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        The most obvious, always forgotten, then
instantly remembered, to be forgotten again,
then remembered (since it is so obvious), is:

        Everything is mind.

Damn!   I forgot, again...   What?

Oh, never mind.   It doesn't matter.

Wait!   Yes... okay... mind, right?

imagined in the mind.

What is matter, but mind's interpretation
conveniently solidified in a mental construct.

Without mind, is there really anything, like matter?

But wait, is it not so that mind is merely a product
of material brain processes?   But again, that pesky
obvious answer: that too is only realized, mentally.

So obvious, so easy to forget, then remembered...

They (you know, other minds) like to say that
if you removed all minds from all universes,
would there really be any such thing as a
universe?   Minds (you know, others like you)
like to say (as if they're really saying
something) that the mind of a god is required
as a first cause solidification, interpreting
the convenient mental construct which
manifests as matter (or the mental construct
known as matter) out of which emerges all
sorts of little sub-god minds, either transient
or eternal depending on whose mind is doing
the mental configuring.   In a previous incarnation
this kind of mental meandering used to piss off
my mind, see: Abraxas Ponders Final Extinction
Now I simply understand, without any real
understanding beyond the obvious experiential
aspect of my own brand of easily forgotten
mind.   But, alas, my bewildered MindGland
drifts dangerously into realms lacking
English language cogency . . .

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        An intermittent buffer failure in the
entertainment dream chamber eventually
permitted cross border access, previously
filtered out of the memory system; and
like the main character in that 2000 film,
Memento, I too had gained a shaky foothold
into the missing corridors of my strange,
evaporating mind.   Over an apparently long
stretch of time, in spite of artificially
induced memory failure, I was able to piece
together an extraordinary narrative that
had been specifically designed to remain
hidden, and forgotten.
The original intent behind the system was
of benign purpose, but the failure had a
cascading effect, leading to the deduction
that I was on a long range, deep space flight
of unknown duration, for perhaps hundreds, or
maybe thousands of years; and in moments of
clarity, I was able to recall that suspended
animation, as an efficient means to transport
neurologically sentient consciousness, was
never an entirely safe method over extended
periods; so an alternating system of 'deep
sleep and waking state' was designed to take
advantage of innovations in virtual reality
simulations, thereby facilitating extreme
duration space flight.
In the waking state, the traveler was fully
conscious of the craft, the mission, and
all requisite duties, but any memory of the
sleep state was effectively wiped clean.
Conversely, in the suspended animation
sleep state, all memory of the craft,
mission, duty, and especially the original
identity, was likewise erased to permit an
alternate self to live a worldly life of
comforting diversions; but the trouble with
these semi-automated, long duration space
flight gizmos, is that inevitable technical
glitches have a tendency to mutate systems,
which, in this case, created a bit of a
seemingly unintended psychic overlap.
One moment you'll be driving down a winding
country road in a late 20th century
automobile, when an uncanny sense of being
light years away in the middle of a distant
star field on a seemingly endless trajectory
to a who-the-hell-knows-where destination...
...and the next moment you're back on board,
gazing at an external representation of your
immediate vicinity imbued with a completely
unfamiliar sensibility considering these
peculiar, isolated stellar environments,
when suddenly you begin to suspect that your
entertainment module is leaking into your
functional apparatus attention mode; and
you're no longer sure if maybe you're some
weird geek living a prosaic existence on a
relatively primitive planet, experiencing
intermittent flashbacks (or flashforwards)
of another existence on a distant spacecraft;
or, maybe, you're an intrepid explorer,
journeying amid ancient nebula, whose
entertainment pod is spewing odd bits of
planetary data into your waking state
efficiency node; or even weirder yet,
perhaps the ship's destination education
program has been compromised, and is now
synthesizing with the entertainment module,
creating a hybrid situation which the
artificially intelligent reality engine may
have intended all along, indicating that
the excruciating trip is finally nearing
its destination, and all onboard gizmos are
systematically shutting down. Either way,
the left hand was never supposed to know
what the right hand was doing, at least
according to the original engineers. ...

    [eMpTy 6:05 PM Tuesday 18 October 2011]


      "... Now I do not know whether I was then
  a man dreaming I was a butterfly, or whether
  I am now a butterfly dreaming I am a man.
  Between a man and a butterfly there is
  necessarily a barrier. ..."
  -- Chuang Tzu
                      [Circa: 4th or 3rd Century BCE]


-=[[ NOTE:  I wasn't in the mood
                      for 'punctuation,' so
                      consider this a
                      communique' from a
                      Distant, PRIMITIVE
                      MINDGLAND. Thanks.
                              eMpTy O6|DEC|II ]]=-

      Quantum Entanglement on a Macro Level
solidified as a tangible reality per
Human Consciousness observing-participating
in magnifying THE Collapsed Wave Function
thereby allowing Macro System Quantum
Entanglement to manifest as an actual
Consensus Reality embedded in which
resides the fanciful notion of Instantaneous
Space Travel? Former Space Shuttle Astronaut
STORY MUSGRAVE believes we are not being
visited by Extraterrestrial Technologies
and he himself while in space has not seen
any sign of it likewise insists with certainty
that without a doubt there are definitely
Extraterrestrial Spacefaring Civilizations
even a BILLION years more advanced than ours
operating throughout This Particular Universe.
In Our Distant Future would not Instantaneous
Quantum Entangled Space Travel require a SEND
Port and a RECEIVE Port logically established
as a Preexisting Entanglement Infrastructure
or would another BILLION years of Technological
Evolution manage to get around That Limitation?
My PRIMITIVE MINDGLAND recalls something about
a Quantum Entangled Photon experimentally
TRANSPORTED like Star Trek with an explanation
that the DESTINATION Photon is not technically
the literal embodiment of the SOURCE Photon
as much as it is an EXACT DUPLICATE. A COPY.
This somewhat troubling distinction reminds my
PRIMITIVE MINDGLAND of an episode of a TV show
perhaps the more recent version of OUTER LIMITS
wherein an advanced ET Reptilian Civilization
has given Humanity a Quantum Entangled
Instantaneous Space Travel Mechanism and in
the course of the story we learn that the Human
Protagonist has the Sad Unenviable Highly Top
Secret job of EXECUTING and Secretly DISPOSING
of the Original Person who STILL Exists on
the SEND Side of the Transportation Equation.
Our Sad Protagonist is a Very Depressed Fellow
indeed until he meets a Delightful Woman whom
he inevitably bonds with and soon realizes is
the Next Traveler that he is charged to SEND
leading to a Very Dramatic Psychological
Conflict. Curiously my PRIMITIVE MINDGLAND
does not Exactly Recall how The Episode ENDS.

-=[[   NOTE:   ( Update ) --   See also
  THE OUTER LIMITS episode based
  on a James Patrick Kelly story :
    " Think Like A Dinosaur "   ]]=-


              Imagine an infinite cloud of eternal
potential, undefined; whereupon 'consciousness'
notices a point in the cloud, and that specific
point facilitates a collapse of a wave function,
defining a tangible reality: one universe amid
a potential multiversal cloud. These emergent
parallel realities, where timelines bifurcate
into separate universes, may basically be how
time-travel paradoxes are circumvented. If you
travel back in time to successfully convince
your great, great, great grandfather to a life
of celibacy, you manage to erase your emergence
in that timeline, but not the timeline of your
origin. They are separate, parallel timelines.
Therefore, 'paradox' is hypothetically averted.
Happy Quantum Surfing & 'Brane' Shuffling!

-=[[ NOTE: Notwithstanding a more independent,
      fluid notion of consciousness, regardless of
      space/time specificity, or parental fixations;
      and/or a 'Closed Timelike Curve' ( CTC ) ... ]]=-


The First Artificially Intelligent SELF-AWARE Device.*

        Typically, AI engineers recognize the infinitely
difficult, ready-made example to emulate.
Following four billion years of life: manifesting, dividing, mutating, surviving; developing naturally selected mechanisms of avoidance, attraction, aggression, nurturing, symbiosis, osmosis, destruction, construction, invention, inquiry, and EMOTION...   At best, Artificial Intelligence has achieved a kind of self-teaching search engine method of mimicry, entirely a trick of abstract mathematics, devoid of any real self-referencing awareness.   This is about to change, and may have already been achieved elsewhere in the multiverse.   The First Artificially Intelligent SELF-AWARE Device will be designed to accommodate nested levels of continuous informational input.   Data regarding its own construction down to the molecular level and power variances, with the latter providing emotion-emulation sensor feedback relating to performance and behavioral interpretation relevancy, will all run continuous with constant updates on all infrastructural coordinates emanating from every conceivable source of information available on and off the planet.   Self-awareness, with an emulated emotional component, will synergistically appear within the central core of the device's pseudo-metabolic equilibrium calibration system.   The initial size and power requirements of the device will dwarf current building-sized supercomputer networks, but with the eventual implementation of bio-quantum hybrid entanglement systems, size will shrink small enough to fit inside any autonomous ambulatory mechanized shell.

[ To Be Continued...   -- eMpTy 11:33PM, I7|DEC|2OII ]

                          How Wide Is NOW?

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    OLTISSIS OF ETHOS and Other Strange Attractors

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* Understanding 'emotion' is the key.
  [ And we don't mean: E-Motion. ] END


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