity' and
>         respond from its agenda - which is to create
>         more pain for ourselves and others. Observing
>         the painbody is awareness itself arising - as it
>         allows humans to separate from this unconscious
>         identification with pain.
> Eckhart Tolle is not aligned with any particular
> religion or tradition.
> Influences which are alluded to in
> 'The Power of Now' are the writings
> of Meister Eckhart, Advaita Vedanta
> and Zen Buddhism's Lin-chi (Rinzai) school.
> Quotations:
> "Compassion is the awareness of
> a deep bond between yourself and
> all creatures."
> "True salvation is freedom from
> negativity, and above all from
> past and future as a
> psychological need."
> "Is suffering really necessary?
> Yes and no. If you had not
> suffered as you have, there would
> be no depth to you, no humility,
> no compassion."
> "Enlightenment means choosing to
> dwell in the state of presence
> rather than in time. It means
> saying yes to what is."
> "As you go about your life, don't
> give 100 percent of your attention
> to the external world and to your
> mind. Keep some within. Feel the
> inner body even when engaged in
> everyday activities, especially
> when you are relating with nature.
> Feel the stillness deep inside it.
> Keep the portal open." [...]
> --Eckhart "Ulrich" Tolle
> http://www.eckharttolle.com/
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eckhart_Tolle
> ******************************************
> "FORWARD INTO THE PAST!" --Firesign Theatre
> http://www.firesigntheatre.com/
> I N T R A P H A S E R
> http://pweb.netcom.com/~mthorn/intraphz.htm

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