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IT 20th - 21st
ZERO SELF ONE - Last Story

Lamassu: Wake-Up 
To: Quad Four  Odyssey Linkage
PEACE ON EARTH  Good Will To Flora and Fauna!



Intercepted Transmission: Wormhole

Intercepted Transmission 2019

by   MARK THORNALLY     [ 800 x 600 High Color 16 Bit Monitor Resolution ]

Daught Calm™
Digitally Modulated Topology & Room 9 Etiology of Mad Genii
3 Dimensional Eyes Cross-Eyed Stereo Viewing
Wheels Within Wheels Psyops Manifesto
Traversing Singularity Barriers Aeronautics
Jettisoning Religious Comparative Extrapolations CHINA?
Stochastic Radiant Sentience Equation N e u r o L i n k a g e
The 'Other' Betty Ford Marion Dorothy Elisabeth Ford
Quetzalcoatl Hybrid "The Tower"
Quetzalcoatl's Fifth Strange Attractor MT's page at: Thé HÿÞêrdïmèñsîøñ
Cybridized Insectoid And now a Wyrd Prophecy
Topological Geometrodynamics Dream Matti Pitkänen's theory of TGD
The Dancer in Transition Monica the Warrior Saint
Microtubules in Sponge Town The World is My Neuron
Plasmoid Plasma Dream - October 1, 1999 CE
Trust Thinking Outside of the Box
Dream Evaporation Electric Lincoln
The Long Walk 1989 Annotated Fable featuring the Star Sponge and the 50 Gates
Wood Mind Jimi Hendrix Dream and the Ziggurat
The Old Ones 1977 to 2002 SYMMETRY 1, 2, 3


_/-_/-_/-_/ - - -~o0-O-0o~- - - \_-\_-\_-\_

RIVER OF TIME The GARY G. FORD files  [ 1946-2013 ]
Quantum Mechanical History The T. Casey Brennan files
Salamander Radio Dr. Bouillon Cube's Acclimatization
Queen of the Flies Thousands of millennia ago ... Civilization?
Spewing Humanoids (I) & (II) Engineering Living Matter?!
Whacks, Loons and Freaks The Mini-Series
Contact Contact
Abraxas Ponders Final Extinction
The Interceptors (Restoration Already In Progress)
Lost Rune Tarot Archetypes Amenable To Individual Interpretation
Owl Space GALLERY: Dome, Realm, Hallway, Platform, Body, Trust ...
Relevant XX Chromosome Archetype Kali meets Tank Girl
Neuroblast Wormhole Behaviorism "The Portal" to Dodecahedron Head
Frequency Modulated Waveform Weird Intelligence™
CosmiCConsCiousness 8000 light-years from the Keyhole Nebula: Carina
Biomorphic Polarities SATBOT I: Biomorphic Autonomous Spacecraft
Ancient Script FRACTAL: The Hollow Knots screenplay
Quad-Four 21st Century Four-Mouthed Wormhole Hieroglyphic
The Five Gender Sentients...

M u l t i d i m e n s i o n a l   M u n d a n e   A d v e n t u r e s   i n   G u e r r i l l a   O n t o l o g i c a l   N e r d d o m

0 Zero Glacier 1970's Ship 1980's Mural Addendum '02 AnnCoeptis 79
Basin Glyphs Body Astral Bonzo 2005 Clock Radio CONTACT
DREAM Eulogy MT Eye Dead FIVE 5 Fool's 2012
G's Triptych Good Omens H. Symmetry I hate my life Krayon Krypt
Le Jester '08 Magi Boom! March 1, 2005 MT BOX MT ch_A.O.S.
MT's Act MT's Dodec Non Sequitur Norton I Prints
Quad4 Vortex Realm Hall Snake Mind STAR GATE Strings 1978
THE EIGHT Tibet 2008 Wake Up! Warm Wind Z000 1999

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