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        In This Sense... A non sequitur is a conversational
      and literary device, often used for comical purposes
      (as opposed to its use in formal logic). It is a
      comment which, due to its lack of meaning relative
      to the comment it follows, is absurd to the point of
      being humorous or confusing. Its use can be deliberate
      or unintentional. Literally, it is Latin for
      "it does not follow". In other literature, a non sequitur
      can denote an abrupt, illogical, unexpected or absurd
      turn of plot or dialogue not normally associated with
      or appropriate to that preceding it.

      Non sequiturs often appear to be disconnected or
      random comments, or random changes in subject,
      especially socially inappropriate ones.
      When non sequiturs are used frequently for comic
      effect this can be called "absurd humor".

      The non sequitur can be understood as the converse
      of cliché. Traditional comedy and drama can depend
      on the ritualization and predictability of human
      emotional experiences, where the Theatre of the
      Absurd uses disjunction and unpredictability.   ...

Date: Sun, 06 Apr 2008 07:13:11 -0600
From: "Gary Gene Ford" [1946-2013]
Subject: Re: Non Sequitur redux - Re: 'Little Rope'
climbs up! - Re: "thumb less wonders" and hydra...
Re: Global warming theory breaks wind? -- Re: HD189733b:
"Little Fox" -- Additional Notes to: Mighty Maniacs 2008 --
((Re: SATURN MOON -- Re: Global warming theory breaks wind?
[Was: Re: (MESSENGER) Hunt for The Skinwalker (On MERCURY!)]))

Dear Throne Ally,

I don't know some of the names you've added,
but will do a cc also to them, too.

Do you know how the Appellation 'Non Sequitur!'
is actually used, what it means, operationally,
in events of human dispute and judgment?

I see it as an Insulting CLAIM of 'irrelevance' of an argument,
used against an Opponent in a Rhetorical (usually argumentation
done to PERSUADE an Audience, even impromptu and informal,
done to gather support for The Asserter's Line of Argumentation,
while damaging respect seen due to personages opposed, but by
slightly appearing to attack ONLY "the validity" of) Argumentation.

At least that's my best summation I can make of many times
I have seen such a Remark or Appellation Slung ABOUT.

In Mathematics, this is expressed as "Does Not Follow!", which is a serious, Potentially Reputation-Breaking (for Object of the Claim) STOP by its Asserter, and not at all always true, as even the usually Higher-in-the-Math-Professional-Hierarchy, Academically Installed, Scientific Imperaturs (otherwise it would be a daring and risky act, if performed by a Novice or a Person of Low Standing in The Sacred Order) asserting the Appellation, could also be found subject to an all too common (for likes of 'Ascended Academics') Chance of Failure to Completely Understand, or Intelligently Express, NOT Only Facts of Nature, but also Gleaming Nuggets of the "Excrement of the Gods" Infesting the Triumphal Abstract Mental Edifices of Monkish-kind.

Like Rhetorical Medieval Nominalism's "Occam's Razor" -
an appeal to audience-restful economy of Explanation, hence
guiding the selection of audience-comprehensible theory -
which is a Technique of Rhetorical Selection, and often used
successfully as a 'hunch' or guide by Theoreticians in plotting
their course of foray of attempted conceptual discovery, but
not actual method of Scientific Discovery in the Slightest ...

.... as Nature, beyond the simplicity of reductionist Theoretical
Principles, is often fraught with a surfeit of interacting, covering,
concealing and conflicting physical "mechanism" caused effects,
which careful experimental "set-up" is supposed to rectify by
performing a focused exclusionary physical reduction - hence
the preference of Theoreticians to Theoretically Predict Effects
which require High Order for "Verification", although after Karl
Popper, the Fountains of Thought are supposed to think on the
Merits instead of Potential 'FALSIFICATION', is it not so?! -

Such as is attainable usually in rigidly controlled, often highly
uniform, imposed magnetic fields, and high Atomic Quiet,
hence also at low temperature - ...

... Often at boiling liquid Helium Temperature, in Earth Labs,
as was done in the 1950s to check for CPT symmetry violation,
which was - SURPRISE! - Found for Cobalt 60 beta decay,
a discovery leading to a Nobel Prize in Physics - and showing
the Once Theoretically Hopeful CPR Symmetry Rule was
broken "by the Weak Force", as detected in an experimental
environment at Liquid Helium Temperature in a Controlled
Magnetic Field - ...

... Or sometimes in Physical Simplicity which experimentalists
strive to obtain with reduction of Physical Complexity by
imposition, as well, of EM Shielding, as is done with Type I
Superconductors acting as B-Impenetrable, up to a Critical H,
shielding, at Liquid Hydrogen Temperature or below, used in
the verification of theory-predicted Aharonov-Bohm Effect - ...

... And by use of other simplifying conditions, such as radial
or cylindrical symmetry, low imperfection high crystal order ...

...Or with the greatly decreased interactions of the material
elements under study, if submicroscopic, as with Atomic
Particles, in high, or near, vacuum ...

... Or as by thermal or sonic isolation, or other simplifying,
organizing or shielding methods,

... Often with many enforced simplifications operating at once,
reducing the complexity of Real Nature down to a restrained,
often laboratory, simplified version of nature, so reduced in
complexity to a degree sufficient as to allow some pure item
of matter, energy, momentum, interaction, state or process,
to be studied competently.

But for all these reductionist practices to "tease out"/isolate
special physical effects, there lurks a suppressed question,
which I believe is:

"When the shades and 'stops' are removed,
and the full complexity of reality is allowed,
will the Events still interact together in a Way
which can now actually be fully predicted, just
by assembling just the Known Physical Effects,
which are BELIEVED to be in Operation?!"

After all, even when an Automobile Engine
Mechanic re-assembles an Engine after overhaul,
forgetting to tighten even a single coolant hose clamp,
can ruin the engine in a week, thereafter.

(I know, because I have seen it happen, with a car.)

In my opinion, reassembling an Automobile's Engine
IS MUCH SIMPLER than Simulating Weather
or Climate, for instance.

If "nonlinearities" of interaction, between effects studied previously in isolation, assume unknown, unexpected, unstudied, or to-present unstudied forms, then there is always a risk that we may have not gained sufficient ground to well predict the evolution of a Natural System, once allowed back into its Full Natural Complexity.

This is a problem, which should be burgeoning, but seems instead
highly suppressed, in recent years of Green Hyped Weather and
Climate Simulations and Simulation Programs.

I admire people who will, like Don Quixote,
"... March into Hell for a Heavenly Cause!".

But I doubt their complete success is anywhere
great enough to justify the Hype which Green
Prophets and Political Hacks are now dumping
on our heads for some few years.

However, the Point is now 'Moot' as a sufficient
Religious/Political Threshold has been crossed,
and Governmental Compulsion, based I believe
on flawed knowledge and thinking, is upon us.

What do I suspect is the main way
in which Mankind is damaging the Earth?

It is really very simple:

In my Opinion, Mankind is destroying the Natural Life of Earth,
by Replacement of Natural Ground Cover Vegetation with Crops,
by Diversion of Natural Water, and by Burning off of the Forests,
and by Scraping off the Live Abode Sea Floors of the Oceans,
all to gain Wealth for the Few, while temporarily providing
"Necessities of Life" to the Many, and this is potentiated
by unrestricted human breeding, often encouraged
and protected by Religion and Social Politics.

Good-Bye, Natural Life!

Take a Final Fly, Former Masters of the Air,
You Migrating Birds, and Monarch Butterflies!
For Men of Science Stumble Around, Stunned,
Ignoring Greater Harm, having caught a Fever,
Raving as Madmen against life supporting CO2,
While Lungs and Guts, Arms and Legs, Heart,
Of the Earth's Once Great and Vibrant Biosphere,
Are hacked out by Marauding Human Scythes!

Than They (want YOU to) Believe!" - GGFord

"Play it Again, Throne Ally!"

Gary, Mighty Maniac, Iowan Idiot, COSMOS CHILD
PS: ---->
As to UFOs? - God ONLY Knows!
Who's up? - Who's coming 'round?
Reach through the Veil of Time, Mankind,
To Make a Final Glorious Noise Sublime;
Kiss the Holy Ground beneath your knees,
When THEY Come Tumbling Down,
Gods'll take their Meat Packers' Cull
Of Human Foam, and Fate and Fame! -
As Great, Tornado Turkeys, bathe in fire!
Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013


Thorn Alley wrote:
> Yet more notes of a Non Sequitur nature ...
> ... Zeus Preserve Us! Cthulhu Save Us!

Glossary of Climate Change Terms


When UFOs Arrive: February 2004 - Popular Mechanics
The U.S. and other world governments already
have detailed secret plans for first contact

The Lam Statement

LAM: The Gateway

[]         "We are alienated, so alienated that the self
[]       must disguise itself as an extraterrestrial
[]     in order not to alarm us with the truly
[]   bizarre dimensions that it encompasses."
[]                 -- Terence McKenna
[] ~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~*~

... [Excerpt]:
"... [W]hile those who do not feel pain and suffering
  might not think that others do feel and experience them,
    the awakening, for example, of the superpowers of
      vibe-sensing, empathy, and telepathy, etc., tends to put
        one more in touch with the unbearable pity for the
          suffering of mankind." [...] --Ingo Swann (08|Aug|02)


--- Prescott Sheldon Bush wrote:

> FTR#588--The Aliens are Coming!
> The Aliens are Coming!--Not!


> Most of the broadcast highlights research
> indicating that UFOs are real, but that
> they are from right here on earth!
> After delineating German aeronautical
> research during the latter phase of
> World War II, the broadcast notes
> Vesco's hypothesis that the first true
> UFOs were developed in Canada by
> subsidiaries of British aircraft
> manufacturers, and were flown over
> the northern United States in the
> postwar period to convince the U.S.
> to share atomic bomb technology with
> their British allies. Concluding with
> discussion of the possible implications
> of the deliberate manifestation of UFO
> technology misrepresented as being from
> outer space, the program notes the
> vulnerability of a disillusioned, economically
> and ecologically beset human race to
> accepting falsified belief in "salvation from
> above"--in this case "our brothers from
> space." Is it possible that Vesco's
> hypothesis may be related to former
> British and Canadian defense officials
> "leaking" information about visits from
> space aliens!! Could this be part of an
> enormous psy-op?!
> Updated March 25, 2008
> --- brad smith wrote:
> yes, the cover is blown. There are no aliens here. there's
> probably plenty of intelligent life "out there" but it hasn't come
> here, especially in flimsy little craft that wont even fit a brace
> of large rats.
> The craft that are seen are remote controlled weapons platforms.
> 90% of the folks talking crap at UFO conventions are ex military and
> other intel cadres.
> They have done a huge mind control on the dimwit public.
> The disk craft use an electro gravitational form of propulsion with the
> power gleaned from the schumann cavity (an area of capacitance that
> can be charged with electricity of any amperage and any frequency and
> drawn out at any point on the globe, etc)
> this stuff drives ol jack sarfatty nuts (smile).
> Gary G. Ford wrote:
>> Am I to take it, Master BRAD,
>> you have authoritative evidence
>> the Space Aliens* DON'T HAVE
>> (any need either for) ANUSES?!

>> (*Ready-Whip, Fresh from Ship's Stores,
>> Instant Biobot Variety ... easy to
>> electronically debrief then restore
>> precious atoms used to Ships Stores
>> for assembly into Further Future BioBots!)
>> Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013
>> brad smith wrote:
> > >> BOUNTY
> > >> I have a $50,000 bounty waiting for the first person to
> > >> bring me an alien anus, or any other part proven to be from
> > >> an alien body. $250,000 for an alien head. The award for a
> > >> whole alien body, dead or alive will be $1,000,000
> > >> (Note: Due to the recession, the value of the dollar is worthless so
> > >> all rewards mentioned are doubled)
> > >> It's time to turn this thing around. Let's stop being
> > >> wimps and react like pioneer Americans would have to a
> > >> threat from a strange culture. If you live in the country,
> > >> purposely take the most secluded road to your home. If the
> > >> possibility presents itself to run an alien down with your
> > >> car, DO IT, before they can affect the ignition of your
> > >> engine, and you become their victim. Do unto them BEFORE
> > >> they can do unto you. Take the initiative.
> > >> If these apparently living things come from other
> > >> dimensions, outer space, or both, or if they are the results
> > >> of our own government's gene spliced biological entity
> > >> research at Dulce to develop pilots that "appear to come
> > >> from outer space" to "fly" our advanced newly developed
> > >> flying machines at Dreamland Area 51 and Wendover, we will
> > >> know very quickly as soon as those body parts start coming
> > >> into our laboratories for testing.
> > >> It's time to get off our duffs, and start actively
> > >> LOOKING for these elusive amoral little jerks with big eyes.
> > >> BTW, I'll give $100,000 for ONE ALIEN EYE.
> > >> This is an effort to remind the American people of
> > >> values that used to exist when this country was young.
> > >> Pioneer men were tough and pioneer women were strong. They
> > >> didn't take the media's word for ANYTHING, there wasn't much
> > >> of the disinforming type media available. If a stranger came
> > >> to town and spread a bunch of lies and admitted that he had
> > >> misled one of our neighbors, we used to "tar and feather"
> > >> him and run him out of town. Now what do we do? We let the
> > >> guy get up and make speeches and get money for it! My how we
> > >> have changed. If the pioneers were put upon by a strange
> > >> phenomenon (one they didn't understand), they banded
> > >> together and fought against the enemy.
> > >> Look what we did to the Indians!
> > >> If my theory is correct, offers of money will give
> > >> people the gumption to take the initiative, so be it.
> > >> I fully expect to be able to take some kids to the ZOO
> > >> to see varied examples of the different types of aliens,
> > >> with signs over their cages explaining where in the
> > >> Universe they came from. Don't delay, and when you have
> > >> a sample, contact my company,
> > >> sincerely, Brad

From: Gary Gene Ford [1946-2013]
To: brad smith <>
Cc: Jack Sarfatti <********>, Mark Thornally <**********>,
STAN <******>, bruce maccabee <******>,
Jess Walls <*****>, Allan Safarik <*****>,
Stephen Goodfellow <*******>,
Jentje Goslinga <***********>, Arjan Stam <******>,
insticte@*****, Frank Ford <************>,
Norman Bowden <************>, "Greg Lunt J.D." <********>,
larry chicnlips <*********@*******.***>, lensman@*********.net,
Bill Gallagher <*********>, Sherry Swiney <*****>,
Eugenia <**********>, Millennium Twain <************>,
caryn anscomb <*******>
Subject: 'Little Rope' climbs up! - Re: "thumb less wonders" and hydra...
Re: Global warming theory breaks wind? -- Re: HD189733b: "Little Fox" -
- Additional Notes to: Mighty Maniacs 2008 -- ((Re: SATURN MOON --
Re: Global warming theory breaks wind? [Was: Re: (MESSENGER) Hunt for
The Skinwalker (On MERCURY!)]))
Date: Mar 31, 2008 2:14 AM

Thanks, Brad!

On your most recent pronouncement (below) on Flying Saucers ...

What you say below makes MORE SENSE than normally such
discussions do. My late Mentor, Col. Michael Buckley, USA (ret),
had actually seen German Circular Craft (NOT "electro-gravity")
Plans when he worked in Foreign Technology Assessment after
the second world war, he confirmed to me around 1999 when
I asked him (he lived several months past 104 years of age).

The Good Colonel graduated, Class of 1922, from US Military
Academy, West Point, and became the first American Officer
captured by Axis Powers, in fact in 1941 November, just a bit
pre-Pearl Harbor, while an American Observer, and Lt. Col.,
with the 5th South African Brigade in N. Africa, was interned
near Rome, returned to the USA with US Embassy Staff when
they departed Italy after Italy declared war on the USA.

He become a full colonel in December 1941.

Like the legendary "[Lt.] Col. Corso" he worked on Douglas
MacArthur's Staff, in Tokyo, Post Japanese Surrender, but
remembered no Corso (but maybe Corso was very junior then?) ...

Col. Buckley also had an MSEE from Purdue University and I do
believe he had once served in the Far East (Philippines?) in 1920s
or 1930s, but he's no longer available for me to phone up and ask.

Now TESLA Effects come from "displacement current"/"Ground
Wave", Near-Antenna (near here meaning within a wavelength or
so of the propagating, transverse, radiating E-M wave), but are
from charge carriers (usually electrons in Human Experiments)
traveling to-and-fro away from and back toward the nearest
part of the Effecting Antenna, which can indeed transfer some
significant power to appropriately tuned coils.

So, Brad, if the Craft are low weight, just what kind of electrically
powered prime mover do they have ON BOARD? - what kind of
flimsy, slightly post WWII, electrical equipment could they have had
On Board in order to direct their way about, when they'd frightened
people such as in Washington, D.C. fairly early on?!

It still sounds FAR-FETCHED to me,
even so without Time-Traveling NAZIs,
Warring Orion-Repro-man-tid-Pliadean
Space Aryan, Egyptian Pharaoh Scaring.
Techno-Android-Gods, or for that matter,
any Neue Schwabbenland Ice Fortress!

HOWEVER, Brad, thanks for the line, as ...

than THEY (want YOU to) BELIEVE! - G.G.F.


Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013

brad smith wrote:
> no, I am saying that we took the jet turbine powered, not silent at
> all, nazi disk craft, and by 1958 had electro gravitational waveguides
> and other necessities so they would take their current from the
> schumann capacitor (anywhere on Earth from the surface of Earth to 50
> miles up) and fly silently
> We charge the schumann cavity with high frequency big amp electric
> energy from a nuclear powered electric generating station somewhere on
> Earth, maybe several.
> a simple "tuned coil" can draw out the power stored in the capacitor.
> anywhere on the globe from the surface to 50 miles up.
> Tesla's famous "free" electricity, but it was never free. it cost
> Tesla his life and the big boys couldn't put a meter on it to charge
> money because anyone knowing the frequency could build a tuned coil
> and get free energy out of the air ( in this case the "aether") to
> heat and cook and run their house.
> power source perfect for flying craft or submarines.
> submarines have cladding to protect the sailors from the emf and other
> toxic vibrations.
> the flying disks have weight contraints, no cladding and therefore no
> occupants, being remotely controlled from consoles via satellite from
> thousands of miles away.
> Gary Gene Ford wrote:
>> Brad,
>> are you referring the Earth's Surface/Ionospheric Capacitor,
>> which maintains (in areas without current storms) a "fair
>> weather field electric potential gradient" of about 100 volts/
>> meter? It's a surprising find, when it was found, but not
>> at all a strong electric field, nor is its spatial energy density
>> of a practically strong level for attempted purposes of
>> electrostatic levitation.
>> Resonance Current Oscillations in the Capacitor,
>> and Energy from the Gross Charge on the Capacitor,
>> are two different things.
>> Sarfatti wants to discover THE SECRET (provided it/they
>> exist) of the class of UFO [Time and] Place Travel Devices.
>> Are you saying that German NAZI Scientists tapped
>> Natural Energy in the Earth-Ionospheric Capacitor
>> and were able to fly "ufo" craft accordingly?
>> H-O-W ?!
>> Gary
>> Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013
>> Arc-Driven Plasma Jets

From: Gary Gene Ford [1946-2013]
To: Arjan Stam <******>
Cc: [omitted]
Subject: Re: Diesel fumes can affect your brain, scientists say
Date: Apr 2, 2008 3:02 PM
Thanks, Arjan!

Don't you find it very strange that
Today's GREENS no longer want
to control REAL, Highly Toxic,
Lung Damaging Air Pollution -
      such as Diesel Soot,
      Diesel Nickel Carbonyl,
      high sulfur Diesel or Coal
      Sulfur Dioxide -
but instead are often terming
CO2 as "air pollution" - and
having trained Moronic Media
to do the same - while now
advancing ideas to capture
precious CO2 from Exhausts
AND AIR in General ... and
TO THE Bio-Sphere?!

What about CO2 exhaled by Animals,
and as well by Homo nonsapiens verte?

Did You KNOW human Exhalations
can contain CO2 at a couple of orders
of magnitudes higher concentration
than in good old sea level ambient

I just saw a movie on tv which looked at Earth without Man:
hypothesizing the world recovering from a sudden demise of
mankind by a virus ...

It's a fascinating movie, in which a claim is made that
CO2 would become "CLEANSED from the Air" -
just AS IF CO2 WERE Something DIRTY rather
than the Basis GAS, with Liquid WATER, and the
Energy of Sunlight, for Green Plant Photosynthesis,
at the Pyramid Base' for Support of Advanced Life
Forms (such as weasels, horny toads, crapademics).

That kind of propaganda, presented so sweetly
with beautiful visual images and special effects,
had it been available earlier, could have been
used to promote NAZI or ALLIED Lies very
I think I can smell an Evil, Stinking Attitude,
emanating from a fermenting Green Mass -
very 'Industrial Strength' brew - which I do
suspect may be Intellectual Goebbels-ism!

They SO LOVED their Holy Polar Bears
that they gave their own lives, that ... or do

Do GREEN Demagogues really save Polar Bears?

Or are they using Pre-Packaged, Cute Fuzzy, Dizzy
and Lovable, IMAGES to leverage brainwashing?

And what about them ever-loving Bangle Danglers?

I haven't noticed Modern Greens collecting funds to
help build Sea-Level Protective Dikes - have YOU?!

Instead, lower Greens seem increasing turning into dupes,
middle Greens becoming stooges, and at the top? - do I
detect more than a few scoundrels and manipulative liars?
Or am I just "imagining things"?

Take now, the case of Dogtur David So-Sucky - one very
famous Nature-Log/Bio-Docu Narrator - who has recently
suggested any Scientists or Professors who publicly doubt
Global - er, Warming? - or? ... Climate Change! - should
be Fired from their jobs and Incarcerated!

As Daniel has also noted, they have now driving up the price
of Food, with promotion of Bio-Fuels, while getting Greeders
of Industrial Agriculture in League with them, after helping -
with the Neo-Con's festering Mid-Eastern War - to drive up
Speculative Oil Price, using their once far more vocal
"PEAK OIL!" threat/cry.

Of all the Species of the Earth, why do they settle on
Polar Bears, bears whose pack-ice seal-killing niche
is more or less DOOMED by extremes of Ice-Age
Cycles, being as they are adapted Neither to Ice-Free
Arctic Shores, NOR to an Immense Northern Ice Cap?


Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013

Arjan Stam wrote:
> Gary,
> Gary Gene Ford wrote:
>> Thanks for the low-down, Arjan! Gary
>> IS Nickel Carbonyl just a North American Diesel thing?
>> As far as I know, it's in the diesel over here too...
>> But I should dig Internet to be sure. Will let you
>> know as soon as I find out.
>> Arjan

        See also: John D. Hofmeister, President of Houston based
        Shell Oil Company, who said: "Shell Oil has said many times,
'the debate's over.' We're not climatologists, but we're
        convinced action is needed. No more debate - action."


              See also THE EIGHT by Katherine Neville

> > >> Thorn Alley wrote:   Glossary of Climate Change Terms
> > >>
> > >>> --- Gary Gene Ford [1946-2013] wrote:
> > >>>
> > >>>> Brad,
> > >>>> thanks for the comment about the "thumb less wonders"!
> > >>> Re: "thumb less wonders" and hydra... Re: Global warming theory
> > >>> breaks wind?
> > >>>
> > >>>
> > >>>
> > >>> See also Dave Emory's It's Not Easy Being Green - Fascist
> > >>> Infiltration and Co-option of the Green Party
> > >>>
> > >>> and: It's Not Easy Being Green, Part II - Eco-Fascism
> > >>>
> > >>> as excerpted from: Ecofascism: lessons from the
> > >>> German experience
by Janet Biehl and
> > >>> Peter Staudenmaier
> > >>>
> > >>> See also:
> > >>> GOOD OMENS
> > >>> pgs: 197-199
> > >>> Copyright (c)1990 Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
> > >>> ISBN 0-552-13703-0
> > >>>
> > >>> Firstly, however, Newt had to do some-
> > >>> thing about the flying saucer.
> > >>> It landed in the road ahead of him just as he was trying
> > >>> to find the Lower Tadfield turning and had the map spread
> > >>> over the steering wheel. He had to brake hard.
> > >>> It looked like every cartoon of a flying saucer Newt
> > >>> had ever seen.
> > >>> As he stared over the top of his map, a door in the saucer
> > >>> slid aside with a satisfying whoosh, revealing a gleaming
> > >>> walkway which extended automatically down to the road.
> > >>> Brilliant blue light shone out, outlining three alien shapes.
> > >>> They walked down the ramp. At least, two of them walked.
> > >>> The one that looked like a pepper pot just skidded down
> > >>> it, and fell over at the bottom.
> > >>> The other two ignored its frantic beeping and walked
> > >>> over to the car quite slowly, in the world-wide approved
> > >>> manner of policemen already compiling the charge sheet
> > >>> in their heads. The tallest one, a yellow toad dressed in
> > >>> kitchen foil, rapped on Newt's window. He wound it
> > >>> down. The thing was wearing the kind of mirror-finished
> > >>> sunglasses that Newt always thought of as Cool Hand
> > >>> Luke shades.
> > >>> 'Morning, sir or madam or neuter,' the thing said. 'This
> > >>> your planet, is it?'
> > >>> The other alien, which was stubby and green, had
> > >>> wandered off into the woods by the side of the road.
> > >>> Out of the corner of his eye Newt saw it kick a tree,
> > >>> and then run a leaf through some complicated gadget on
> > >>> its belt. It didn't look very pleased.
> > >>> 'Well, yes. I suppose so,' he said.
> > >>> The toad stared thoughtfully at the skyline.
> > >>> 'Had it long, have we, sir?' it said.
> > >>> 'Er. Not personally. I mean, as a species, about half a
> > >>> million years. I think.'
> > >>> The alien exchanged glances with its colleague. 'Been
> > >>> letting the old acid rain build up, haven't we, sir?' it
> > >>> said. 'Been letting ourselves go a bit with the old hydro-
> > >>> carbons, perhaps?'
> > >>> 'I'm sorry?'
> > >>> 'Could you tell me your planet's albedo, sir?' said the
> > >>> toad, still staring levelly at the horizon as though it was
> > >>> doing something interesting.
> > >>> 'Er. No.'
> > >>> 'Well, I'm sorry to have to tell you, sir, that your
> > >>> polar icecaps are below regulation size for a planet of this
> > >>> category, sir.'
> > >>> 'Oh, dear,' said Newt. He was wondering who he could
> > >>> tell about this, and realizing that there was absolutely
> > >>> no-one who would believe him.
> > >>> The toad bent closer. It seemed to be worried about
> > >>> something, insofar as Newt was any judge of the ex-
> > >>> pressions of an alien race he'd never encountered before.
> > >>> 'We'll overlook it on this occasion, sir.'
> > >>> Newt gabbled. 'Oh. Er. I'll see to it -- well, when I say I,
> > >>> I mean, I think Antarctica or something belongs to every
> > >>> country, or something, and --'
> > >>> 'The fact is, sir, that we have been asked to give you a
> > >>> message.'
> > >>> 'Oh?'
> > >>> 'Message runs "We give you a message of universal
> > >>> peace and cosmic harmony an' suchlike". Message ends,'
> > >>> said the toad.
> > >>> 'Oh." Newt turned this over in his mind. 'Oh. That's
> > >>> very kind.'
> > >>> 'Have you got any idea why we have been asked to bring
> > >>> you this message, sir?' said the toad.
> > >>> Newt brightened. 'Well, er, I suppose,' he flailed, 'what
> > >>> with Mankind's, er, harnessing of the atom and--"
> > >>> 'Neither have we, sir.' The toad stood up. 'One of them
> > >>> phenomena, I expect. Well, we'd better be going.' It shook
> > >>> its head vaguely, turned around and waddled back to the
> > >>> saucer without another word.
> > >>> Newt stuck his head out the window.
> > >>> 'Thank you!'
> > >>> The small alien walked past the car.
> > >>> 'CO2 level up 0.5 per cent,' it rasped, giving him a
> > >>> meaningful look. 'You do know you could find yourself
> > >>> charged with being a dominant species while under the
> > >>> influence of impulse-driven consumerism, don't you?'
> > >>> The two of them righted the third alien, dragged it back
> > >>> up the ramp, and shut the door.
> > >>> Newt waited for awhile, in case there were any spec-
> > >>> tacular light displays, but it just stood there. Eventually
> > >>> he drove up on the verge and around it. When he looked
> > >>> in his rear-view mirror it had gone.
> > >>> I must be overdoing something, he thought guiltily. But
> > >>> what?
> > >>> And I can't even tell Shadwell, because he'd probably
> > >>> bawl me out for not counting their nipples.
> > >>>
> > >>> GOOD OMENS Copyright 1990 Terry Pratchett & Neil Gaiman
> > >>> ISBN 0-552-13703-0 Excerpt: - pgs: 197-199
> > >>>
> > >>>
> > >>> Hubble, Little Fox
> ... /news?hl=en&um=1&resnum=11&ct=title&ie=ISO-8859-1&q=HD+189733b
> >
> > >>>
> > >>> Additional Notes to: Mighty Maniacs 2008
> > >>>
> > >>>
> > >>>> -----Original Message-----
> > >>>>
> > >>>> W a r m w i n d
> > >>>>
> > >>>> Saturn's Moon ...
> > >>>>
> > >>>>
> > >>>> >>> >>> >>>
> > >>>>
> > >>>>> EARTH: Thursday, January, 31, 2008 C.E., 2:25 AM
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> (MESSENGER) Hunt for The Skinwalker (On MERCURY!)
> > >>>>> "MErcury Surface, Space ENvironment,
> > >>>>> GEochemistry and Ranging
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> Z0001999
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> S T A R G A T E
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> 1978 ~o0O0o~ 2008
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> M u l t i d i m e n s i o n a l S i m u l t a n e o u s
> > >>>>> C o g n i t i o n
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> Barn Tin Grey
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> ...The timeship is about "52' feet in diameter and gun metal
> > >>>>> grey on the outside with no door." According to my friend: in
> > >>>>> "'barrier systems' it is surrounded by a drone computer ship
> > >>>>> about 1 1/2 miles long." I haven't the slightest idea what that
> > >>>>> means, so I just had to take it on faith that the thing would
> > >>>>> navigate thru the various "Light-Mach jumps" intact. My strange
> > >>>>> friend says that we live in a 23 Light Mach system, but to access
> > >>>>> other dimensions all one has to do is increase or decrease one's
> > >>>>> own resonant spin. Allegedly, this ship does all that
> > >>>>> automatically, (or so I was told)...
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> The Long Walk ^ 1983-89 Annotated Fable
> > >>>>> featuring the Star Sponge and the 50 Gates:
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> Ancient Script ^ FRACTAL: The Hollow Knots:
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> 2012 -
> > >>>>> Jettisoning Religious Comparative Extrapolations^CHINA?

> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> Traversing Singularity Barriers ^ Aeronautics
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>> -- Weird Intelligence
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>>
> > >>>>
> > >>>> Saturn Moon :
> > >
> > > Gary Gene Ford - 1946-2013
> > >
> > >

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