World is Neuron [THE VESSEL]


        Not yet knowing the future history of cosmology, aeronautics, or rockets, an ancient, primitive people gazed into the night sky for signs of shooting stars. Meteor showers were epic battles among the sky gods.   Meteorites, their fallen bodies forged in great fires hit the world in terrible chaos.
Solidified sky.
Eventually, in due time, a Vessel was prepared for the long journey back to the abode of lost gods and wandering black holes. In preparation, disparate, scattered icons of the world were found, studied, accumulated, and cleverly devised into structured elements of the Vessel's integrity.
Launch and trajectory -- the Vessel soared hidden in mists of relativity and curvature.
An age transpired.   Then another.   Then a third.   The Vessel crash landed atop a barren mountain of melting glaciers and flowing clear springs.   The structured elements of the Vessel's integrity spilled out upon the gathering waters and washed downstream where they were found by the inhabitants of the mysterious valley below.
Thesis, antithesis, synthesis: out of chaos something new was born.  
[ April 30, 2009 MT ]

Eventually, in due time...



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