Melencolia I  (1514) -- Engraving by: Albrecht Dürer

           Ananda M. Bosman  writes:
             ... (The pre-Hindu proto-Vedic Rg Veda
         describes 432,000 Man-like species in our
         local universes, within its 432,000 syllables
         (our considerable extensive work presently
         of more than 3000 pages, on this, entitled
         The Manu: A Hyperdimensional Artifact At
         The Genesis Of History, to be released 2011-2012,
         goes into great detail into the sciences
         involving 54, 108, and 432). In The Vedas,
         Man is described to be descended from ETI's
         and Ultraterrestrials.
           [...]  ETI Galactic Sex Education At the
         Beginning Of The Rising Dog Days ... Canis Major
         & Procyon Rising... Meanwhile, contacts and a
         powerful ETI session, with star ships appearing
         at our mountain hut [even something caught on
         film in morning light], and the ETI lesson was
         on the importance of understanding "ETI sexual
         politics" in terms of future earth-man with
         universal man interactions.
         This is a very serious and central topic to
         the ETI, Galactic Council, Intergalactic
         Confederations in Service of the All-One
         Maker of All-Oneness, and by ExTension:
         the UltraTerrestrial Intelligences (UTI);
         HTI (Hyper-Temporal-Intelligences);
         and OTI (Omni-Temporal Intelligences,
         or Inter-Universals [the Manu; Emmanuels, etc]).
           [...]   The Emmanuel Ultraterrestrial Umbrella by
         which a myriad of ETI civilisations operate, is
         primarily founded of Hyper-Terrestrial
         Intelligence (HTI) and Omni-Terrestrial
         Intelligence (OTI) Primordials: the Operators of the
         All-Oneness MaNumerator within the cosmos.
         Maneuvering as a hyper- and omni-corporality
         of All-Oneness Holo-Materia that enables them
         to traverse and manifest in hypermorphosis into
         equivalent forms of Homo Cosmos (cosmic Man),
         within all the myriad of dimensional realms and
         world systems of the multidimensional universe,
         multiverse (HTI), and omniverse (OTI).
         We have experienced such contacts, together
         with the ETI civilisations working by the
         Ultraterrestrials, with more than 78 witnesses
         to their vehicles, landings, and contacts,
         testimonies that include observing giant many
         football field sized motherships in broad
         daylight at our home (1985-2008) ...

Subject:  Wooly Mammoth Dusty MindGland Supersymmetry Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy   [ Re: Hyper-Humoured Omni-Science ART-i-Facts ]
From:  Mark Thornally <>
To:  Ananda Bosman <>, MT <>
Date:  Aug 10, 2008 7:33 PM

  Mahatma Ananda Bosman! Scroll down, throughout
    comments in " ***** ", here, there, everywhere, and
      nouveau-where, (in-between-betwixt, local and nonlocal)...

    My Wooly Mammoth's dusty MindGland is trying, failing
to make heads, tails, quadruped hoof paradigmatical
nouveau light-bulb-overhead-enlightenment comprehension
of all this arcane data, realizing that approx. 9/10th's
of it is, no doubt, waaaaay beyond my archaic cranium, as
I'm still trying to understand basic quantum mechanics,
e.g. consider 'Supersymmetry' and:
                                                                    "...Dark matter is
    the nonluminous matter that pervades the
    universe and has been discovered through
    its gravitational influence. Even though
    one-quarter of the energy in the universe
    is stored in dark matter, we still don't
    know what it is. ... The universe contains
    dark energy (energy that is not carried by
    any matter), that constitutes 70% of the
    total energy in the universe. Though it
    might explain dark matter, neither
    supersymmetry (nor any other theory)
    explains dark energy. ..."
  -- Pgs. 270-271

            Lisa Randall, Ph.D. -- WARPED PASSAGES - Unraveling
            The Mysteries Of The Universe's Hidden Dimensions.

[ See also: FORWARD INTO THE FUTURE! & "MACSJ0025.4-1222" ]

    What is Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli's understanding
    of the whole "dark matter/energy" conundrum?

    In any event, I do think that MAGNECULES
    would make great pets, especially if they       [ WeirdScenesTM ]
    could be trained to retrieve Time-Warped
    Frisbees while powering superluminal
    propellantless propulsion systems!   To wit:

Title: New Chemical Species of a Magnecule
Document Type and Number: United States Patent 20010038087
Kind Code: A1


  A novel chemical species, called magnecules, which
is composed of clusters of molecules, and/or dimers,
and/or atoms formed by internal bonds due to the
magnetic polarization of the orbits of at least
some of the peripheral atomic electrons present in
the cluster, the intrinsic magnetic field of nuclei
present in the cluster, and the intrinsic magnetic
fields of valence electrons present in the cluster
that are not correlated in singlet couplings to
other electrons to form valence bonds is disclosed.

  And so on...   Maestro Santilli is undoubtedly one of those
rare geniuses who comes along, unappreciated by mainstream
tenured politically-straight-jacketed professional professors
of governed devolution, who must break through the gravity-well
by technical innovation which it seems is exactly what he's
doing with the 'MagneGas' fuel synthesis techology...

Then there's...

The monograph reports in a language accessible to
the general scientific audience systematic research
on new energies and fuels conducted at the particle,
nuclear, and molecular levels, that [Santilli] initiated
at Harvard University in 1978 under DOE contracts
ER-78-S-02-47420.A000, AS02-78ER04742,
DE-ACO2-80ER10651. Santilli then continued the
research in collaboration with several
mathematicians, theoreticians, experimentalists,
solid state physicists, chemists and biologists
at The Institute for Basic Research (then in
Cambridge, Massachusetts) and at various other
institutions under DOE contracts
DE-ACO2-80ER-10651.A001, and
DE-ACO2-80ER10651.A002. Subsequently, the research
was continued under financial support by Hadronic
Press, Inc., then in Nonantum, Massachusetts.
More recently, the research was completed under
logistic and financial support by Toups Technology
Licensing, a public company in Largo, Florida.
Toups Technology Licensing had a crucial role in
the completion of the research presented in the
monograph, by conducting fundamental anomalous
measurements outlined in Part V. These measurements
permitted the successful construction of the the
first Hadronic Reactor of Class III that has
resulted to be over-unity of 2.78 according to the
independent certification by Motorfuelers, Inc.,
a Florida testing laboratory, in its first
prototype version ... [...]
                  [...] ... A schematic view of the fundamental
[...] Santilli's main assumption of 1978, that is
at the foundations of hadronic mechanics, is to
represent nonlinear, nonlocal and nonhamiltonian
interactions via a nonsingular generalization of the
basic unit of the theory,

1 -> I*(t, r, v phi, ...) = 1/T(t, r, v, psi, ...),

and reconstruct the mathematical structure of the
theory in such a way to admit the generalized unit
as the correct left and right unit. Via mere
compatibility arguments one then obtains the
Santilli's iso-Heisenberg equations

i dA/dt =[A, H]* = ATH - HTA
[r, p]* = rTp - pTr = i I*,

and the Mignani-Myung-Santilli iso-Schroedinger equations

HT|> = E|>
pT|> = - iI*D|>

OUCH! (See aforementioned 9/10th's wooly mammothisms).
Have downloaded the following PDF for study:

International Conference on Physical
Interpretation of Relativity Theories,
London, September 2002
Ruggero Maria Santilli
Institute for Basic Research
P. O. Box 1577
Palm Harbor, FL 34682, U.S.A.
Web Site

Which should provide lots of wonderful dreams
(or nightmares), depending on time-compression
factors and dendrite implosions...

Have you glanced at Matti Pitkänen's
"Topological GeometroDynamics" work?
It's probably NOT very useful for new technologies
like Santilli's pragmatism, but it will twist
your mind into various hollow knot shapes, unlike
my own "Hollow Knots" cinematic tale of lunacy at:


Re: Hyper-Humoured Omni-Science ART-i-Facts

--- MT <> wrote:
> Just a quick note to acknowledge receipt of great
> multiverse of pixels for wooly mammoth neuroparadigm
> gearhead shift. Thank you! Will peruse, analyse, rehang
> doors off blown hinges, etc. in the coming daze, and
> get back to you sometime in the near to disssssssstant
> future. Keep on massaging the medium O mathemagickal-
> musician-magician, et al!
> I see that what you're exploring is infinitely more
> complex than this, but certain aspects remind me of
> a book I once read as a kid, 2 books, actually,
> published as one: from the Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) site:
>   There is a great excitement and interest today in what is
> described as the "paradigm shift" in science. Humanity's
> understanding of the universe and its place in it is
> changing dramatically. Ether, God and Devil (1949) and
> Cosmic Superimposition (1951) are two groundbreaking books
> that initiated the current paradigm shift long before the
> concept was popularized in Thomas Kuhn's 1962 work,
> The Structure of Scientific Revolutions, and the later
> works of such best selling authors as Fritjof Capra,
> Gary Zukav, Timothy Ferris, and many more. In Ether,
> God and Devil, Reich describes his process of thinking -
> which he called orgonomic functionalism - and shows how
> the inner logic of this objective thought technique
> led him to the discovery of the cosmic orgone energy.
> In Cosmic Superimposition, Reich steps out of our current
> framework of mechanistic-mystical thinking and comes to a
> radically different understanding of how man is rooted in
> nature. He shows clearly how the superimposition of two
> orgone energy streams - demonstrable in the human genital
> embrace and in the formation of spiral galaxies - is the
> common functioning principle in all of nature.
> Together, these two works usher in a fundamentally new
> view of humanity, nature, and man's place in the cosmos.
> With translations by Therese Pol
>> From: ananda bosman <>
>> To: MT <>
>> Subject: Hyper-Humoured Omni-Science ART-i-Facts
>> Date: Aug 9, 2008 9:08 AM
>> Dear MT,
>> Thank you for your bounteous humoured ARTiculations et al...
>> All Hail
>> your:
>> "I have an open mind regarding so-called "fringe" science.
>> One person's 'fringe' is another sentient being's superluminal
>> propellantless space/time toaster oven to the stars!"
>> I smile, "hypothetical magnecules", rather empirical magnecules,
>> supported by the US Department of Transport. I would not take
>> this reference too seriously, as you know public science has
>> largely become religious dogma, and the real stuff goes on
>> clandestinely (including wiki editing as you most probably are
>> well aware of). We are interested in the empirical evidence, not
>> the religious hum drum Gospel of so called public science
>> status quo maintainers, A Masquerade Of Science by a Misty
>> Masquerade of "Scientist" Priests, it could be characterised,
>> who appear to be keeping mankind in the quantum mechanical
>> D'ark Ages :-D to ECCO strong words, perhaps.
> Incidentally, are you familiar with
> Millennium Twain's X49 Scram Jet,
> his writings re: structure of the nucleus,
> or his ElectroDynamic Gardening in Ojai?
>> Strong reasons to be glad to have abstained from taking a Ph.d,
>> to mark oneself into this post-modern church, and remain
>> outside in the pioneering free thought fields, with compassion,
>> the pride of the Infinite One, and honour of the Irreversible
>> Heart-Core -- man must dare to be unique at heart, regardless
>> of establishments.
>> The hadronic PlasmArc Flow magnegas reactors can be
>> purchased and observed operating at Dr. Santilli's Florida
>> labs. My colleagues Eric-Strom Petersen, Dr. Stein Johansen,
>> Randall Barolet, have all observed this lab first hand and I
>> have this on film. It is noteworthy to note that similar hadronic
>> reactors can be observed elsewhere, as in Italy.
>> Furthermore, the portable demonstration unit of Dr. Santilli
>> has support from the US Department of Transport, touring
>> different states to give a direct observation of the magnecule
>> producing hadronic reactors to the public, as a direct means
>> of practical demonstration to override the hypnogogic goSpell
>> of Dogmatic "Science" Priest's maintaining the Misty Veil of
>> the Mystery Science over the publics eyes (with god knows
>> whom as co-horts ET al :-D).
> The Klein Bottle in Nature
> by Melanie Claire Purcell
> Even though the higherdimensional
> topologies of the torus,
> Möebius strip and Klein bottle are
> significant candidates for the shape
> of space, it is becoming more
> transparent that there is a general
> reduction of the very place that
> topology holds in the quest to
> understand Ultimate Reality.
> Wikipedia is a classic space to
> obtain the "authorised" view of
> reality, with numerous entries
> steering researchers and particularly
> those who are not old enough or
> cynical enough to dig deeply for the
> truth, away from certain topics.
> There is no need for black
> propaganda when there are so many
> enthusiastic scientists and
> mathematicians, academics and
> scholars who are convinced of the
> "authorised" version of reality...
> ... Illert discovered the hidden
> universal algorithm for sea shell
> growth by using isogeometry of
> Santilli, the algorithm not possible
> to discover from any other theory of
> space. Also, he showed that some
> kinds of sea shell growth presuppose
> information flow fast forward in
> time, and from there fast backward
> in time. This was congruent with
> predictions from Santilli's general
> extensions of geometry. I regard the
> usual notion of the (physical)
> universe in physics as 3D steady-
> state, expanding or shrinking, as
> very little impressive measured by
> scientific and philosophical standards.
> Illert argues that the form of the
> universe is more like a self-
> intersecting sea shell, and is very
> close to the notion of the Kleinbottle
> here. (Dr. Stein Johansen, Norway)
> Chris Illert proves that growth
> patterns in nature function in
> higherdimensional spacetime.
> "In his pioneering work 'Introduction
> to Theoretical Conchology'(1978),
> Chris Illert posed the question
> "Is the Universe a Giant Sea Shell?"
> Melanie Claire Purcell - 2007:
>> Dr. Santilli's continual refusal, much to his credit, to work
>> at the Nevada Test Site and in covert work associated with
>> Brookhaven Labs and the like, and thereby become
>> ordained in the Mystery School secrecy elite of "science",
>> possibly is one of the leading factors for attacks on Santilli
>> (but the amusing wiki reference, is soo far behind the
>> moon ;-)p, and anyone who has witnessed and even mildly
>> integrated the hadronic chemistry empirical evidence, can
>> only be amused by such ignorance).
>> As there are many dozens of scientists the world over who
>> have made significant contributions to hadronic mechanics
>> (Dr. Illert won the Nobel prize, but when my hadronic
>> colleague, Dr. Stein Johansen visited him a couple of years
>> ago, he is in a poor poor state, no support, scientists not
>> understanding him at all, not liking his hadronic
>> contributions in the slightest [or his stargate physics],
>> and close to the edge of the threshold of life and the
>> thereafter, living in outmost poverty); mostly the majority
>> of these scientists are main stream.
>> Mostly, however, in 2006, all scientists, universities, and
>> corporations working on hadronic reversal of radioactive
>> materials into magnecular energy available forms received
>> threats on their careers, or even their lives (as revealed to
>> a small cluster of hadronic colleagues in Sweden, 2006)...
>> So we will have to wait for the exopolitical climate to turn
>> some of the dense mystery mists into early morning dew
>> ready for true nuclear alchemy and reversal of global
>> nuclear pollution ET al :-D
>> The fact that the electrons may travel faster in water than
>> light travels in water, poses an interesting problem with
>> much cureousity, with trends towards a cure for the
>> Curendero by hadronic hypermechanics :-D
> Sound also travels faster in liquids
> and non-porous solids than it does in air. Also...

Dr. Chris Illert DID NOT WIN A NOBEL PRIZE in 1998,
See: Nobel Laureates 1998. See also: "Opposing Einstein"
at: Breaking Open The Head. Also do a search for "Illert"
at the Nobel Foundation site:

>> The Elementary Hadronic Mechanics volumes cite many
>> numerous dozens of mainstream empiracal studies that
>> absolutely demonstrate the failing of quantum mechanics
>> at the hadronic horizon (10-^13cm), much to the annoyance
>> of the desperado agents of maintain the public misty veil.
> "The smallness of Planck's constant--which governs the
> strength of quantum effects--and the intrinsic weakness
> of the gravitational force team up to yield a result
> called the Planck length, which is small almost beyond
> imagination: a millionth of a billionth of a billionth
> of a billionth of a centimeter (10^-33 centimeter)...
> To get a sense of scale, if we were to magnify an atom
> to the size of the known universe, the Planck length
> would barely expand to the height of an average tree."
> The Elegant Universe - Superstrings, Hidden Dimensions,
> and the Quest for the Ultimate Theory by Brian Greene
> (c) 1999, 2003 ISBN 0-375-70811-1 (Pg 130)
>> Alas I probably do not do justice to the core of hadronic
>> scientists including Dr. Santilli, as we only find resonance
>> in hadronic hypermechanics by the same axiomatic core
>> integral hyper-logic by which we can overlay Our
>> Emmanuellian Hyper-Holo-Imagery (top-down) seemlessly
>> of the majority of the hadronic hyper syntaxis... being the
>> first non-academic hadronic philosopher (in 2002, thanks
>> to Dr. Johansen, the first academic hadronic philosopher,
>> in 2006), or so it could appear... and simply finding
>> hadronic hypermechanics having too many parallels and
>> grander expanded depths to our own Insights, Inspirations
>> and Numinous Revelations ET Al. I would recommend the
>> overview written by my colleague Dr. Johansen (I will
>> forward this post to him. Your web site has enough UFO
>> lore and the like, to trustfully enable the more spiritual
>> esoteric face of Dr. Johansen, who has sent his study of
>> everything anthropological students to our pineal
>> activating Dark Room Retreats and Vortexijah whole body
>> 8hz phase-conjugation biofeedback trainings... Due to his
>> mainstream stance, he may be reluctant to talk about our
>> work, and his placing our research in a list of 10 Pioneering
>> thinkers, who have all discovered the SAME principles,
>> from different unique angles. I will leave it to him,
>> to contact you).
>> (Dr. Johansen contributed in these: Limitations of
>> Einstein's Special and General Relativities, Quantum
>> Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry Isodual Theory
>> of Antimatter, Antigravity and Spacetime Machines)
>> I tend to be inclined to disCERN CERN Abbas (ORION), in
>> Geneva, as being a smokescreen for clandestine operations
>> and projects of cyclotronic resonance psychoactive and
>> virtual disease and soft reality co-influence, based on data
>> shared with me from the late Queen Juliana's bard Sir Geoffry
>> Pevrel Pinder (from a long lineage of bards), who imparted
>> information directly to me, without an oath of secrecy (due
>> to code in the bardic system), which remains far beyond
>> the conspiracy research community leading edge, and
>> which I am gradually working hard to weave into some of
>> our writtings. He worked directly with scientists at CERN
>> that were directly involved in the ALICE in wonderland
>> cyclotronic resonance psychoactive and bioactive
>> clandestine operations. In the mass published world,
>> Dr. Bruce Cathie (Bridge To Infinity), gives a skeleton key
>> sign post peak into how such clandestine and grander
>> projects may have the implicational sway to disCERN.
>> In 1990 we received highly techical hyper-geometrical
>> information about the CERN area of Geneva, from the
>> Emmanuels. Hyper-geometrical descriptions We can
>> only now understand, some 18 years later.

Interesting. Curiously enough, I believe a physicist:
"Walter L. Wagner, Ph.D."
has filed a lawsuit against CERN regarding the possibility
of the LHC creating a non-evaporating mini black hole that
will ultimately grow & consume the earth & solar system...
Most physicists discount that possibility entirely.

>> These days we spend a great deal of time in compossing
>> our Sierpinski Pentahedral music.
>> Enjoy your ARTifices with merit and spirit.

Brilliant! Tonal Angularity

_ \ / _

>> Look 4wards to your whole WOOLEY Fleece Mammoth
>> core pending thought.
>> Agape Una MaNoos Namaste
>> Ananda
>> PS: I studied Dr Turner's work in the mid 1990s,
>> found the circumstance around her passing of intrigue,
>> especially with the about face she was
>> having then on some of her experiences.

I recently read Dr. Turner's 'Masquerarde of Angels' and Barbara Butholic's
'Barbara: The Story of a UFO Investigator'
as a result of comments between Eugenia Macer-Story and Caryn Anscomb
about "masks." Turner's & Bartholic's books surprised me
in their intensely paranoid, negative approach
to all things ultraterrestrial. I think there's a certain
amount of mental illness 'masked' in certain contactee
literature, but they are powerful stories, regardless.
I created a webpage inspired by those dialogues, at:

>> Initially I enjoyed Stargate Conspiracy too, apart from
>> Messengers of Deception there was little other literature
>> like it. However, some of its contents are highly taken out
>> of context and do not provide a complete whole true picture
>> on some of the characters therein. This inspite of the VERY
>> welcomed end conclusions on Shamanism and the Pineal plant
>> molecules, indeed.

Yes, Lynn Picknett and Clive Prince
"The Stargate Conspiracy" was one of
those pop-culture, everything under the sun
sort of works (even "my name" is mentioned in it:
wherein they quote a brief exchange between
Jack Sarfatti and myself about the possibility
of his childhood phone calls from a 'Cybernetic
Extraterrestrial AI' being staged by his mentor.)


>> After featuring in Jan Kounen's OTHER WORLDS for
>> 20 minutes (documentary on ayahuasca shamanism),
>> and assisting Jan in some of the geometry at the end
>> of his film Blueberry (Renegade, in the USA, I think it
>> is called) -- I was disappointed by the shaman guru
>> approach, having enjoyed Somahuasca sessions where
>> everyone is encouraged to learn from the molecules as
>> the Universal Embedded Intelligence itself, the hadronic
>> Unified Field Object that is the Unified Field Omnigasmic
>> force of Quintessence (as Our more recent jargon rants
>> and raves on stages across europe, to smoon people into
>> novel idea's of free thinking Et al :-D). Perhaps 5% of
>> those I brought to those Peruvian shamans experience
>> ETI or Other intelligence contacts... at least a little, but
>> not enough to go home with glee :-) Had more success
>> with our own special Somahuasca formulations, and
>> direct contact protocol. Although in the 1980s (and since
>> then only rarely), it was a norm for us to be able to call the
>> UFO into view for any passing person who had an interest
>> to view them, and then, never having imbibed any
>> exogenous entheogen. A different climate then, and
>> perhaps the teenage kundalini health (and vaguely,
>> perhaps that our great grand mother's name was
>> Monnet de Blanchefort, linking to Merovingian CEV's
>> ET al), had much to do with this intense period of contact,
>> that left Deep Macro Thought Artifacts that continue to
>> deeply Inspire, Surprise, Inkindle, and cohere deep
>> Novelty InSights.
>> PPS: Have You received some of our Manu-Script writings
>> on our Rg Veda hyper-DNA research, for our 2010/2011
>> forthcoming book The Manu: A Hyperdimensional
>> Artifact At The Genesis Of History?

Anything you care to send me regarding this, that,

and the OTHER would be greatly appreciated! -- MT

[ Regarding "Blueberry," etc., see: " T r i p t y c h " ]

>> (Ananda pre-note)
>> The recent novel advances made by the utterly paradigm
>> shifting new hadronic mechanics, shaking the foundation
>> of our view of reality, dramatically shifting numerous
>> diverse fields into a new universe of reasoning,
>> demonstrates the multidimensional nature of DNA and
>> biological systems. Pioneering by Dr. Rugero Santilli,
>> nobel prize laurate Dr. Chris Ilert, and others, we can never
>> look at reality the same way again. However, the new
>> hyper-system branches of hadronic mechanics is utterly
>> compatible with the Ultraterrestrial Emmanuel epistemology.

    Ananda Bosman continues...
    Note: all excerpts on hadronic mechanics we have condensed from very
    technical material and extracted it for the general layman, mostly
    removing complex equations and technical nomencluture whose jargon is
    beyond the specialised education level of the general reader. We
    recomend that one reads Dr. Santilli's original Elementary Hadronic
    Mechanics III, complete with all formulations and technical jargon.
    Here, Dr. Santilli introduces the logistics behind the new evidence
    showing the multidimensional actuality of our living systems, as the
    Ultraterrestrials relay we are still multidimensional, but abstracted
    and attracted to ourselves the appearance of our apparent reality:
    "The biggest scientific imbalance of the 20th century has been the
    treatment of biological systems (herein denoting DNA, cells,
    organisms, etc.) via the mathematics, physics and chemistry developed
    for inanimate matter, such as that of classical and quantum mechanics.
    "The imbalance is due to the fact that conventional mathematics and
    related formulations are inapplicable for the treatment of biological
    systems for various reasons.
    "Biological events, such as the growth of an organism, are
    irreversible. Therefore, any treatment of biological systems via
    reversible mathematics, physical and chemical formulations can indeed
    receive temporary academic acceptance, but cannot pass the test of time.
    "Quantum mechanics is ideally suited for the treatment of the
    structure of the hydrogen atom or of crystals, namely systems that are
    fully reversible. These systems are represented by quantum mechanics
    as being ageless... Quantum mechanics is unable to treat deformations
    because of incompatibilities with basic formulations, such as the
    group of rotations.
    "Therefore, the rigorous application of quantum mechanics to
    biological structures implies that all organisms from cells to humans
    are perfectly reversible, rigid and eternal.
    "Even after achieving the invariant formulation of irreversibility
    outlined in the preceding section, it is easy to see that the
    underlying genomathematics remains insuficient for in depth treatment
    of biological systems.
    Recent studies conducted by Illert [56] have pointed out that the
    shape of sea shells can certainly be represented via conventional
    mathematics, such as the Euclidean geometry.
    However, the latter is inapplicable for a representation of the growth
    in time of sea shells. Computer simulations have shown that the
    imposition to sea shell growth of conventional geometric axioms (e.g.,
    those of the Euclidean or Riemannian geometries) causes the lack of
    proper growth, as expected, because said geometries are strictly
    reversible, while the growth of sea shells is strictly irreversible.
    The same studies by Illert [56] have indicated the need of a
    mathematics that is not only structurally irreversible, but also multi-
    dimensional. As an example, Illert achieved a satisfactory
    representation of sea shells via the doubling of the Euclidean
    reference axes, namely, a geometry which appears to be
    A basic problem in accepting such a view is the lack of compatibility
    with our sensory perception. When holding sea shells in our hands, we
    can fully perceive their shape as well as their growth with our three
    Eustachian tubes.
    In particular, our senses are fully capable of perceiving deviations
    from the Euclidean space, as well as the possible presence of curvature.
    These occurrences pose a rather challenging problem, the achievement of
    a representation of the complexity of biological systems via the most
    general possible mathematics that is:
    (1) is structurally irreversible (as in the preceding section);
    (2) can represent deformations;
    (3) is invariant under the time evolution;
    (4) is multi-dimensional; and, last but not least,
    (5) is compatible with our sensory perception.
    A search in the mathematical literature revealed that a mathematics
    veri-fying all the above five requirements did not exist and had to
    be constructed from the main features of biological systems.
    As an example, in their current formulations hyperstructures
    (see Ref. [96]) lack a well defined left and right unit even under
    their weak equalities, they are not structurally irreversible, and
    they lack invariance.
    Consequently, they are not suitable for applications in biology.
    After numerous trials and errors, a yet broader mathematics verifying
    the above five conditions was identified by Santilli in Ref. [14] (see
    also Refs. [13,47] monograph [57]); it is today known under the name
    of Santilli hyper-mathematics; and it is characterized by the
    following hyperunits here expressed for the lifting of the Euclidean
    unit... with corresponding ordered hyperproducts to the right and to
    the left... the only difference with genoforms is that hyperproduct
    are now multivalued, where all operations are ordinary (and not weak
    as in conventional hyperstruc-tures).
    As one can see, the above mathematics is not 3m-dimensional, but rather
    it is 3-dimensional and m-multi-valued.
    Such a feature permits the increase of the reference axes, e.g., for
    m = 2 we have six axes as used by Illert [56], while achieving
    compatibility with our sensory perception because at the abstract,
    realization-free level hypermathematics characterized by hyperunit
    is indeed 3-dimensional.
    The various branches of hypermathematics (hypernumbers, hyperspaces,
    hyperalgebras, etc.) can be constructed via mere compatibility arguments
    with the selected hyperunit...
    A main difference of hypermathematics with the preceding formulations
    is that in the latter the product of two numbers is indeed generalized
    but single-valued, e.g., 2 > 3 = 346.
    By comparison, in hypermathematics the product of two numbers yields,
    by conception, a set of values, e.g., 2 > 3 = (12, 341, 891, ...)
    Such a feature appears to be necessary for the representation of
    biological systems because the association of two atoms in a DNA
    (mathematically representable with the hypermultiplication) can
    yield an organ with an extremely large variety of atoms.
    This feature serves to indicate that the biological world has a
    complexity simply beyond our imagination, and that studies of
    biological problems conducted in the 20-th century, such as
    attempting an understanding the DNA code via numbers dating
    back to biblical times, are manifestly insuficient.
    The isodual hypermathematics can be constructed via the
    use of isoduality.
    The following intriguing and far reaching aspect emerges in biology.
    Until now we have strictly used isodual theories for the sole
    representation of antimatter.
    As shown in the quoted literature, the complexity of biological systems
    is such to require the use of both hyperformulations and their isodual
    for consistent and quantitative representations, as it is the case of
    In turn, the above occurrence implies that the intrinsic time of
    biological structure, here referred to as hyperbiotime, is expected
    to be of a complexity beyond our comprehension because not only
    multivalued, but also inclusive of all four directions of time.
    In conclusion, the achievement of invariant representations of
    biological structures and their behavior can be one of the most
    productive frontiers of science with far reaching implications for
    other branches, including mathematics, physics and chemistry.
    As an illustration, the achievement of a mathematically consistent
    representation of the non-Newtonian propulsion of sap in trees up
    to big heights will automatically provide a model of geometric
    propulsion, namely propulsion caused via the alteration of the
    local geometry without any external applied force.

    (56) C. R. Illert and R. M. Santilli, Foundations of Theoretical Conchology,
    Hadronic Press, Palm Harbor, Florida (1995).
    (57) R. M. Santilli Isotopic, Genotopic and Hyperstructural Methods in
    Theoretical Biology, Ukraine Academy of Sciences, Kiev (1996).

        Elementary Hadronic Mechanics III, Chapter 5 Hyperstructural Branch
        Of Hadronic Mechanics & Its Isodual, Dr. Ruggero Maria Santilli,
        Institute for Basic Research P. O. Box 1577, Palm Harbor, FL 34682,
    Such a feature appears to be necessary for the representation of
    biological systems because the association of two atoms in a DNA
    (mathematically representable with the hypermultiplication) can
    yield an organ with an extremely large variety of atoms.
    The isodual hypermathematics can be constructed via the
    use of isoduality.
    The following intriguing and far reaching aspect emerges in biology.
    Until now we have strictly used isodual theories for the sole
    representation of antimatter.
    As shown in the quoted literature, the complexity of biological
    systems is such to require the use of both hyperformulations and
    their isodual for consistent and quantitative representations,
    as it is the case of bifurcations.
    In turn, the above occurrence implies that the intrinsic time of
    biological structure, here referred to as hyperbiotime, is expected
    to be of a complexity beyond our comprehension because not only
    multivalued, but also inclusive of all four directions of time.
    In conclusion, the achievement of invariant representations of
    biological structures and their behavior can be one of the most
    productive frontiers of science with far reaching implications
    for other branches, including mathematics, physics and chemistry.
    As an illustration, the achievement of a mathematically consistent
    representation of the non-Newtonian propulsion of sap in trees
    up to big heights will automatically provide a model of geometric
    propulsion, namely propulsion caused via the alteration of the
    local geometry without any external applied
    The above Animalu-Santilli model of the Cooper pair is indeed
    nonlinear, nonlocal and nonpotential.^
    The nonlocality is expressed by the term [ Equation garbled, see:
    ?? |? ? and/or: ]
    representing the overlapping of the wavepackets of the electrons, and
    the nonpotentiality is expressed by the presence of interactions,
    those characterized by the isounit, which are outside the
    representational capabilities of the Hamiltonian H . This illustrates
    the necessity of using hadronic mechanics or other similar
    nonhamiltonian theories (provided that they are physically
    consistent), because of the strictly linear-local-potential character
    of quantum mechanics.
    The mechanism of the creation of the attraction among the identical
    electrons of the pair via the intermediate action of Cuprate ions is a
    general law of hadronic mechanics according to which nonlinear-
    nonlocal-nonhamiltonian interactions due to wave-overlappings at short
    distances are always attractive in singlet couplings and such to
    absorb Coulomb interactions, resulting in total attractive
    interactions irrespective of whether the Coulomb contribution is
    attractive or repulsive. As noted earlier, the Hulten potential is
    known to behave as the Coulomb one at small distances and, therefore,
    the former absorbs the latter.
    Alternatively, we can say that within the coherent length of the Cooper
    pair, the Hulten interaction is stronger than the Coulomb force.
    This results in the overall attraction. Thus, the similarities between
    the model for the pi 0 and that for the Cooper pair are remarkable.
    Another main feature of the model is characterized also by a general
    law of hadronic mechanics, that bound state of particles due to wave-
    overlappings at short distances in singlet states suppress the atomic
    spectrum of energy down to only one possible level. The Hulten
    potential is known to admit a finite number of energy levels.
    Santilli's [5e] solution for the p0 shows the suppression of the
    energy spectrum of the positronium down to only one energy level,
    135 MeV of the pi 0 for k2 > 1. Similarly, the solutions for the
    Cooper pair [10] also reduce the same finite spectrum down to only
    one admissible level. Excited states are indeed admitted, but they
    imply large distances R for which nonlinear-nonlocal-nonhamiltonian
    interactions are ignorable.
    This implies that all excited states are conventionally quantum
    mechanical, that is, they do not represent the pi 0 or the
    Cooper pair. Said excited states represent instead the discrete
    spectrum of the ordinary positronium, or the continuous spectrum
    of repulsive Coulomb interactions among the two identical electrons.
    Alternatively, we can say that, in addition to the conventional,
    quantum mechanical, Coulomb interactions among two electrons,
    there is only one additional system of hadronic type with only
    one energy level per each couple of particles, one for
    pi 0 = (e+ |(up) , e-|(down) ) [equation garbled, see: ]
    HM and the other for the Cooper pair, CP = (e- , e-).
    The connection between the proposed model and the conventional
    theory of the Cooper pair is intriguing. where N V is the
    (dimensionless) electron-phonon coupling constant.
    In summary, a main result of studies [2] is that the
    conventional representation of the Cooper pair via a mysterious
    "phonon" can be reformulated without any need of such a
    hypothetical particle, resulting in a real, suficiently strong
    attraction between the identical electrons, that is absent in
    the phonon theory.
    The above model of the Cooper pair see its true formulation
    at the relativistic level because it provides a geometrization
    of the Cooper pair, better possibilities for novel predictions
    and the best possible experiments tests. These profiles [10]
    will not be reviewed for brevity.
    Novel Predictions of Animalu's Hadronic Superconductivity
    As indicated in Section 1.2, besides the inability to achieve any
    understanding of the Cooper pair, anotehr ma jor insuficiency of
    quantum mechanics is superconductivity is the well known
    exhaustion of all predictive capacities for the main ob jective
    of the theory, the achievement of superconductive capacity
    at ambient temperature.
    Besides the achievement of a quantitative representation of the
    structure of the Cooper pair, one of the most important features
    of hadronic mechanics in superconductivity is precisely its
    capability of permitting new predictions.
    One of them is a realistic possibility of achieving a form of
    superconductivity at ambient temperature that can be outlined
    as follows. Recall that the electric resistance originates from
    the interactions between the electric and magnetic fields of
    the electrons and those of atomic electron clouds (see Figure 8.4).
    Particular "obstructions" against the flow of electrons in
    conductors (thus causing resistance) originates from the
    interaction of the intrinsic magnetic field of electrons and
    the atomic electron cloud of the conductor.
    The achievement of a quantitative understanding of the Cooper pair
    then permits the prediction and quantitative treatment of a new
    electric current characterized by a flow through ordinary
    conductors of isoelectron pairs, rather than individual electrons,
    as illustrated in Figure 8.4.
    In fact, the total magnetic moment of the isoelectron pair can be
    considered as being null at interatomic distances, thus implying
    a dramatic decrease of the electric resistance, due to the
    reduction of the interactions between the current and the
    conductor to the sole Coulomb interactions.
    Moreover, hadronic mechanics can assist in the creation of such
    a new current via the removal under suficiently intense external
    electric fields of "valence pairs", rather individual electrons,
    from various substances (including plastic compounds and
    non-conducting materials), said substances being selected under
    the condition of having two unbonded valence electrons.
    This is due to the fact that, as experimentally established in
    the helium, when not bonded into molecules, the electrons of a
    valence pair are not separated in an orbital but are generally
    coupled in singlet exactly along the structure of the
    isoelectron pair.
    A rather intense research to achieve superconductivity at ambient
    temperature is under way in corporate circles which research,
    unfortunately, is not generally available to academia due to
    its novelty, that is, the use of methods and theories generally
    opposed by organized interests in academia at this time.
    Since the nuclei of the two H-atoms remain at large mutual
    distances, the bond of the H2 molecule is evidently due to
    the bond of the peripheral valence electrons, as generally
    acknowledged [1].
    Our main assumption [5] is that pairs of valence electrons from
    two different atoms can bond themselves at short distances into
    a singlet quasi-particle state called "isoelectronium," which
    describes an oo-shaped orbit around the two nuclei similar to
    that of planets in binary star systems (Fig. 9.3).
    It is important to note that recent studies in pure
    mathematics [39] have established that the oo-shaped orbit,
    called the figure eight solution, is one of the most stable
    solutions of the N -body problem.
    The primary binding force of the isoelectronium is assumed to
    be of nonlinear, nonlocal, and nonpotential type due to
    contact effects in deep overlapping of the wavepackets of
    the valence electrons.
    In this way, the hadronic component of the isoelectronium
    binding force will "absorb" all divergent or otherwise
    repulsive effects, resulting in convergent numerical values.
    The reader is also discouraged to reduce the isoelectronium
    to a purely quantum structure because, in this way, the
    theory would preserve all the insuficiencies of chemistry.
    Original Message from MT
    On 9 Aug 2008, at 10:20, MT wrote:
    Greetings O Mahatma Ananda of the eclectic MindGland
    and regions beyond comprehension! I have been reading
    Lisa Randall's book, quote:
    "The anarchic principle follows from quantum
      mechanics, which tells us that all particle
        interactions that can happen will happen.
          In quantum field theory, everything that is
            not forbidden will occur." -- Lisa Randall, Ph.D.
        Page 228 of:
        WARPED PASSAGES - Unraveling The Mysteries
        Of The Universe's Hidden Dimensions. Copyright (c) 2005
        ISBN-10: 0-06-053109-6 (pbk.)
    She is a big proponent of the Large Hadron Collider.
    I have an open mind regarding so-called "fringe" science.
    One person's 'fringe' is another sentient being's superluminal
    propellantless space/time toaster oven to the stars!
    i.e. Found this:
    Ruggero Maria Santilli was (born 1935) in Capracotta,
    in the Italian region of Molise. Santilli studied
    physics at the University of Naples and went on to
    attend the Graduate School in Physics of the University
    of Turin, graduating in 1966. In 1967 he was invited
    by the University of Miami to conduct research under
    NASA financial support. Starting in 1968, Santilli was
    an Associate Professor of Physics at Boston University,
    teaching physics and mathematics, and conducted research
    for the United States Air Force. During this time,
    he became a naturalized American citizen. In 1976 and
    1977 Santilli was a visiting scholar at the Center for
    Theoretical Physics of the Massachusetts Institute of
    Technology. In 1978 he was briefly involved in research
    at Harvard University, sponsored by Shlomo Sternberg
    in the Mathematics Department.[1] In 1983 Santilli
    became the President of his newly-formed Institute
    for Basic Research.
    Hadronic mechanics
    Although Santilli has published papers in the
    mainstream scientific literature, a large amount
    of his work has dealt with his so-called hadronic
    mechanics, a novel fundamental theory of the
    universe which is not generally accepted by the
    physics community. Santilli, a voluminous writer,
    has published hundreds of papers and a number of
    books on this and related subjects, including
    applications to chemistry, superconductivity,
    biology, and cosmology.
    Most of his work on this theory has been published
    in Hadronic Journal, a journal of which Santilli
    himself is the founder and chief editor. Santilli has
    also established the journals Hadronic Journal
    Supplement and Algebras, Groups and Geometries,
    in which he publishes papers by himself and others.
    These journals are published by Hadronic Press,
    a firm of which Santilli's spouse Carla Santilli
    is the sole officer/director.
    Magnecule theory
    Santilli claims to have developed novel fuels,
    named MagneGas and MagneHydrogen: these names
    are trademarks of Hadronic Press.
    They are produced by plasma arc gasification of
    liquid waste.
    Santilli claims that these fuels are composed
    of magnecules.
    These hypothetical magnecules are a type of
    chemical species theoretically proposed by
    Santilli, distinguished from better-known
    species by containing a novel type of bond
    called a "magnecular bond", which he claims
    consists of atoms held together by magnetic
    fields which arise from toroidal polarization
    of their electron orbitals.
    Neither these claims nor the existence of magnecules
    have been generally accepted by the chemistry community.
    Magnecules have also been invoked to justify novel
    unverified claims about oxyhydrogen gas,
    which he calls "HHO gas".
    This paper:
    by Santilli claims (e,g, on its p. 21) that many
    types of magnecules have been identified.
    Santilli's theory has been discredited by other
    scientists as having 'many serious misinterpretations,
    and misunderstandings of the "data" presented...
    [the paper: ]
    creates some doubt as to whether [the author] actually
    knows the difference between a gas chromatograph (GC)
    and a mass spectrometer (MS).'
    International Committee for
    Scientific Ethics and Accountability
    In 1999, Santilli established the International Committee
    for Scientific Ethics and Accountability to
    "oppose scientific frauds, plagiarisms, and deceptions",
    which stated that it would sue anyone who performed
    various acts, such as anyone who plagiarized
    "either in part or in full, the following parametric
    deformation of Lie theory, and of Heisenberg equation
    in their infinitesimal and finite versions".
    I will study the links you have provided below and
    stretch my dusty mindgland to incorporate a wider vision
    of wisdom, (as much as I'm capable), as my math abilities
    are more visual-spatial-oriented-visceral-essence-memes,
    rather than coherent analytical precision thought equations.
    I will also look at your work again, as it always delighted
    the aforementioned mindgland, and an update could only
    soothe the wooly mammoth at the core of my temporal being!
    Thank you kind soul.
    Will write again pending thought upload.
    Peace. MT-Sat., Aug 09, 2008CE, Earth...
    Masquerade Anarchic Principle (MAP)
    "The MAP is not the Territory"
    | From: ananda bosman <>
    | To: MT <>
    | Subject: Greetings Dear MT
    | Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2008 19:46:04 +0200
    Hey MT,
    Great to here from You.
    Greetings from the Nordic land of Norway.
    How is your research developing these days?
    Has your research done any integrations of
    the astounding advances of hadronic chemistry,
    hadronic hyper relativity, hadronic plasma arc
    flow reactors, hyper-mathematics, hypergeometry,
    hyper-locality and the like, implicated by the
    ultra high temperature pseuodo-superconductor
    magnecules and the probably hypermagnecular
    state of the invivo DNA....
    In case not, I post these links and finalise
    with Our hadronic philosophising and sumerisation
    several years ago, which is not upto date with
    the latest writings on the hadronic space time
    machines et al... But I do keep in cooperative
    contact with my hadronic clleagues like
    Dr. Stein Johansen (trondheim university),
    and via him, Dr Eric Trell and nobel Dr. Chris Illert.
    All the best in AUMpliPHIed Coherence,
    FOR TOTAL SCIENCE OVERTHROW (demonstrates that
    a great majority of the backbone of modern science
    appears to be somewhat of a grand fake, including
    strong court cases, and much scandal in Italy and
    Isodual Theory of Antimatter, Antigravity and Spacetime
    Machines Experimental Verifications, Theoretical Advances
    and Industrial Applications in Particle Physics, Nuclear
    Physics and Astrophysics Iso-, Geno-, Hyper-Formulations
    for Matter and Their Isoduals for Antimatter
    Limitations of Einstein's Special and General
    Relativities, Quantum Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry
    Experimental Verifications, Theoretical Advances
    and Industrial Applications in Chemistry
    OUR All-One Hadron Materia (AOHM):
    On 8 Aug 2008, at 09:14, MT wrote:
      Mission Statement 08/08/08
        is a website for Interdimensional
          Ultraterrestrials of a distant future
            who will stumble across vestiges
              of pixel echoes throughout time in
                their efforts to disentangle the past
                  of Material Reality in a long
                    expanded Universe, one of a near
                      infinite number within a tiny
                        Multiverse containing Conscious
                          Beings evolved enough to develop
                            significantly advanced technology.

> A Novel Hyperlanguage DNA Code
>       See also: W D A C G Q E ?
> FOUR mouths of a primordial
>   wormhole at the Planck scale
>           I will now go read ALL your subatomic
>         wonderful wooly mammoth deprogramming
>       modules of Ultraterrestrial Transmissions.
>     --MT-Sat. Aug. 09, 2008CE, Earth, Sol, Milky Way,
>   Local Group, Inflating Space/Time, etc...

Thanks Mahatma Ananda Bosman!
From: ananda bosman <>
To: MT <>
Subject: Additional Untold Material Now :-D
Date: Aug 9, 2008 9:32 AM

By Ananda Bosman ( )

PPPS: The MaNoosphere song was finally salvaged from drawning
in phase-cancelation and dispersion of its musical and effects waves,
by increase of the sierpinski pentagram number principles, applied to
absolutely all reverb, delay, master-class M suites, phasers, chorus/
flangers etc... And now is resurrected as one new unique
AUMBuddhahead song.
It was worth the time, and an absolute example to me that one must
always apply the pentagon harmonic geometrical sacred DNA numbers
in every song. In MaNOOSphere, I was trying to apply the numbers to
the individual reverb etc. machines linked to each instrument isolated,
rather than the universal assigned percentage switches on the mixing
boards, and this utterly failed...
One must have a All-One Universal Macro (AOUM) mixing board
foundation that can be applied to ALL instruments in different pentagon
percentage degrees... This way alone was the only way to the salvation
of this song, with its many many many levels of instrumental complexity.

ETI Galactic Sex Education At the Beginning Of The Rising Dog Days --
Canis Major & Procyon Rising
Meanwhile, contacts and a powerful ETI session, with star ships
appearing at our mountain hut [even something caught on film in
morning light], and the ETI lesson was on the importance of
understanding "ETI sexual politics" in terms of future earth-man with
universal man interactions.
This is a very serious and central topic to the ETI, Galactic Council,
Intergalactic Confederations in Service of the All-One Maker of All-
Oneness, and by ExTension: the UltraTerrestrial Intelligences (UTI);
HTI (Hyper-Temporal-Intelligences); and OTI (Omni-Temporal
Intelligences, or Inter-Universals [the Manu; Emmanuels, etc]).
For sex = gender = progeneration; and most facets of the galactic
community are definately sexual... the hadronic 5th force is after all
the orgasmic, or rather Unified Field Omnigasmic (UFO) All-One Macro
Aether Force :-D
If this is not properly thought through, the earth human race could
quickly loose its gender to other genomes....
Therefore, the so called Adamic intergalactic Trees (TarAUManu -- the
Tara AUM Tree [Tarau] of the OTI/HTI/UTI MANU of the EMMANUEL's)
are essential instigations in the global conventions that will be required
in Earth-man and homo cosmos interactions...
As Omnigasmic energy is what powers the Man-like races of the
integalactic AtaManu Tree (Atamanu/Adaman), in Hyper-sensory Neuro-
Cybernetcs, Hyper-Technologies, and the nature of these respective
holographic world's Modus Operandi continuAUM -- major serious
education and AUMNi-policies will have to becOMe part of our
worlds integration.

With the Rg Veda's hyper-genetic model of 432,000 Man-Like Species in
our 7-fold dimensional/density multiverse describing that only:

108,000 of these races are Awake Unified Manufestating the Numinous
(AUMN) Undivided 4 Macro States (AUMN) of the Original Model (OTI)
[this is also known as the 4th and Primordial Svabhavikakaya Buddha
Body]; and 324,000 races being caught in VISA (poison-ignorance),
vis-a-vis neurocognitive sleep (division of All-One Mind into 4:
conscious/physical; subconscious/astral; unconscious/causal;
superconscious/MaNuminous [homo-cosmos]).
In other words Man-Like species in myriad planetary worlds that are
in somatic neurocybernetic ignorance to their actual primordial
Numinous All Is God of All-Oneness Foundation and True Nature --
a congruent metamorphosis is upon us of this present universal
experience (by homo-universalis) of the Maha-Purusah (Divinitas,
Omniscient Godhead, Manauvah). The NU Universe Novel Unified Field
Operator dynamics is in the process of unifying the space-time
vector matrix hologram of the apparent division of 1/4th of
Maha-Purusah-Manauvah Manu-Kind (homo-cosmos), remaining in our
universe as the 432,000 hOMo universalis species, from the remaining
3/4ths (hoo cosmos of the Omniverse), with only 108,000 Man-Like races
in our universe personifying with cognition the 3/4ths of Homo-Cosmos
Manukind within the Omniverse, within the Omni-Noosphere of the
Omniversal Godhead All-Oneness.

Earth mankind (homo sapiens), is on the potential brink of emergence
into cognitive eye-opening All-Universal Man union; that in Earth are
the hallmarks of a resolution for the 324,000 VISA/sleeping Man-Like
species, into Apotheosis, or realised Gnosis (Rapture) with the
108,000 Man-Like races of AUMNi-coGnosis with the All-Oneness
Manauvah. For according to the Emmanuel's (1990), we are some 22-24
Man-Like species in combination (linked to the 20+2 amino acids of the
double helix; and 24 aminos of the tripple helix in the platinuum or
PSI "children"]. These 22-24 blueprints are a Triad of Templates that
personify holographic All Universal Matrix world space-time fabrics
and adjacent manifestation of the Man (homo universalis) hyper-
morphology within the worlds of the Local Galactic Grouping grid of
galaxies, which in turn self-simulates the Virgo-Super Cluster and
Absolute Universal Matrix Numerator macros.
Thereby, through our venture, in synchrony with All-Universal Macro
ventures within the galactic worlds of the Local Galactic Group, our
present world episode is in the via media crux of the Alpha-Omega
Matrinomy of this entire universal apparent VISA division... We are at
the Heart of the Mater, where Division and Divine may be realised in
their All-Oneness Undivided Macro Numeration.
Our personal personified experience in our daily lives today (with
22-24 unique genetic sub-wholes, within the Attractor Operators of 9
Primordial Vehicles), personifies whole intergalactic civilisational
characteristics and eposides within our own attributes.
The 108,000 Man-like Species union with the 324,000 Man-like Species
in VISA Ignorance, are AUMuSing into the Congruent Convergence of
the 432,000 Man-Like Species Realisation (Boddhi) of Being Homo-
Universalis... And with the now scientifically registered "New
Universe" (discovered by Eridanus, as one of the joints of our
universe being absorbed into the New Universe) -- becoming aware of the
entirety of the 24 + 9= 33 intergalactic Manu-Kind Rainbow Race
genomes; and the 33+3 = 36 Manuminosity, or Omni-MaNoosphere
co-Gnosis of intergalactic worlds.
Whilst the 432,000 Man-Like Species are personified in the 432,000
motor neurons that construe our sensory hologram of our world reality,
only some 32 Man-Like Species (24 + 9 -- from ETI to HTI) have been
represented within our world system and solar system backyard. Headed
by the Maghavan-Indra as the 33rd... These are the 32 plus 1
Boddhisattvas and Buddhas, personified in the 32 psychic nerves, and
the 32+1 = 33 spinal vertebrae. The Rg Veda calls these 32+1 Man-like
Species Intergalactic Council personas the 33 Devakasa Aether-space
gods of Manu (Deva + Akasa/Akasha... Deva = Divine; Akasa = Hadron
Unified Field Aether... i.e. Midway Aether Space... all-oneness media
of the All-Oneness Macro).

The 32 Intergalactic Council (Andromeda Council of Galaxies in Service
of the One Creator of All-Oneness) Man-Like Species, with their
Maghvana [All-One Mega] Divine Head comprising the 33rd as these
worlds all-oneness matrix -- are also rendered as the base summation of
the 108,000 and 324,000, as being 24 + 9.
For 108,000 numerically breaks down to a base of 9, and 324,000 is
multiplexed as 3 x 2 x 4 = 24.

As earth-man's genome is the delicate balance of 22-24 Man-like
Species, with the 223 bonafide extraterrestrial genes mapped by the
human genome project comprising 75% of what makes us human, and so
far the only genetic marker molecule to empirically be demonstrated to
specifically activate 11 of these ETI genes is Lysergic Acid
Diethylamide-25 (obviously new studies will emerge showing similar
results with molecules like 5-MeO-DMT, Pinoline, and Agmatine-like
molecules endogneous to the human system, but requiring shamanic, or
ETI contact, or light isolation (Dark Rooms are part of the Inner Tantras).
Therefore, our ETI sexual politics have an important balance with 24 + 9
intergalactic genome homo-universalis blueprints. This balance, through
hadronic hyper-relativity effects at least 33 genome Man-like species
civilisation's blueprints within the intergalactic Local Group of Galaxies.
Effecting changes to the neuro-somatic cybernetics of those 33 Man-
Species blueprints in a myriad of planetary worlds in at least 33 + 3
galaxies of our local group. Just as we have 432,000 motor neurons
operating our sensory somatic construction of our worlds reality,
this is linked to the 432,000 Man-Like Species through hadronic
hyperelativity (hyperelativity is of such a major significance from
hadronic mechanics, that it is logically ineffitable that we are
hyperelatively linked, hyper-locally, hyperspatially, hyper-temporally,
in non-linear synchrony with all other Species that share the same
homo-universalis template, of Hyper-morphological genome (also
an inevitability resulting from the empiracal evidence of
hypermachanics and hyperrelativity of hadronic mechanics. Although
only a very few at present can understand the absolutely OBJECTIVE
Reality, and significance of this at present in our world. Anyone
looking back, who reads this in a hadronic hypermaechanically
integrated society, will find this paragraph perhaps boringly obvious).

Social-Sexual Exopolitics today are therefore one of the foremost
important fields that must be instigated and deeply deeply thought
about by our race. Since there are many recorded cases in the Veda's
where the Aether Space Gods (ETI-HTI) walk amidst us and have sexual
relations with earth man, having children on earth, and having
children on the myriad of numerous Deva planets; not only restricted
to the Deva's and Upa-Deva's, but to many numerous other Man-Like
species as well; and as there have been many recorded cases of sky
people impregnating earth man, where a previous infertile couple will
give birth to a child with remarkable attributes, or earth man being
taken to the worlds of the sky people and rendering offspring in those
worlds, and returning to this world alone: many recorded cases in the
recent history of the last 1000 years alone; coupled with the many
numerous cases in recent modern history of people like Elisabeth Clara
being taken by the ETI Man Akkon to his planetary world Proxima
Centuari, where he impregnates Elisabeth Klara, and she undergoes her
full 10 month gestation and birth on that planetary world called
Methon... living amidst these people, and returned to her home in
Africa after being missing for a year, without child (who is adapted
to the planetary conditions of Methon in Proxima Centauri), obtaining
certified photographs and witness sightings of Akon's star ship, as
well as advancing faster-than-light propulsion physics highly sought
after by British Intelligence; and numerous cases of volunteery
impregnation of earth woman by space-people (ETI time travelers. Like
the Venudo case during the 1950s Giant Rock conventions of George Van
Tassel. As recorded by academic researcher William Hamilton). These
volunteery impregnations being quite different to the abduction
hybriding experiements of the so called "grays" or Jrod that began
emerging from the early 1960s onwards. Of course the Antonio Villa
Boas case, in the late 1950s, could be seen as semi-volunteery, where
the blond-haired ETI woman communicated the express purpose of bearing
offspring in their sexual intercourse, after he was exposed to a
strong aprodesiac onboard the flying disk he was taken into) -- there
are clear traces, not only in the 223 ETI genes only in man found by
the human genome project, but throughout history of ETI Man-like races
continuous sexual interelations with earth man.

As many of the holographic space-time machines are made of a kind of
hadronic or Unified Field Omnigasmic All-Oneness Materia, and are
operated by Man-like species that harness their own hyper-sexual
energy (hadronic 5th force, Aether, orgon), to navigate these
vehicles, and even collections of space-time sphere's joined together
in Omnigasmic union -- there is much for earth man to remember about
harnessing sexual energy into a Unified Field Object technology, as an
inevitability of hadronic mechanic's magnecules and hypermagnecules of
hadronic chemistry. In April 1989 the OTI Emmanuel and Salvana explain
hadronic technology, where ones own nuclear hadronic consciousness
operates technology from the hadronic heart of the living atoms of the
technology [implications of Orgasmic energy biofeedback harnessing in
exo-sexual politics]:

"You will see, in the future years to come, technology that will be
more in harmony with the environment around you, that will lead one
into a greater expansion and see in greater perspective the whole.
There are some who, in theory, have already got machines that are
able to travel outside of time as you know it. There are many who
have already, in theory, been given the thought-forms of how to
create machines that may travel outside this solar system with
beings within it, that will be able to go beyond the speed of light,
and thus have the potential for travelling into other octaves and
colour spectrum dimensions.
"This, of course, at this time is not ready for all humanity to take.
Humanity is not ready. But in the years to come a great change will
take place within humanity that is already beginning, in quite a large
way now, within the collective consciousness and unconscious memory
banks of man -- that are being re-written, changed. So his conscious
mind and body, and molecular form [magnecules/hypermagnecules], as
well as the atomic structure [hadronic iso-electronium], will operate
in a fourth dimensional vibratory form.
"Many of those who have come from other reality dreams known as
planets, have come and inflowed inspirational new formats for
technological equipment. Preparing you for when you are ready to
manifest these things. So that you collectively can participate in the
use of them. At the same time, being in greater alignment with your
greater True Self, which you may call your inner core [hadron],
higher Self, Christ Self, of which the inner core is a seed from the
Christ Self and at the same time is the Christ Self [describes the
principles of the hyperelativity, hyper-locality, hypertemporality
of the hadronic horizon in the atom].
"There are many other areas of this nature which will be developed;
housing systems that will be organically grown. As your consciousness
becomes aware of Being the consciousness behind all manifestation, in
the sub-atomic level [7+1 hadrons], then you can become aware and able
to create technologies that have consciousness within them. So that
you live within a house that is a conscious being. That the vehicles
in which you travel have consciousness and are conscious beings, and
respond to your consciousness. As your consciousness, and your
awareness, will be aware of being the underlying patterns of
consciousness of that technological creation [hadronic resonance
coupling, through the 5th Unified Field Orgasmic force, modulated in
consciousness "dream yoga", via the hadronic 8hz via mediator], known
as a ship [hadronic space-time machine] or a house. Therefore, you
will not need to operate computers with hands. But you will be moving
these [space] ships, and controlling these ships and every aspect of
technology, with your consciousness.
"For you will be these ships in your consciousness. You can change and
alter their form with your consciousness. Being individualised within
them, and at the same time one with them. This is one of many aspects
in which you may go, as you merge more and more with your higher
Christ state of consciousness and Being.
"But all these creations, will be signposts, will be stepping stones
to you aligning yourselves, as beings, to that state of reality in
which you are not beings, but are BEING. And we will not be seen as
separate consciousness from you, but will be seen, experienced, felt
and acted as you. We already are aware of being you, completely.
And we enjoy that experience. But it is nice to experience it the
other way also.

    Emmanuel & Salvana, The Art Of Being, April 16th, 1989.
    The Light Of Emmanuel: Explorations Into Oneness.
    Compiled by Ananda 1989-92. Aton Publishing,
    Nykobing, Mors, Denmark, 1992. Pp 163

The 32 Man-like species represented in interactions with this planet,
did leave a legacy of sex education: Arkane Inner and Outer Tantra's
like Anu-Tara-Tantra (Dhyani 25-29) and ATI-Yoga (Dhyana 30-32), that
are the All-One Macro Apex-Crux of the 32 Bodhisattva/Buddha [Manu-
Manauvah] All-One Morphological Hyper-Hadron Seed-Essence Root and
Stem of the template and blueprint of man...
24 blueprints with 9 Primordial Templates = 32, within the MahAti-
Buddha 4-in-1 Svabhavikakaya-Buddha, which is the fourmula of the
indivisible AUMN, comprising the 33-36 Indivisible Primordial States
of the Maha Tattva, or Omni-Sense, and which are also represented in
the 36 galaxies of our local group without their satellite galaxies...
22 of which are clearly defined, Andromeda-M-31 as the Heart H-Aton
Hub and largest galaxy, in a trinity with the Triangulum galaxy and
our Milky Way -- the governing trinity of the 36 galaxies.**(NOTE
ANDROMEDA) The Milkyway-Andromeda-Triangulum galactic Trinity
together having 24 satellite galaxies, which cross-kindle the 24.
That is the 3-body TriKaya Buddha 8-8-8 [Gayatri] = 24 (each of the 3
macro foundation bodies, as a Hyper-Sierpinski A-1-U-2-M-3, containing
the 8-fold diamond spokes of the Dharmata Wheel [Divinitas/mandelbrot
of monk Udo in 1270, Da Vinci, and later IBM's Mandelbrot, from the
Manu and Devata's Dharmata Stupa ontop of the Meru AUMkara [72
Dharmata Stupa's at the Java site, with 432 Buddha's for the 432,000
Man-like species]... Dharmata, the Dharma-Kaya Buddha Body of Omni-
Time, which is every permutation of the DNA 64-triplet [Rg Veda
Manudala 10-Alpha and Manudala 1-Omega]. At least when we 360^o
rotated the timewave novelty graph of every I-Ching/DNA permutation
[Dr. Shoenberger, The Genetic Code & The I-Ching], into our super-3d
software, then the Dharmata/Mandelbrot emerges as the signature of
all DNA permutations at the same time.
The TriKaya 8-8-8 = 24 -- 8 diamond spokes of the 8-fold Dharma
Wheel for each body, like the:
8hz of the hadron MM (Magnetic Monopole), hydrogen constant in
every cubic cm of space as 90% of the universe and our bodies;
8 electrons together forever for pure superconductivity/Hyper-Hadronic
8-octaves of Universal Sound/AUMkara (Sierpinski is a recursive
8 family of elements;
8 nobel gases;
8-fold light, 7-rainbow + 1 sun;
8 Maha Siddha superpowers of Man;
8-fold Manauvah, 7 Rainbow Race Manusapta/7-Manu + the IMANUILA/
Emmanuel All-One-Manu (AOM) Operator Model (OM)

These 8-8-8 = 24 Daimond spokes are the All-Unified Matrix of the
galaxies numinous morphology, in the human genome axiomed in the
epi-genetic tripplicity of

A-Heart-Mind (his-purkinji neurons/non-linear fractal complexity
Attractor Field brain; both a non-linear non-local hadron Operator;
AND locally in fractal ordering of the cardio-rythmn, scientifically
documented by Harvard's Dr. Goldberger*)
U-Life-Mind (neurons of the myentric plexus and submucosal plexus
lining a complex myriad of neurons in the colon; the Life/Instinct
brain [The Second Brain, Dr. Michael Gershon]).
M-Mind-Brain (7 brain chakras/circuits of the 3 brains: reptile [U],
mammalian [A], neo-cortex/ETI [M])

To the coherent heart-though through emergence of Exo-Sexual Politics
& the Exo-Tantric Art, emergence of man with universal man, and New
Universes of homo-cosmos, in All-Onenesship compassionate realisation
of all our emanation being Infinite Bliss and Immaculate Emptiness
Indivisibly Co-Present as the All-Oneness of All Is God of All-Oneness.

    Ananda, July 27, 2008. Exo-Sexual Politics ETI lessons came
    on the night of the 24-25th of July, 2008.

*NOTE: GOLDBERGER [I cut and paste from one of our many
Diamond Body Slides, this on the Heart Nabi/Navel comprising the
central Trinal Engine of the Vortexijah/VataRatha] :
Dr. Goldberger states that Cardiorythms (heartbeat), exhibit
characteristics of "non-linear complexity", following a pattern of
"fractal" "self-similarity". Self-similarity, descibes a form
of cogniscience -- self-reflecting loops = consciousness, a heart mind,
within the His-Purkinji cell network of the Myocardiam. This is "a non-
linear architecture" of fractal "non-linear complexity" -- meaning
it behaves beyond the boundries of our dimensional locality and
linearity. The nature of the coherent heart rythmn, has furthermore
been observed to contain yet another unique and utterly novel
characteristic -- it appears to be acting from a non-linear dimension
as an "attractor field" of chaos in our dimension, and churning out
coherent order as a result.

    Fractal Mechanism In The Electrophysiology Of The Heart,
    Dr. Ary L. Goldberger, Cardiovascular Division,
    Beth Israel Hospital, Harvard Medical Shcool.
    Printed in the journal of Engineering In Medicine &
    Biology, June 1992. Pp 47-52

**NOTE: ANDROMEDA-COUNCIL-22-24-32/33-36

As the 3 major governing galaxies of Andromeda, Triangulum, and our
Milky Way, being the largest galaxies in the local group, and all 3
having satellite galaxies, this is the Trinity TriKaya foundation, or
the AUM Triad.
As there are 7-7-7 = 21 galaxies in the local group that are governed
by the +1-+1-+1 (making 8-8-8), this examplifies the principle,
herein we have the 24 galactic representations 9see Local Galactic
Group listing that we have organised for clarity below).
However, since the irregular galaxy, Andromeda-IV, is possibly not a
galaxy, its type being highly unclear, and the Virgo Stellar Stream
galaxy, is considered to be a former galaxy being absorbed by our
galaxy, merging with the Milky Way just as our galaxy will begin to
merge with the Andromeda M-31 galaxy, beginning 2.2 millions years
from now -- this leaves 22 CLEAR galaxies.
These 22 major Arkana, as we presented them our 1999 book The Unity
Keys Of Emmanuel, are akin to the 20 + 2 (go & no-go) amino acids of
our present apparent human genome configuration.
Formally being 24, as 24 civilization sub-type modulational template
grids of Man-like attributes. In the concert of the local group in
time, there are at least 24 galaxies then in the recently discovered
highly ordered grid "cob-web" that organises these galaxies by this
hyper-diamond lattice Cosmic Background Radiation hyper-geometrical
organising order. These 24 galactic civilisation sub-type templates of
the TriKaya AUMkara Body are also personified in the triple helix 24
amino acid DNA set, which governs one of the 7 major Manu Rainbow
Race blueprints (Gayatri-24 = 8-8-8).
This is seen in the 7-7-7 = 21 galaxies, with the +1-+1+1 AUM Triad of
galaxies, making 7+1=8--7+1=8--7+1=8. Thereby, the 7 Manu Rainbow
Races are dispersed through the Trinity Bodies of the Trikaya AUM
galaxie's governing AUMkara Hyper-Sierpinski Template:

1. A -- 7 Manu/Rainbow Races
2. U -- 7 Manu/Rainbow Races
3. M -- 7 Manu/Rainbow Races

These are the 7 Prime Rg Vedic Meters, of which the first Gayatri-24,
is the genetic template of 24 amino acids; the heart middle 4th,
Brhati-36, governs the super-DNA of the Upper-Loka dimensional
density world local's super-genetics comprised of 36 super-amino
acids, of which our DNA's 36^o helical turn is a shadowgram thereof
at all times; and the 7th, Jagati-48, governs the Hyper-Terrestrial
Intelligence's Hyper-DNA template civilisations with 48 hyper-
amino acids.
There being a further 15 galaxies adjacent to our Local Galactic
Group, which despite being possible non-members, do have a direct
relation with the Local Group. Thereby, the 21 galaxies governed by
the AUM-Triad, coupled to the 15 Adjacent and possible non-member
galaxies to the Local Group, renders 36 galaxies (21+15 = 36).
As presently when seen from Earth there are only 19 of the 21 that are
clear galaxies, when coupled to the AUM-Triad of galaxies making 22;
and of the 15 adjacent galaxies, Palomar-4 is now considered to be a
globular cluster from its former classification as a dwarf spheroidal
galaxy, thereby leaving 14 -- thereby we have 33 galaxies (14+19=33)
governed by the AUM-Triad.
Just as our body has 33 vertebrae of the spine governed by the 7
endocrine gland nervous energy plexi (chakras of blood capilaries,
nerve-lymph nodes), in a Triad Octave division of the A-Heart
as the 3 Heart-Brain Navels of AUM. Thereby, the genomatic axiom of
the Manu galactic race Tree of Homo Cosmos has its similitude and
anchorage. The 7 Manu management manually manuuever the AUM-
TriKaya as 7 Chakras, intergalactic and personal. The 33 vertebrae
Unified Field Orgasmically activated by the AUM three brains of
Heart-Life-Mind, are the 33+3 = 36 -- the Maha Tattva, or Omni-Sense.
The personal effects axiomatically the intergalactic and the universal.
The Andromedian Council Extra-Temporal Intelligences with which I had
many years of contact, beginning in 1985, with the major education
phase being the 11 years from 1990-2001, in my contact notes with them
in 1991 they referred to 24 inter-galactic elders in the Andromeda
Council, and a further 9 (The Galactic Confederation Speaks, compilled
by Ananda, 1993, published by Shekinah Publishing, Berget, Svinndal,
Norway, in 1994) relating to Andromeda. When the ETI was asked by me
in a March 1991 contact "how many elders are there in the High
Council?" The reply given was "We know of the 24. But then there are a
further number who are only partially visible at times..." These
'partial visible ones" are ultraterrestrial, or of the Dyhani Buddha
and Dhyana Buddha primordial form. These are the 9 Vehicles, or the
Navakaya, 9 Original Bodies. In another contact in February 1992, they
also related: "We are a brotherhood of the nine centres in the
Galactic Confederation in Service of the Infinite Creator."

As 24 and 9 makes 33, herein we have a galactic representational
tally. These also represent the 24 Boddhisattva's of the TriKaya
Buddha, and the 9 Buddha Vehicles of the 5 Dhyani-Buddha's, the 3
Dhyana-Buddha's (32), with the MahAti-Buddha as Being both the 33rd
Omni-Temporal-Intelligence, but more especially being the 3-in-1
(TriKaya) as the Svabhavikakaya-Buddha, or the Undivided 4th Buddha
Body of AUMN, the Trikaya 3 Buddha bodies, realised as the
Imperishable/ All-One-Macro irreversible 4th Body, the Primordial All-
Oneness Macro Buddha -- making: A-33--U-34--M-35--N36.
This is reflected in the AUM-Triad foundation galaxies of Milky-Way--
Andromeda--Triangulum added to the 33 (33+3 = 36). These 36 galaxies of
the Local Group and relative adjacents comprise the Brhati-36 heart
meter (O^2), or the 4th meter of the primordial 7 meters that are the
template blueprints for 7 kinds of All Universal Man Numerator (AUMN),
Managed by the Operator Manu (OM) Septad.
To reflect this fractally, the AUM-Triad 3 macro galaxies together
have 24 satellite galaxies. The 36 galaxies with these 24 satellite
galaxies then comprise 60 galaxies to the local group, and we suspect
that future discoveries may unearth at least another 4, or possibly 12
further galaxies in this relationship of the Organisational Matrix
(OM) of the Local Galactic Group, making either a DNA genome 64,
or 72 galaxies.
The 1994 gamma ray observations of the totally new organised class of
ultra high order gamma rays within our galaxy, conforming an ordering
geometry of 24 tetrahedrons iso-symmetrically arranged in the order of
a hyper-diamond lattice, in such a way that each gamma laser ray
(highest galactic energy) is phase-conjugated, essentially
establishing a holographic internet of information, and that this
"galactic internet" as some scientists dubbed it (like Dr. Frank T.
Smith of Los Alamos National Laboritories), was pulsed in synchrony
over the entire galaxy as the hallmarks of a signature of a Hyper-
Temporal Intelligence -- so this first unique manifestation, gamma
beams of which have utterly transfigured the planets of our solar
system since, with respective global warming also now being observed
within planetary systems of neighbouring solar systems within this
gamma ray galactic internet path... so the Galactic Council of 24
galaxies may be announcing themselves. Since we have recorded
communications with the OTI/Ultraterrestrial Intelligences of
Emmanuel, describing in 1988 precisely these mechanics which would
follow, and which were attributed to the Galactic Council (The Light
Of Emmanuel: Explorations Into Oneness, chapter Dolphins Galactic
Communicators, unit-Emmanuel, 1988. Compiled by Ananda 1990, published
1992 by Aton Publishing, Nykobing, Mors, Denmark).
The complexity of this totally novel gamma ray array, by our solar
system's perfect conjunction with the galactic center at the end of
November 1998, had dramatically increased, possibly to reflect the
hyper-symmetry of the complete Local Galactic Group and its congruance
in the Virgo Super Cluster of 3000 galaxies.
Certainly the gamma rays coming from the constellation of Cygnus the
Swan, beamed at our solar system and following the golden proportion
of O^2 (36^o... the Brhati chandra heart meter), did reflect the
present groups 33+3 = 36 galactic grid constellation... It was this
golden O^2 Cygnus signal from the dark rift by the galactic center
that was recorded by the extraemely low frequency radar group
( of scientists to change the sound of the sun (recorded),
and instill the sun to release a unique solar flare (gabriels horn it
was christianed), which when impinging the Earth's magnetic field,
cause the golden PHI^2 (36^o) ratio to be instilled in the magnetometer
signature of our planetary magnetic field upon which all our memories
and hormones have ride their electroMAGNETIC foundation.
This was then followed by a global recording of a 1.618033 signal, all
over the world, translated from this Cygnus signal within the galactic
gamma ray internet of the "Galactic Council". These being the exact
golden mean numbers of the sacred ration PHI (O), became a daily
broadcastation recorded all over the world by ELFRAD scientists during
1999. And according ot clandestine microbiologist Dr. Dan Burisch,
working at the S4 region of the Nevada Test Site, this 1.818 signal
communicated in nucleotide sequences and instilled unique
microbiological phenomenon that continue to instigate classified
genetic and cellular changes in man and nature. Following the Galactic
Council under the Emmanuel's 1988 predicaments that would follow (see
Manuscript 10, downloadable as a PDF on the index of our web page...
Our 1998 Sun-Gate Conspiracy pdf, on our HOME.html page, should be
downloaded in all 3 parts as well, for it shows the massive "reality
synthesizing" motherships ordering our sun, in accordance to these
Aetheric/Hadronic Arc-Flow, or ultra high order hyper-geometrical
ORGANISED gamma rays).
Thereby, there are 24 (Gayatri) galactic Man-like species template
Boddhisattva's representing the 24 galaxies' civilisations, with a
further 9 fundamental Buddha templates. 8 of these are pesonified in
race characteristics, following the Rg Vedic Anustubh Chandra-32
meter, whilst the 9th, Mannaus, personified the Primordial Thoton Omni-
Temporal Intelligence design Template of Inter-Universal Homo-Cosmos.

M--Milky Way SBbc Second largest, though possibly most massive galaxy
in the group. Spiral Galaxy A--Andromeda Galaxy (M31, NGC 224) SA(s)b
Largest member of the group, recently (2006) discovered to also be a barred
spiral. Spiral Galaxy U--Triangulum Galaxy (M33, NGC 598) SAc, only
ordinary spiral galaxy. Spiral Galaxy

Wolf-Lundmark-Melotte (WLM, DDO 221) Ir+, in constellation Cetus.
Irregular galaxy IC 10 KBm or Ir+, in constellation Cassiopeia. Irregular galaxy
Boötes Dwarf, dSph, in constellation of Boötes. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Cetus Dwarf, dSph/E4, in constellation of Cetus. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Canes Venatici Dwarf, dSph, in constellation of Canes Venatici. Dwarf
spheroidal galaxy IC 1613 (UGC 668) IAB(s)m V, in constellation Cetus.
Irregular galaxy Phoenix Dwarf Irr, in constellation Phoenix. Irregular galaxy
Antlia Dwarf, dE3, in constellation of Antlia. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Tucana Dwarf, dE5, in constellation of Tucana. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Leo A (Leo III) IBm V, in constellation Leo. Irregular galaxy
Pegasus Dwarf (Pegasus Dwarf Irregular, DDO 216), Irr, in
constellation of Pegasus. Dwarf elliptical galaxy
Sextans B (UGC 5373) Ir+IV-V, in constellation Sextans. Irregular galaxy
NGC 3109 Ir+IV-V, in constellation Hydra. Irregular galaxy
Sextans A (UGCA 205) Ir+V, in constellation Sextans. Irregular galaxy
SagDIG (Sagittarius Dwarf Irregular Galaxy), IB(s)m V, in
constellation of Sagittarius. Most remote from barycenter member
thought to be in the Local Group. (^ van den Bergh, Sidney (April
2000), "Updated Information on the Local Group", The Publications of
the Astronomical Society of the Pacific 112 (770): 529?536, doi:
10.1086/316548). Dwarf elliptical galaxy NGC 6822 (Barnard's Galaxy),
IB(s)m IV-V, in constellation of Sagittarius. Dwarf elliptical galaxy
UGC-A 86 (0355+66), Irr, dE or S0. In constellation Camelopardalis
Galactic Type Identification Unclear UGC-A 92 (EGB0427+63),
Irr or S0, in constellation of Camelopardalis. Galactic Type Identification
Unclear Virgo Stellar Stream, dSph (remnant)? in constellation of Virgo
In the process of merging with the Milky Way. Galactic Type Identification
Unclear Willman 1 dwarf Spherical galaxy or Globular cluster? in
constellation of Ursa Major, 147,000 light-years away. Galactic Type
Identification Unclear Andromeda IV Irr? in constellation of Andromeda,
possibly not a galaxy. Galactic Type Identification Unclear

MEMBERS GR 8 (DDO 155), Im V, in constellation of Virgo. Adjacent
to local group/possible non-member IC 5152, IAB(s)m IV, in constellation
of Indus. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member NGC 55, SB(s)m,
in constellation of Sculptor. Adjacent to local group/ possible non-member
Aquarius Dwarf (DDO 210), Im V, in constellation of Aquarius. Adjacent
to local group/possible non-member NGC 404, E0 or SA(s)0-, in constellation
of Andromeda. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member
NGC 1569, Irp+ III-IV, in constellation of Camelopardalis. Adjacent to
local group/possible non-member NGC 1560 (IC 2062), Sd, in constellation
of Camelopardalis. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member
Camelopardalis A, Irr, in constellation of Camelopardalis. Adjacent to
local group/possible non-member Argo Dwarf, Irr, in constellation of Carina.
Adjacent to local group/ possible non-member 2318-42, Irr, in constellation
of Grus. Adjacent to local group/ possible non-member UKS 2323-326, Irr,
in constellation of Sculptor. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member
UGC 9128 (DDO 187), Irp+, in constellation of Boötes. Adjacent to
local group/possible non-member Palomar 12 (Capricornus Dwarf), in
constellation of Capricornus, a globular cluster classified as a dwarf
spheroidal galaxy. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member
Palomar 4 (originally designated Ursa Major Dwarf), in constellation
of Ursa Major, a globular cluster formerly classified as a dwarf
spheroidal galaxy. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member
Sextans C. Adjacent to local group/possible non-member

A: (Andromeda 10 Satelite Galaxies)
M110 (NGC 205) E6p satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy. Elliptical galaxy
M32 (NGC 221) E2, satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy. Elliptical galaxy
NGC 147 (DDO 3) dE5 pec, in constellation of Cassiopeia, satellite of
the Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf elliptical galaxy Andromeda III, dE2, in
constellation of Andromeda, satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy Dwarf
spheroidal galaxy NGC 185, dE3 pec, in constellation of Cassiopeia,
satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Andromeda I, dE3 pec, in constellation of Andromeda, satellite of the
Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Andromeda V, dSph, in constellation of Andromeda, satellite of the
Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Andromeda II, dE0, in constellation of Andromeda, satellite of the
Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Cassiopeia Dwarf (Andromeda VII), dSph, in constellation of
Cassiopeia, satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Pegasus Dwarf Spheroidal Galaxy (Andromeda VI), dSph, in constellation
of Pegasus, satellite of the Andromeda Galaxy. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy

U: (Triangulum 1 satelite galaxy)
Pisces Dwarf (LGS3) Irr, in constellation Pisces. Satellite of the
Triangulum Galaxy? Irregular galaxy

M: (Milky Way 13 Satelite Galaxies)
Small Magellanic Cloud (SMC, NGC 292) SB(s)m pec, in constellation of
Tucana satellite of Milky Way. Irregular galaxy
Canis Major Dwarf Irr, in constellation of Canis Major satellite of
Milky Way. Irregular galaxy Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC) Irr/SB(s)m,
in constellation of Dorado, satellite of Milky Way. Irregular galaxy
Sculptor Dwarf (E351-G30), dE3, in constellation of Sculptor,
satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy Fornax Dwarf (E356-G04),
dSph/E2, in constellation of Fornax, satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf
spheroidal galaxy Carina Dwarf (E206-G220), dE3, in constellation of
Carina, satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy Leo I (DDO 74),
dE3, in constellation of Leo, satellite of Milky Way.
Dwarf spheroidal galaxy Sextans Dwarf, dE3, in constellation of Sextans,
satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy Leo II (Leo B), dE0 pec,
in constellation of Leo, satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Ursa Minor Dwarf, dE4, in constellation of Ursa Minor, satellite of
Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy Draco Dwarf (DDO 208), dE0 pec,
in constellation of Draco, satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
SagDEG (Sagittarius Dwarf Elliptical Galaxy), dSph/E7, in constellation of
Sagittarius, satellite of Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy
Ursa Major Dwarf, dSph, in constellation of Ursa Major, satellite of
Milky Way. Dwarf spheroidal galaxy

By Ananda M. Bosman

 From: ananda bosman <>
 To: MT <>
 Subject: MaHA Kala
 Date: Thu, 14 Aug 2008 05:59:35 +0200

  It is heartening to see your means of integrating this material.
  I am deep amidst several projects... and the dark matter part, as
  seductive it may be, is one of the exciting areas that hadronic
  mechanics appears to address. In fact there appears to be no need
  for it all, but you may have come across these references already.
  I paste in something I wrote you several nights ago:
  > I especially enjoy your black and white art, like "history9"
  > and "mt-chaos".

  > Interesting you mention Mel Purcell, it was she and Dr. Stein
  > Johansen who went to visit Dr Illert, when they were still together.
  > I enjoyed a night brainstorming "brain sex" with Mell, it is rare
  > that one finds a lady with hyper-logic and at the same time has been
  > an exorcist, long term therapist for MPD/DID, and somewhat her own
  > shaman, whilst also learning the female art of weaving. When I threw
  > in my 8D Hyper-Klein bottle, it was nothing new, she had made
  > parallel modeling, but found the intergeometrical icosa-dodec inter-
  > geo-polyhedra extrapolation of ours an interesting Via Media
  > interface for this, as much of it that was possible to grasp without
  > our computer animations at hand. Reich obviously was on the Unified
  > Filed Omnigasmic All-One Mind flux trend. Enjoying the links,
  > thanks. PHIne childhood reading indeed.
-- Ananda M. Bosman

  To Mars "Dr. Melanie Claire Purcell" <> once wrote:
      THE MARS PATENT:   "BOUND between a ROCK and a HARD PLACE"


      Note: Dr. Chris Illert  DID NOT WIN A NOBEL PRIZE in 1998,
      See: Nobel Laureates 1998. See also: "Opposing Einstein"
      at: Breaking Open The Head. Also do a search for "Illert"
      at the Nobel Foundation website:

Ananda M. Bosman :


Sierpinski Pentahedron

You should be able to download this new Intergalactic Confederation
Day Song within the next month [Sept 2008] at
For more on the AUMega Music Revolution, of our Sierpinski pentahedron
harmonics (multiples of 8hz) see:
Universal Dances


Not far away in the future, nor even by ETI exchange programs, but
RIGHT NOW available via, hadronic PlasmArc flow
reactors viewable in Florida and Italy, and available now, ready to
clean up the environment, and lead the way to utterly new technologies
and hadronic space-time machines for the whole of our species.
Limitations of Einstein's Special and General Relativities, Quantum
Mechanics and Quantum Chemistry
Isodual Theory of Antimatter, Antigravity and Spacetime Machines)


... As 8+8+8 = 24+8 = 32 - so then the 32 galactic species linked
to the 32 mixed races of the world (of the 3 prime races: Caucasian;
Mongoloid; Negroid), representing the Intergalactic Confederation of
our local galactic group of galaxies (see detailed [briefly excerpted]
ETI contact report [above]), and 32 Buddhas, thereby are represented
in both this crop circle and in the temporal timing chosen by the
Galactic Freedom Day network of researchers:
Another self-embedded message, recursively embedding both the 8-8-08
global event at 8pm, as well as the 32 intergalactic species
representing mankind from the Intergalactic Confederation Councils;
whilst also being axiomatic to the 32 codon pairs of the human genome.


See also TGD inspired theory of consciousness with applications to bio-systems and partly TGD inspired graphics of Mark Thornally

    ++ -- Mark Thornally, AKA: MT, Approx. 7:34PM, Sun.,
    Aug. 10, 2008CE, West North America, Earth, Sol,
    Milky Way, Local Group, Inflating Space/Time, Etc...




Dr. Chris Illert, Tunguska, Ezekiel, Timeline-Surfers, et al. ...
| From: MT <>
| To: "* U. Gelhaar *" <>
| Subject: Re: 888-8 Intergalactic Day Crop Circle Analysis & 432,000 Manlike Species
| Date: Aug 21, 2008 12:30 AM
-----Original Message-----
> From: "* U. Gelhaar *" <>
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> To: MT <>
> Subject: Re: 888-8 Intergalactic Day Crop Circle Analysis & 432,000 Manlike Species
> With AUMpleasure :-)
> Am 20.08.2008 um 11:14 schrieb MT:
>> Thank You! --MT-20_Aug_2008_CE_2:15AM_Earth_Sol_Milky-
>>     Way_Local-Group_Inflating-Space/Time_etc....
>>   ...Wooly Mammoth Dusty MindGland Supersymmetry
>>     Dwarf Spheroidal Galactic Data Stream ...
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>>> From: "* U. Gelhaar *" <>
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>>> To: ananda bosman <>
>>> Subject: Fwd: 888-8 Intergalactic Day Crop Circle Analysis & 432,000 Manlike Species
>> [snip] *
    Just out of curiosity, unless he went by a different name,
"Dr. Chris Illert"
DID NOT WIN A NOBEL PRIZE in 1998. See: Nobel Laureates 1998:
See also: "Opposing Einstein" at Breaking-Open-The-Head:
Also do a search for "Illert" at the Nobel Foundation site:

Meanwhile... In other Nouveu Whirling 0rders of magnitude...

* Note that in the military-intelligence disclosure
testimony of Sgt. Clifford Stone, there are only
57 races mentioned in the covert military
intelligence world; and NATO Major Robert O Dean
read of 4 species in the NATO-SHAPE study of the
early 1960s, with later military-intelligence
having expanded this to more than 72-100 species. ...
Sergeant-Major Robert O Dean's statements on the
Ultraterrestrials, from his access to NATO's
"cosmic top secret" Assessment report on ETI &
further intelligence, over the years:

"'At least 4' extraterrestrial civilisations were
suggested in our "Assessment" report. My friends from
the 'Firm' [CIA] told me that nowadays they believed
in at least 100 different groups. And today they
are of the opinion that there are not only
extraterrestrial visitors, but also intergalactic
beings, visitors from other dimensions and time travellers.
"Behind the UFO phenomenon are hidden representatives of
each of these 4 groups. Our governments know that and
they know even more. Some of them seem immortal to us
because they are capable of travelling through time
and space and other dimensions. Their knowledge,
according to our measure, is endless and they seem
to have some responsibility for us being here.
"Those which we see, or those we are permitted to
see are members of a hierarchy which encompasses
beings who are representatives of physical human life,
similar to ours, and beings who are so powerful
and all-knowing that one could call them energy
beings, who can live and travel in the endless
Space-Time continuum."
-NATO Sergeant Robert O Dean,
  first disclosure speech,
    World UFO Congress,
      Tucson Arizona, May 1991.

        [] A Novel Hyperlanguage DNA Code

-----Origami Massage-----
> Date: Aug 20, 2008 8:49 AM
> To:
> Subject: Tunguska and Crashed UFOs: What We Know 100 Years Later
> What Really Happened in Tunguska,
> Russia 100 Years Ago?
> Early on the morning of June 30, 1908, numerous
> people in the region of Tunguska,
> Russia, and specifically in the hills
> northwest of Lake Baikal, witnessed what was
> described as a large column of blue light moving
> deliberately across the dawn sky.
> Approximately ten minutes later, the sighting
> was followed by the sound of a massive
> explosion that decimated the area, and caused
> damage hundreds of miles away from
> the presumed impact site of whatever it was
> that had earlier been seen in the sky.
> The event was captured on seismic equipment
> as far away as Britain. And, in the
> United States, both the Smithsonian
> Astrophysical Observatory and the Mount Wilson
> Observatory recorded a marked decrease in
> atmospheric transparency in the immediate
> wake of the event that lasted for a period
> of three months. Since then, the root
> cause of the Tunguska event has been hotly
> debated, with theories ranging from
> a comet to a meteorite, and from a black-hole
> to the result of a secret experiment
> undertaken by Nikola Tesla.
> ...
> But perhaps the most intriguing theory of all
> is that which suggests nothing less
> than a nuclear-powered alien spacecraft
> exploded over Tunguska on that fateful day.
> This year, 2008, marks the 100th anniversary
> of the Tunguska event. Nick Redfern's
> lecture will delve deeply into the issue
> of what did or did not happen at Tunguska,
> and will reveal a wealth of highly intriguing
> information relating to the theory
> that an extraterrestrial vehicle was
> catastrophically destroyed over Tunguska on
> June 30, 1908. ...
> A Closer Look at the Man Behind the Data
> Expert researcher, Nick Redfern
> is the author of a number of books on
> UFOs, including A Covert Agenda:
> The British Government's UFO Top Secrets Exposed;
> The FBI Files: The FBI's UFO Top Secrets Exposed;
> CosmicCrashes: The Incredible Story of the UFOs
> That Fell to Earth; and On the Trail of the
> Saucer Spies. Nick has written for Eye-Spy;
> Military Illustrated; the Unopened Files;
> the X-factor, the London Daily Express newspaper.
> ...
> Ryan Wood <>,
> Wood Enterprises | 14004 Quail Ridge Drive | Broomfield | CO | 80020

I thought "they" concluded it 'Tunguska' was a
"low-density asteroid" exploding in the atmosphere,
However, "a nuclear-powered alien spacecraft" exploding
(who, what, when, where, why?) is infinitely more fun,
except, of course, for any Extra-Ultra-terrestrial Psyops
sentient mortals INSIDE the explosion, not to mention the
immediate biospheric flora/fauna surrounding the site!

Thank You! --MT-20_Aug_2008_CE_1:15_PM_Earth_Sol_Milky-
    ...Wooly Mammoth Dusty MindGland Supersymmetry
      Dwarf Spheroidal Galactic Data Stream ...


| From: Nicholas Redfern <>
| To: MT <>
| Subject: Re: Tunguska and Crashed UFOs: What We Know 100 Years Later
| Date: Aug 20, 2008 2:27 PM

Yeah, the majority theory is that it was an asteroid
or similar. The lecture I'll be doing will be a study
of the data that other researchers have collected
suggesting ET, and detailing where the data came from,
who provided it, can it be validated, how does it
stand up against the more conventional theories (if
there's anything conventional about Tunguska!), etc
Nick R.

( ****************************************************** )
| Date: Thu, 21 Aug 2008 00:55:34 -0700 (GMT-07:00)
| From: MT <>
| To: Nicholas Redfern <>
| Subject: Re: Tunguska and Crashed UFOs: What We Know 100 Years Later

Mahatma Redfern,
Thanks for the reply. The lecture sounds
VERY interesting. I've always prefered the:
"Ultraterrestrial neighbors of our extremely
distant descendants of the Large Hadron Collider
employee's mutant offspring experimenting with
spinning cylinders composed of mini Black Holes
compelling the aforementioned 'Ultras' into
travelling 'back' to a 1908 'Earth-prime' timeline
experiencing a bit of an 'accident' precipitating
a bifurcation along the Ezekiel timeline, THEORY."

Which suggests, per Saul Paul Sirag:

    "There's been some speculation that the
    Ezekiel vision was of what we today
    would call a flying saucer. In other
    words, an object of advanced technology.
    It's hard to know one way or another,
    but I've been wondering if it was not a
    time machine of some sort. Recently in
    Physical Review Abstracts (D 15 March
    1974) there was a report [by Frank Tipler]
    of the possibility of time travel by means
    of a rotating cylinder. It would be odd
    if we were to go in such a time machine
    to visit Ezekiel's time and place.
    We could do this, because we know the
    day he saw his vision, since he carefully
    recorded the time (a date equivalent
    to July 5, 592 BCE give or take a day)
    and place. It would be odd if in doing
    this -- to have a peek at Ezekiel's vision
    it turned out that what Ezekiel saw was
    just us in our time machine trying to
    have a peek at his vision."

            -- Saul-Paul Sirag (May 1974)


All you have to do is factor in the
"low-density asteroid" signature data
with the ET matrix anomalies around
the [Tunguska] site, as well as the acculturation
socio-neurological evolutionary patterns
and, well, there you go...

Have a blast at the ufoconference. I envy
you guys who figured out how to follow your
bliss, make money, and do really interesting
mindgland stuff!

All the best.--MT

          ~o0-O-0o~                         " T r i p t y c h "



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