- Mon, 21 Aug 2006 -- Wed, 23 Aug 2006 ...

    by Gary G. Ford

Greetings, O Fabulous Celestial Magician[s]

When the Other Lights come,
And through this Universe of Ours
Cut slantwise pencils of seen radiance,
Aimed from vantage points outside
our 3D Surface of EM Integrity
and passing through our flesh and bones
x-raying our souls we will fear ...

Will you be able to resist
the unison sweep and beat,
The Orders Universal Flowing,
from the Automaton on HIGH?

Or will you too,
like a Billion Zombies arrayed in White,
Fall into ganged formation
and March at once into the Sky?!

Arc-driven plasma jets -- University of Alaska, Fairbanks, Duckering building basement May 1972 -- variation on first version done originally by
Gary Gene Ford in 1962.

Myself I fear will flee
To be chased down and lifted away,
Separated from all important to me,
And made a tortured slave,
though still remembering,
Far too much,
Desiring my Connections
To the PAST, and friends and family,
Then, however Tragic they may be!


© Gary, [ 1946-2013 ]
    Wed, 23 Aug 2006

> > [...]


[...] [T]he Engine of Change is at Hand,
The Deep Vibration of an Immense Power Source
Buried in the very Foundation of BEING is
starting its slow climb from deep low tone
to high pitched frenzied scream and shaking

AWAKEN, O Sons and Daughters of MAN!


Are you NOT Aware of Some of the FAR OUT
Net Celebrities listed? ...
Such as Captain Jack Sarfatti?
Or sometimes we have retiring
Big Brother Security Spooks.
It does not matter ...

This image, courtesy of Marusa Bradac, shows dark matter (blue) separated from luminous matter (red) "URL" ...
About: Dr. Marusa Bradac, Ph.D.
[ See also: "MACSJ0025.4-1222" ]

The Universe is VERY ACCEPTING.

The Bulldozer Scraper Blade of Spiritual Progress
Sweeps up ALL, and Wipes the State CLEAN for GOD!

The MINDLESS Urges to Become MORE than Naught
summons all, The Sparking Fuse of Change is racing
across the Field of TIME, And before our stunned Eyes
of FATE, the wailing of the Multitude has just begun.

Let the Kinglet felled by wont of Insight
Wild of Purpose Rise and Soar AGAIN,
And visiting the Cool EXPANSE of Space
    Between the Stars,
Take one last trip of MIND
    Across the COSMIC Seas
For Purpose Tragic SEEN
With Dreadful Change!

Is that Cortes' Skeleton rattling I hear?
To Bones of Crazed Conquerors
Crave We NOW be Near? ...

Reciprocatingly set in phase,
With Beings Dead and GONE,
Turning ON ...
New Meaning of The GRAVE!

To SAIL the COSMIC Seas and Gamble LIFE Again!
Is but the ESSENCE of Adventure that makes STRIFE,
Brought DOWN from Heavens Found in Shock of Skies,
To Stand as Hidden Hand upon the Savage MIND of MAN!

Roll FORTH and Cast your NET
Upon of Celestial FISHES Seen,
O Greatest Matchless BEING!

The End of of Facile Pretense has begun,
Anew amidst a hastened beating of His Heart,
The Cycle of His COSMIC Coming FELT,
The Shiver of His Being comes apart!

All HAIL, The Ended Kinglet in his Rise from Death,
To Summon Gold He found from Cosmic Shores AFAR,
And all before His Shining Throne of LIES,
That HE who wastes no time in Thinking FAST,
Will Greet the Roasting Pot of Paradise!


Thus, BOOM! the Magic Fire of Madness Swirls 'Round
And all the pieces scattered to the Winds when Found
Can only mean The Shredded Form of Broken COSMIC MAN
Has 'Gone to Ground'!

The flames in fading fire do jump and hiss,
The Nature of the Madness thus has passed
Into the Mist of FROZEN Sadness ...

And all that was, Is cooling down,
And gone again, as soon we're found,
Awakening from DREAMS of Causes Lost!

Amen! (BOOM/boom! BOOM/boom! BOOM! BOOM!)
Gary, For The SWIMP!

© Gary Gene Ford
    Mon, 21 Aug 2006

Gary G. Ford - 1946-2013

Plasma Dream - Oct 01, 1999
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