Whacks Loons & Freaks: The Mini Series

400 x 400 Quasi-Hybrid Image

Whacks, Loons and Freaks! The Mini-Series

Part I

Act 1

Scene: 1

Marnoch The Welder, having traversed space and time for umpteenth eternities, and having weathered the myriad zones and worlds of OverGone-Split: A Quantum Wave Function Production, like, Retro, Man... did, to his own appreciative inner edification and outer life-course resource, encounter the Archetype: ZoM.

Scene: 2

"Whoa! Heavy..." Said Marnoch The Welder to No-One-In-Particular.   "I create my own reality!" He thus summarized to same.

No-One-In-Particular replies: "What sayest thee, Lady Archetype, ZoM?"

Archetype ZoM replies: "We concur. Marnoch The Welder is still learning; although, he tends to weld in his head oft too much and not enough in the marketplace, his need requires a blast of tough love admistered clearly and firmly upside his funky headgland. We shall oblige."

Scene: 3

[Archetype ZoM impeccably displays her craft which validates her Archetypal status, with fierce aplomb and simple dignity, in short: She One Tough broad.]

Act 2
Scene: 1

The "Swing Revival" suddenly dies a merciful death: "plop!"
[applause, applause...]


Act 3

Scene: 1 -(Rocky Coast Ocean Night)-

Marnoch The Welder, a light in his eye, steps carefully over a shimmering tidepool - a thousand crescent moons flicker in reflection as he places a purple flower upon the water. As the flower floats away, Marnoch The Welder quietly whispers to No One In Particular: "Archetype ZoM, thou art one fine soul." He briefly touches his heart, then returns to the beach. A single tear exits his eye, turning into a clear crystal as it hits the starlike sand.

Meanwhile... a wild party erupts inland; all is well in the Multiverse...

End of part I

[ "Whacks, Loons and Freaks! The Mini-Series",
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Part II: ABRAXAS Ponders Final Extinction

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