: K A L I :

Post-industrial, post-info-sapien, dudette punkess with attitude, weapons aptitude, and freaky martial/sexual skillful energy. Like a visit from "Tank Girl" near the end of the Kali Yuga, when all the wacked-out, material universe players are pretty much fried and play out the remainder for entertainment value more than anything else.

Why, oh why is there not an entire series of megabuck, chewing-gum cinematics for the triune brain's neural releases running amuck out there?

I ask you: is Tank Girl threatening to some standard-issue, social mindset?

Where, oh where is the millennial kick-ass Tank Girl, Kali, or even "Pele" and her projectile-lava-molten-vomit to scorch our collective visual screens and twist our gender-juggling genetic endtime social sensibilities into raw, unadorned reality?!

...And what of "r e a l i t y" ?

R E A L I T Y ? ? "THE" reality?! Oh, well, the things I could tell you about reality, HAH! Yes, I know "reality" alright, on a first name basis you see. I'll tell you this much about reality: "It ain't what it used to be." Oh yes, I know reality. I helped raise some of reality to its current prominent position. I owe reality money. I even let reality borrow the car once! (Never again). Anyway, Tank Girl as quasi, post-infosapient's grappling with "reality's" failing embers of a weary patriarchal social-bankruptcy in its declining years as the new reassurgence of the chaotic matriarchy (with attitude) and velcro reverse-engineered morphogenetic resonance, A.K.A.

" K A L I "

enters the scene. Cue the orchestra...

Kali: the bloodthirsty wife of Shiva, with blue-black body, four arms, using a human skull as a cup. (Wears shorts in the desert). Her color symbolizes eternal night of non-existence, free of illusion and distinction. She wears a garland of the heads of impure thoughts, which She has severed from the personalities of Her devotees. She takes all the thoughts, puts them into Her mouth, chews them, and digests them all, and says: "%*#$!?!" a lot. This is why She shows Her lovely, red, protruding bloodstained tongue. And a most excellent tongue it is!

Kali is often depicted standing upon the corpse-like form of Lord Shiva, dancing upon the stage of Consciousness. "Consciousness"? Hah! Just like "Reality"...

She is the perceivable form of Consciousness. Consciousness is awareness. That is why Lord Shiva is shown as a lifeless corpse: still, immobile, his eyes are fixed, trained on the image of the Divine Mother. [Oh, we thought he was sleeping, or passed out, or something... thanks for the clarification.] All that Consciousness perceives is the dance of Nature.

Kali is pure primitive reality, formless void full of potential, "the divine creative and destructive aspects of nature". She is tragedy, humor, sorrow, brother, father, sister, mother, lover, friend, beast, sun, ocean, grass, dew, revealer, merciful helper, destructress of evil... fear... pride... and sin, the goddess of death, "Power of Eternal Time", (I dig this chick!) responsible for life from conception to death, symbolizes infinite diversity of experience, represents the entire physical plane.
As long as she dyes her hair red: GIVE THE LADY A TANK AND STAND BACK!!!!!!!!!!! It's... it's... Tank Girl!

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