Exoteric Revelation
October 27, 1999

E n t e r t a i n m e n t

The Universe is a vehicle for entertainment.

Humanoid Sentience has been naturally selected by
billions of years of non-linear, Sol-3 biospheric
dynamics to awaken unto the basic threads of
Multiversal fuction, i.e. "entertainment".

Humans tend to stress and strain and grunt over
some basic innate queries:

Who am I?
(Answer: audience-participation / interface-
entertainment unit)

Why is there ANYTHING?
(Answer: entertainment props)

What does it all mean?
(Answer: comedy/drama/adventure/romance/mystery/
tragedy/horror -- entertainment)

What does the future hold?
(Answer: plot development, spin-offs, syndication, an entire
gamut of entertainment)

Are there any visiting extraterrestrial stagecraft
participant actors?

(Answer: to paraphrase A.C. Clarke: Any sufficiently
advanced technology will be indistinguishable from total,
immersive, virtual entertainment.

[See also: Play; Fun]

          "Still out there, after all these years!"
                                                Acharya S -- April 15, 2008 CE

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