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Inwardly Wired for Intelligence
by Gary G. Ford

July 21, 2006

I'm the store and saving kind,
Every thing you may say to me,
One day may come against you -
All my brain has written down.

Wired for Intell, yes, I am,
All wound tight, my nerves on web -
Entangled and Intrigued, to dangle!

Far beyond the ordinary Snare, I am,
I link the Universal Cable in the End.

They're listening to thee and me,
To every thing we think and do,
And everything we hear and see,
They do think and see and hear!

As if we're THEM, and They are We,
They PLAY with us, in every way;
We fight but never win on THEM;
They've ALWAYS 'Home Advantage'!

Is Everything we think we do
In private, still their common knowledge?

I am Their Slave and SO ARE YOU.
They're from the Future MIND's
Almighty Knowledge.

They tinker with our lives
And leave us subtle clues
To guide us if we're wise.

When we think that they're not us,
They make it clear that we are THEM,
They're from our Futures looking back!

There is this Loop in Universal TIME,
Which makes the Universe sublime.

To a Future we've all known,
We're always falling there on cue...
Just like a dropping Stone, we go!

We're from the Universe's Intent,
Our parts to play are small but real,
And to the Future we are bent!

Our Friends and Family FAR AWAY
Await our letters every day.

They see the Past in Memory's Eyes
And revel at each new surprise!

All wired and ready we're connected,
To the FUTURE we've all expected.

It rushes up like Ground below,
And hits us with a mighty blow!

We're only little minds, you see:
Finite states from Infinite Tree!

In the scope of backward cones of knowing,
We're inwardly guided by the Future's Going,
And if we listen carefully can sense a bit
Of just wherefore we're heading in our fall:

To meet the Master of the Universal MIND,
And make full report of all we've done,
We're falling to our glorious End,
And when we get to there, WHAT THEN?

To either Merge with ALL
or else Begin Again,
We may surmise if wise.

Gary G. Ford   [ 1946-2013 ]

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