Coin of the Realm Amerigo Vespucci
"I have re-logged in now, after a beautiful
dream, which STrekkies would either love
or hate, explanation sometime later,
spontaneous, dealing with the Theatrical
CREW of STNG ..." - Gary G. Ford

"First Dog Bites First Lay-day!"

Reprinted with permission from Gary G. Ford 2002

Meanwhile, a new Mind event went wild,
  to contemplate for possible future
American Time Branches ...

  "First Dog Bites First Lay-day!"
    screams Our Headlines,

    on the OTHER Side,

they have taken quite
  a different turn of Thought,
which Brought to Reality down a lot,
  Readily Translate Instead
    To ...
      "Worst Dog Bites Worst Lady ..."

  And then they drop directly into lurid details
  about the Empty and Unfulfilled
  President's Wife's Life,
  what with Boy George 'Fucking the Dog'
    (Old Calgary 'Oil Patch' Saying
    for "Doin' Nuthin' Much at All..."!)

  almost all the Time.
  and The First Worst's Wife
  Not being First in Understanding


  "a Metaphor are not a MetaFour"

  at the peak heat
    of her emotional strain,

  flipped her wig,
    and had her very own
    very Discrete
  Very Secret Service Man

  secure a Magnum Double Dildo
    for her own secret personal
      discrete use ...

  and to calling on the Bowser Pooch,
    then sat she about staring
    setting to
  on the Actual DeFacto
    of the Phrase above ...

  Needless to say, The First Bowser,
    like Master Boy George, Himself,
  not one to mince words when it comes
    to Alternate Life Style Activities,
  took Trans-dental Defense
    ('cause 'Offense is such
      an AWFUL UnAmerican WORD ...)

  And promptly RIGHTLY Bit
    the FRUSTRATED First Lady,
  after breaking loose
    from first insert,

    feel very much like
    The Worst Lady,
  and exactly were it counts,
  ON Turning Mr. First Bowser
    into the Most WORST
  AROUND ...

  End of Story, Great Green Frog
  Calgary Alberta, 2002 Dec 1 ...

Hey! I saw Bright Lady Venus playing
  Bubble Dancer Gypsy Rose
    with the Crescent
    of the Moon,
Easternward, outside, just awhile ago,
  when I plugged in my wife's
    trusty, no longer so rusty
    (she did the Body Work
      All by her Little Self,
    Grinding, Bondo, Painting
  1982 Dodge Ram 250 Van,
The Sky being too cloud-ridden
  for Master Mars to Shine On
    Through ...
Bit WHAT OF "Over There?" -
    Shall See the Empress of the Sky
      Make Common Cause
        With Moon and
          Warrior MARS.
    what then?! ...

Whose Emblems show
  a Star Shining through
  a Sparkling Hole? ...

  Blasted Right In
  Luna's Dark and Sold Bulky Limb

A TARGET Marks US NOW? ...
  The SIGN of Crescent Moon.
    With Mars of War
      And Light of Loving Venus,
As Today's Morning

Oh Holey Lunatic Moon! ...
  Hath Such a Sign
    The Great Empire Launched
Once Upon the Leader's Mind
    in Ancient Days,
      Made Signal Known,
  Upon Great Profits'
  Thoughts ...
    The Great and Awful

.... If Moons of Man and Mars
    and Jupiter's to Saturn's
    with Uranus' little few,
      and Neptune's Triton
      one or two,
    the Planetary Retinues ...
  Were met with Cosmic Twine,
    and made as Beads to bring
  with well drilled ways,
    their Pristine Wells
      to Spring Great Light,
    no hot and heaving
      lava burst to froth,
  But marked with clean, strong holes,
    a Solar Chorus Line so filled
    with Planetoids Set Forth
    on Cosmic Pedant String,
  Were May to Turn
    the Goddess Earth's Own
      Keen Eyes ...
Would Mother Nature
  then Mend her Ways
    and 'Tow the Line?!
To wear
  The Worlds' Jewel Moons
    as Necklace
Of WAR? ...
  or Peace?! ...

Such A Fitting Way
  to End the Voice
    of Man's Say
      In Earth's

GGF [ 1946-2013 ]
Gary G. Ford, Iowan Idiot
2002 December 01
CalGary, Alberta, Xanadu

PS: Alas! Just the Title. I see
  and NO More Comely
    Ball of Well Linked Points!
... Maybe The Universe, She,
  is asking for The Best
      of Twenty Three?!

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