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Proportionality and Grounding of The Long Body - Eclipse/Upload

EIGHT HOURS of Pythagorean physical labor
at a Construction Site is a good start...

      Decades ago, I found myself laying out
the foundation for a two story bank and
office building. First you grade the ground
as level as accurately possible utilizing
state of the art surveying techniques and
equipment. You then use age old methods
to establish a perfect outline of the
building's foundation and footings.
A^squared plus B^squared equals C^squared,
in other words, to establish a workable
corner on a square building you can measure
out from a corner point along one wall (A),
then out along the other wall (B), then
across the hypotenuse (C), and the ancient
Pythagorean formula will let you know [3,4,5]
if your layout is precise enough to continue.
Regular string, twine, that which can be
pulled tight, is used to stretch across
where the footings will be dug, concrete
forms built, rebar and anchor bolts hung,
and whatever else is required to prepare
the foundation for the eventful day of
pouring the concrete. Foundations were
my favorite work when I was in construction
aeons ago. I recall one hot day in the sun
laying out the 'building-to-be' ground work,
thinking about the ancient Greeks, or
Egyptians, or Ziggurat-building Sumerians,
or Mesoamericans, or the builders of
Angkor Wat, or Borobudur doing the same
exact thing to prepare an earthly field
for their esoteric toil. Medieval cathedral
masons would dig down to bedrock before
placing the first corner stone. The physical
labor required for sustained construction
work is very grounding, and good for the
Neurotransmitters, Dopamines, Endorphins,
Serotonin, Motor coordination, and focusing
the mind. Superfluous bullshit evaporates...
I would have enjoyed working on that esoteric
symbol for evolution, the Sphinx, but a two
story bank was almost just as good...
for The Long Body... [11 July 2010]

      The clock in his head had gone off ages
ago, completing a lifelong task that until
now was never entirely real in his mind as
an actual eventuality. The old man finished
his breakfast, left his keys with the
superintendent, then drove for hours until
he reached the outskirts of civilization.
Without possessions, he entered the wilderness.
The clear, moonless sky displayed a starry
shroud befitting his final earthly night.
Something dark and immense occulted the stars
above him. The time to upload his entirety
had arrived, and like a wireless link in an
unimaginable network, he relinquished himself
down to his deepest core. When the upload was
complete, he collapsed. Since nothing was
left of any part of his inner self, it didn't
seem to matter.
      The stars gradually reappeared.
The data that was his life fulfilled some
elaborate program. A vestige of himself was
absorbed into this mysterious network, but any
continuity of personal memory was erased.
He always knew it would go this way. He didn't
mind, though, because again it never seemed to
matter throughout this elaborate existence
that was his life. The point was always to
accurately record realms, awareness, feelings,
and cognition. He always suspected, even in
earliest childhood, that it was the nature of
dreaming consciously in this symbiotic world,
to record this data, to upload it, and then,
mission accomplished... Process. Now what?
      [5:00 AM Wednesday 15 SEPT 2010]
      by MT


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